How I Use ChatGPT To Make Money

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Did you know that ChatGPT 4 can create an ideal customer avatar with an astonishing accuracy rate of 80 to 85% in just 30 seconds for you? In this captivating transcript, Igor dives deep into his innovative strategies for leveraging ChatGPT’s remarkable capabilities in the world of copywriting. Discover how Igor harnesses the power of ChatGPT to create an ideal customer avatar with remarkable accuracy in a matter of seconds. Tune in to find out!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares how he uses  ChatGPT for copywriting and further delves into his clever strategies for prompting ChatGPT to generate desired results. 

[02:05] How Is ChatGPT 4 Better?

  • ChatGPT 4 is actually much better at remembering information and recalling information when you need it to.

[03:00] Understanding Your Market:

  • I tried to create a perfect customer avatar. And I figured out a couple of prompts that I need in order to do that.

  • The moment you could truly understand who’s your target market, you can produce a limited amount of ad copy,

[04:00] ChatGPT And Copywriting:

  • I can go into any market and have an ideal customer avatar with 80 to 85% accuracy within 30 seconds.

  • This means that as long as I am satisfied with the quality of copywriting that ChatGPT does, I can have it write an entire sales pitch for me very quickly, very easily.

  • I developed a series of prompts that one gets charged up to write like you so you can actually teach it to sound exactly like you.

[07:00] Igor’s Guide For ChatGPT:

  • I think we’re really close, to producing a definitive guide to using ChatGPT to write all your emails for you, to create your podcast scripts, to come up with product ideas, to create outlines for ebooks, to write the ebooks according to the outlines it creates, to help you get your own writing style to basically make you a prolific content creator.

[07:51] The Problem With ChatGPT:

  • The problem with ChatGPT writing stories initially I’ve experienced was that they all read the same.

  • There wasn’t much happening in the stories, it would just be kind of like a character something happens, and then a conclusion.

  • I was able to get it to open up to storytelling from a first-person perspective, to have some mystery in the story, to have it lead you down a path and then switch directions on you. 

[10:17] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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