Risk, Reward, and Chicken Nuggets

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Igor’s own experiences of feeling insecure and embarrassed in his youth have shaped his approach to success. Tune in as Igor explores the importance of teaching value, self-worth, and the ability to embrace risks and their consequences. 

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares his perspective on success, risk, reward, and parenthood.

[00:50] Personal Pride and Happiness:

  • Erica, my daughter participated in a local, like a local festival, where she got to perform and do and perform in two categories. She was singing and dancing.

  • Seeing her perform on a personal level is just amazing.

  • Making sales at this point doesn’t bring the same sort of feeling as seeing her perform.

[01:25] Teaching Value and Self-Worth:

  • To teach her to strive towards success, but not make it mean that if she doesn’t become successful or win a competition, she’s less worthy.

  • Remind her that… it’s very subjective, it’s art… it’s in the perspective of that one particular person who was judging your performance.
  • I remember… I felt insecure and embarrassed sitting on the bench. Because I felt like I was on the sidelines… and I felt like a loser.
  • So I ended up excelling in academic studies… being a straight-A student and being the best at those things.

[04:02] Encouraging Risk-Taking and Embracing Consequences:

  • I want her to be able to be okay with taking risks… to be okay with dealing with the consequences.

  • Anyone who becomes a successful person, usually, they have that ability… they can stomach the risk, and they can stomach the consequences of their decisions.

[04:40] Shifting Focus from Winning to Personal Growth:

  • It’s not just about did you win… I want her to have a more complete sense of who she is… to celebrate her wins as much as she would want to be upset about her mistakes.

  • I really want her to have a more complete sense of who she is and the ability to celebrate her wins… rather than thinking, ‘Ah, third place, and some other girl was better than me.’

[05:40] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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