“I Hate Selling!”

If you’re anything like most people I talk to – you hate selling.

But you want to be rich.

That’s like wanting to have sex but hating to date.

You can’t do one without the other (excluding prostitution, of course).

Anyway – selling is important.

But there is a way to do it without being a sleazy a-hole.


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Igor: I hate selling; I hate convincing people to join my opportunity. I hate
explaining why my opportunity is better than a different opportunity. I hate
showing people proof, I hate proving myself to strangers and trying to get them to
join my business while they resist every step of the way. You know what I hate
that too. But it's actually a part of the process and the only time that you do
not have to prove yourself to anybody, the only time you don't have to overcome
any objections, and the only time you don't have to sell anything in fact the only
time you can do the opposite then try to unsell your leads and still close the
sale is when you've got incredible positioning. That is the only thing that can
save you from actually selling and even then, to get this incredible positioning
you have to do a lot of selling to get there. So, why is that so many people hate
selling, they hate marketing, yet everyone wants to become an internet marketer
these days? Why does everybody want to live the List Building Lifestyle, the
Laptop Lifestyle, the Drop Ship lifestyle, the whatever lifestyle, yet they refuse
to learn the basics of marketing themselves, of positioning themselves, of selling
themselves, of really just convincing other people to exchange their dollars for
values and the reason it happens is because since were brought up since we were
kids were told to stay away from sales people. That is just the honest truth. Our
parents do not like sales people because sales people are perceived evil and they
try to get their money, right that's their sole purpose in life is to get our
money and therefore we will protect ourselves and our assets against people like
that. So, whenever you're asked to become anything even remotely close to a sales
person you kind of just feel bad about it. I mean starting out in this industry I
felt yucky, I felt cheesy. You know every time I was told by my upline to go out
there and talk to people, to try and approach people on social media, to learn
these scripts and specific phrases I was supposed to use to sell based on hype and
claims. I felt really awkward doing it. And fact of the matter is it did not get
easier with time. In fact, even today when I'm selling based on hype and claims
and I'm trying to convince people using - just trying to like say that my product
is the best out there and try to instant like just try to hype it up. I always
feel kind of uneasy about it; kind of queasy because it's just not something that
comes naturally to me. Some people can do it easy I guess. And I may appear as if
it comes easy to me but I'm definitely not one of the people that was born with
this knack to selling. In fact, I was groomed to become a junior engineer in
electronics which means I was as far away from selling as you could possibly be. I
was also supposed to stay in the Israeli army. Again, you can't be a sales person
if you're in the Army. You're like quite the opposite you're very algorithmic kind
of person because you're waiting for the order and when the order is given you go
and you do whatever you're told. And that's pretty much it sales people by nature
are entrepreneurial; the good ones right not the analytical ones.

Anyway, so you hate selling, I hate selling, everybody hates selling, yet we all
recognize the value of selling, and we know we have to do it no matter what. So,
what do we do, what needs to happen in order for us to feel comfortable to sell?
Well first off you have to believe in the product you're selling right. You can't
possibly do a good job of selling something or marketing something if you don't
have a 156% belief in the product you're promoting. Because you will never, ever,
ever, sound confident about things you're not honestly confident about. It will
come through your tone, it will come through your body language, it will come
through the words you're using. You will simply throw the sale out by the sheer
virtue of not being confident in the product. So, if right now you're marketing a
business opportunity or system that is really not well it's not doing it for you
maybe you have doubts about it, maybe you invested into it but you know as you
were going through it you realized you know what this may not be the perfect fit
for everybody and I should probably like offer it to people who fit certain
criteria. If that's the case then you go and look for those certain types of
people so you feel great about them. Otherwise you probably need to find a
different offer; you probably need to find a different program to promote. Because
unless your confident about it, you will throw the sale. You will never do a good
job of selling it even if you want it. Even if you're consciously telling yourself
okay so I am going to deliver the best pitch right now you will simply not be able
to do it because you're not confident in the system. It will come through all
these subconscious communications that you're putting out there into the world.
Like you're the tone of your voice, the specific words that you're using, the body
language that on camera or otherwise, the way you chat with people, the way you
kind of don't push hard enough when push needs to happen, the way you know you
push too hard sometimes. I mean I see this - this is a very common thing, people
push way too hard during the sale. They try to close you on the first email they
send you that's really not the way to go. Because it actually shows insecurity
about your product or you're trying to over compensate by trying to close too
soon. Now the other thing that needs to happen is you have to get okay with the
idea of marketing, and selling, internally. So, about a couple years into my
marketing journey I went through this training by Dan Kennedy called The Wealth
Attraction by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. In this training Dan Kennedy
touches upon this topic of not being okay with selling and marketing and
basically, you know how most people who go into business for themselves they're
great technicians, they're great at what they do. So, for example if you're
starting a plumbing business you're a great plumber but you never spend enough
time training yourself and improving yourself as well as your selling your
marketing goes. And he was talking about the importance of developing these sales
friendly mindset and being okay with marketing yourself, with making claims, with
basically just getting out there and shouting from the top of your lungs about how
amazing your product is and finding all the relevant, all the possible ways to
convince other people that what your selling is superior to everything else in the
market place. So that was the first time I was introduced to the whole concept of
recognizing that I wasn't okay with selling. That was one of the reasons why it
was so, so difficult for me and why you know I spent three and a half years trying
to get my first sale online. I mean it was really, really, really difficult to
overcome this hurdle. But as soon as I was able to recognize that my problem
wasn't the actual techniques I was using, it wasn't the scripts that I was using,
it wasn't the sales pages I was trying to use, but it was my internal negative
belief system regarding selling and marketing. I was able to go to school about
that. Now I don't mean necessarily going to an actual school I just started
reading books and mindset about money.

So, the first one that comes to mind is course The Millionaire I believe it was
The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. A great book that kind of
recognizes a lot of different common beliefs about money in fact I think you can
go onto YouTube right now and type in The Secrets about the Millionaire Mind and
find the recording of like a two-hour seminar. It was pretty much the same thing
as the book. Same content only delivered through a video. Then there is also Dan
Kennedy's Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs. It's actually in the form of a book
you can get it on Amazon; you can get it on Kindle, right now. It's incredible
because not only does it touch upon all the topics of sales and marketing. But it
also takes about the money mindset and a bunch of different elements of the money
mindset that sabotage our success without us even realizing that. And one of those
things as I have said is being internally okay with selling the other thing is
just adjusting the beliefs that we probably got sold on when we were kids about
money in general by our parents. Especially anyone who is listening who's who
didn't grow up in a rich household, right. So, I grew up in Ukraine it's pretty
much the third world country. It's even worse right now than when I was growing up
back in the 90's. And we did okay I mean my dad was serving in these like
post-Soviet Army and then he started his own business. But the thing is that my
dad was never good with money. Like whatever he made he always lost that. Like he
either spent it on booze, or women, or he basically he was not smart about
managing his money. And eventually he made a really bad investment in like an
agriculture business that well just bombed. And so, we immigrated to Israel
because we were in a really bad position financially over there. And my mother's
parents kind of pulled us out and they said, "Hey were going to send you an
invitation so you guys can come in." And we came in with just under a thousand
dollars in savings in our hands. And this is it we had twelve bags of clothes, and
like stuff basically that we brought in, and a thousand bucks. That's all we had
starting out in Israel.

It was a really difficult start it took us about ten years to recover. In fact, my
parents now I realized my parents should have waited for me to save everybody. By
the time I was able to sit on my own two feet. And that's exactly what I have done
but truth be told growing up as far as money I had never seen a lot of it and
whatever money came it quickly went away. My dad wasn't smart about it. He wasn't
a great sales person he just knew the right people and he was daring, right. This
is I mean we can touch upon this on a different episode but being audacious
sometimes is enough to succeed in business. But again, we will touch upon that on
a different episode. So, this episode what I wanted to kind of stress is that if
you hate selling and if you're not confident in the product that you're selling
you will never be able to effectively sell it and market it to the world. You will
not be able to ever hit any of your financial goals unless you get okay with the
idea that you have to be your own biggest fan and you have to be the one that
beats his chest or her chest and kind of shouts from the roof tops about what you
got. Now it doesn't mean you have to make ridiculous claims that are too good to
be true, it doesn't mean you have to lie, it doesn't mean that you have to do
anything yucky, but it means that you have to get okay with at least the most
basic level of marketing and selling where your willing to put yourself out there
and basically stand behind all the claims that your program is making and find
ways to get your message across to the people out there. Okay this is critical,
this is absolutely critical unless you internalize the idea that marketing and
talking to people about your product is something you have to do and when I say
marketing and talking to people I mean like even if it's in a form of media, one
or two media, like if you do a Facebook live, or if you do a YouTube video, maybe
it's an email, right or a webinar. You have to get okay with doing that stuff if
you want to succeed in this business. If your goal is anywhere beyond five hundred
dollars per month you absolutely have to do stuff like that otherwise your just
dead in the water, my friend. So, this is Igor with another episode of The List
Building Lifestyle, thanks for tuning in and we will talk to you next time.

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