How To Find a Rich Niche

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Most people know that picking the right niche is important. But rarely does anyone talk about niche depth. Understanding it allows you to gain deep insights about your niche, before investing while launching your business. Important for writers, copywriters, and online marketers alike. This episode shortcuts the secrets to revealing niche depth wealth.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor explores the importance of niche depth, the benefits of going deeper into a specific niche rather than tapping multiple niches at a shallow level, and the potential for wealth and success in online marketing by understanding the depth of a niche.

[01:24] Your Philosophy Is Wrong:

  • When it comes to selecting the right niche, most people think that all they have to do is figure out a place where there is not much competition and where they can go and reasonably easily sell something.

  • That philosophy is actually one of the worst things you can do because if there is not much competition in the niche, chances are there’s not enough money in the niche, either, and it’s a very small niche if at all, because a lot of times a competition only forms in niches where there’s so much money that everyone ends up making money.

[02:46] The Concept Of Niche Depth:

  • Most people look for a place where they can sell a product to a customer and they think that’s how they’re going to build their business.

  • The reality is that those who end up building great businesses and those who end up becoming wealthy online marketers are usually either tapping several niches at once but, at a shallow level.

  • Stay in one niche and they go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper into that same niche by creating more products and services to serve that particular market. This concept of niche depth allows you to understand whether or not the niche you’re in has any depth to it at all.

  • In every single niche category that has any money in it at all, you should also be looking for niche depth.

[05:08] The Good Markets:

  • In every single market, the good market. I’m not talking about the bad markets, I’m talking about every single niche category that has any money in it at all, you should also be looking for niche depth.

[09:32] There’s Always More:

  • Even Dan Kennedy never really penetrated the market to the point where he would be sitting back in his chair in his home office and be like, “Yep, I’ve squeezed every last drop of blood from this stone.”

  • I don’t care the price you’re selling for, there’s always more things you can do. And there are always more customers you can serve. And there are more problems you can solve for these customers.

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