The Art and Science of Email Follow Up with Jon Weberg

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Did you know that an astounding 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups? It’s a staggering statistic that reveals the untapped potential hiding in the art of follow-ups. Jon Weberg has a belief that almost no one does it right. Meaning that almost nobody follows up with their potential customers correctly. Tune in as Jon unveils his groundbreaking approach to revolutionizing your follow-up game. From mastering email strategies to unlocking the science behind timing and personalization, get ready to uncover the secrets that will elevate your sales success. 

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Jon Weberg to discuss the importance of follow-ups, using affiliate marketing to drive conversions, the dos and don’ts of campaigns, and more!

[01:37] The Importance Of Follow Up:

  • Most businesses, nearly every single one I’ve talked to, again, have the basic follow-up structure. But almost none of it is actually done correctly.

  • Because there’s so much more to actually build a relationship with the audience, not just sell them. There’s a big difference. And there’s a lot of depth to it. 

[03:57] Customers Have Different Buying Behaviors:

  • Customers can be categorized as those who are ready to buy immediately and those who may take longer to make a purchase.

  • Building relationships through follow-up can nurture customers over time, leading to eventual purchases.

  • By consistently engaging with customers through follow-up, businesses can establish trust and create a connection.

  • Customers may find something that resonates with them or discover a different perspective that sparks their interest.

[05:54] The Importance Of Varied Sales Pages In Follow-Up:

  • Many businesses rely on sending the same sales page repeatedly, which may not change customers’ opinions.

  • Creating multiple sales pages in follow-up, including a general optimized page, emotion-based pages (storytelling, testimonials), and educational content, can capture customers’ attention and generate higher conversion rates.

  • By providing customers with different perspectives and focuses in follow-up, businesses can significantly impact conversion rates.

  • Offering varied content and viewpoints keeps customers engaged and open to reconsidering their opinions.

  • Everyday use a different angle, you’ll probably have a good percentage of them opening every email because there are always going to be people on your list who open everything you send out.

[10:26] The Optimal Length Of A Campaign:

  • For the speaker, a minimum of 21 days is considered optimal for their campaigns.

  • Each seven-day period within the campaign has its own focus: education, social proof, and storytelling.

  • Creating different sales pages, headlines, or videos within a campaign can significantly improve conversions.
  • Repetition, consistency, and volume help familiarize customers with the messaging and increase their engagement.

[12:00] Overcoming Fears Of Spamming:

  • By providing value and personalized communication, businesses can avoid being perceived as spam.

  • Emailing frequently, with relevant and valuable content, demonstrates care for customers’ needs and builds trust.

  • With the current state of the world and the various distractions in people’s lives, it’s crucial to reach out to customers consistently.

  • Increasing the frequency of communication helps cut through the noise and ensures that the business remains top of mind.

[22:46] How To Add Value To Your Content?

  • People often worry about saying the wrong thing or being a copywriting expert, but it’s not as difficult as it seems.

  • Sharing personal stories or relating everyday experiences to business can resonate with readers and generate customers.

  • Continually adding to email sequences and finding more ways to relate to and build relationships with customers is crucial.

  • Even writing about personal topics like cats can create connections and find relatability among readers.

  • Purple Mattress and the Harmon brothers are great examples of using multiple angles and creative approaches in their ads.

  • Creating different ads that focus on various aspects of the product or service can effectively engage customers from different perspectives.

  • Implementing multi-channel marketing strategies, including email, ads, texting, and more, can significantly boost conversion rates.

  • Consistently delivering messaging across multiple channels and utilizing retargeting ensures customers see the brand’s message in various ways, increasing engagement.

[32:47] Who To Follow In The Industry?

  • Questioning the advice and information shared by marketers and business people is important.

  • It’s crucial to be selective and choose individuals who not only talk about what they know but also teach it in-depth, provide value, and genuinely care about their audience.

  • Mentioning specific influential figures like Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Grant Cardone, and Tony Robbins.

  • Acknowledging the different aspects of their teachings that resonate, such as business speed, volume, genuine care, intensity, and humor.

  • Noting that the industry has seen shifts in leadership and the presence of influential figures over time.

  • Expressing a desire for current leaders who can have a significant impact and provide valuable insights.

  • Suggesting the exploration of Naval Ravikant, who has a strong understanding of business thinking and has authored insightful books.

  • Emphasizing the importance of incorporating business knowledge into marketing strategies and recognizing that some individuals may lack this component.

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