How To Come Up With Sexy Names For Your Products

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Creating sexy names and powerful propositions that sell is the single most valuable skill you can ever learn. Turning on your marketing time machine to study copywriters like Gary Halbert, and Gary Bencivenga helps. Studying NLP framing is powerful. But, this can be a long painful process. In this episode – Igor shortens the learning curve for you with several tips in this riveting podcast.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor explores the best ways and strategies to come up with sexy names for your products.

[01:19] How To Make Enticing Propositions?

  • One of the most important things you can do for your business is to learn how to make sexy propositions. And what this means is, it really can be summed up in one sentence and that is “A sexy offer or a sexy proposition, is a thousand times more convincing than a sound argument.”

  • You can be trying and convincing people of things and usually what happens is you get met with resistance.

  • When you make them an incredibly powerful, risk-free, sexy offer that makes them go “Wow. It’d be stupid not to take it.”

  • Even if they don’t agree with you fully, and even if you didn’t make any sound sales arguments, just the offer itself will often drive that sale.

[02:09] The Best Thing You Can Do As A Business Owner:

  • One of the most important things you can do for your business is to study copywriting pieces from years past.

  • The first few things you’ll notice are that the offers that stand the test of time, have a cool name, or at the very least, they’re being positioned in a very interesting fashion in a way that the prospect can actually understand.

  • Now think about it for a second. This is just four words: facelift in a jar. But I think that phrase alone drove most of the sales of that piece for the simple fact that first off, it’s very visual.

  • The second thing, what it does, implies without actually making the claim.

[04:54] The Power Of A Great Reframe:

  • One phrase, one phrase revolutionizes the positioning of the product, and that’s like just a really, really powerful reframe.

  • Many of the issues you’re facing in your personal life, or many of the challenges you’ve been dealing with, could be solved with the correct reframe

  • Most marketing issues that you’re having in your business right now, can be fixed with the right reframe, both for yourself and for your customer.

[11:39] The Real Thief Of Productivity:

  • If we really consider productivity for a second, if you really just start paying attention to your productivity, you’ll see that the biggest thief of productivity is nothing physical, but rather emotional baggage.

  • Reframing that issue makes it base … Well, it doesn’t really make it go away, but it makes it so much easier to deal with, and it makes the weight of that issue in your mind go from 100% to about 40%, maybe 30%, so all of a sudden it’s so much easier to carry this stuff with you and eventually let go of it.

  • You could be carrying a decent dozen of these really heavy problems on your mind right now, depending on how old you are, because the older we get, the more we accumulate these and the less we want to address them.

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