Solo Ad Super-Affiliate Machine With Tony Neumeyer

What does it take to create a super-affiliate sales funnel and grow your email list with solo ads? Tony Neumeyer, the author of 7 Minute Millionaire shares how he conceived and achieved WiFi Lifestyle.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets. Today I'm hosting the author of the seven minute millionaire and Mr Tony Neumeyer. Did I pronounce that right?

Tony Neumeyer: Neumeyer. But close enough. Sounds good Igor.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, so people butcher my last name all the time, so I'm kind of like, I get a free pass every now and again. Tony, welcome to the List Building Lifestyle.

Tony Neumeyer: Thanks Igor. Glad to be here. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and your audience.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, one of the reasons why I invited you on this show is actually not because of your book, because I've discovered your book after I discovered you. I've actually seen you all over the place. It seems like you're everywhere. Especially your affiliate machine funnel that I've been kind of seeing pretty much on every affiliate marketing related website that I went to. You know, I haven't heard your name ever before. I started looking into what you're doing, and it seems like you know exactly what you're doing. It seems like you're also a big fan of solo ads.

Tony Neumeyer: A huge fan of solo ads. You know, in my sort of online career, if you will, I've gone through a number of iterations and tried pretty much everything, talked, followed a number of different gurus and so on. But I have to say that email and solo ads are the best way in my experience to build a quality list fast. No question about that.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, especially if you're just getting started because just before the show started we spoke, we touched on all the traffic sources. You know, there is a vibe of complexity that's happening, in the traffic business these days, right? There's very few simplistic methods that are left.

Tony Neumeyer: Absolutely true. You know, I mean, one of the go to things people like to talk about would be Facebook. Everybody says, "Oh well you can get such targeted traffic with Facebook." While that's true, it is very difficult for the average person to get started and can be very, very expensive. That's why I like solo ads because not only are you getting quality targeted traffic, but these are people that really are interested in what it is that you're after. One of the things that I've found actually in the online, or I should say solo ad world, as much as I think it's the way to go for the person starting out. One of the things I think people have to be aware of is they do have to be a little bit careful because you want to be sure of the source of your solo ads because there are some people out there that are a little bit unscrupulous even in the solo ad world. You know, I think it's when we say just get started with solo ads, be sure that you know who your supplier of that traffic is. And I'm sure you would agree with that.

Igor Kheifets: Absolutely. Just last month we've dropped 40 grand. Well, we didn't just drop it, right? We kind of invested over the course of a couple of months. But it was with the same source. And what we've discovered later on is that almost all of that traffic was fake. So even us, right? We're like the veterans in the business and we not only buy solo ads, we sell them. Even we get taken for a ride every now and again and it sometimes it can be on a big scale. So you definitely want to be watching out for the source, right? You've gotta be working with a source you can trust. If you don't know who to trust, then definitely talk to your mentor, or upline, or your team, or any part of a mastermind maybe that you're in to make sure to get recommendations as to you know who you should be getting started with. Because you could be getting started with a scammer and that's going to cost you.

Tony Neumeyer: No, absolutely. You know, one of the things that I like to tell people when I'm coaching them, and getting them started with solo ads is, build a relationship. Get to know the provider. Don't just randomly go out there and choose providers. Get to know the providers. If you have the ability to actually talk with a person, which you know, sometimes, or you know, these people, these providers really would just want to talk via email, which is fine. But if you can really get to know the person and understand, and they get to know you, I think the chances of them sort of scamming you become less as well. Because you know, then you're talking person to person as opposed to just filling in a form on a web form, and giving them credit card and clicking go.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah. You know, this is a good idea. I've actually never heard anyone mentioned that before. When you connect with people on a personal level, you do tend to get better treatment, if you will. We've seen that across the board in many different parts of our business. Including the joint venture business where for example, I know the joint venture partner would mail a different portion of their list for me because we've got a good relationship with them. Now, you know, obviously we can talk about solo ads for hours. For the sake of simplicity, solo ads are as simple as going out there, buying them, and testing them. Now, I'd like to chat with you about the actual offers to promote with solo ads because you've been, just like many of us, you've been a part of their recent, I would say, witch hunt, the bizzopp witch hunt, when FTC started shutting down companies, we've all relied for, for income. However, it doesn't seem like you've been shaken, or really just head by that. You seem to be thriving anyway. So I wanted to get your take on what exactly do you promote these days? How do you do it? And specifically of course, your system, the Affiliate Machine System that we've been seeing all around.

Tony Neumeyer: Okay. You've asked I guess a bit of a multi part question there. So let me start with why I wasn't hit. You used that word if you will. One of the things that I strongly recommend is having more than one source of income for one thing. So you want to, when you're building your affiliate business, if you will, you, don't just want to rely on one thing. I think one of the problems that people will do is they just focus on just one source of their income. As an affiliate, you want to have multiple streams. In fact, I would say even more so as a person building the Wifi lifestyle, which is what I call it. I also use another term called perpetual wealth. I like to teach people how to create income away from just their affiliate business. You know, I don't want to get too much into that right now. I mean, I can if you'd like me to. Really the important thing is to start to generate significant income from a variety of sources. What I like to do is also have something that's as automated as possible. So using your affiliate machine, if you go to, I've got there a system where people can actually be up and running as an affiliate within about an hour and it's all free. Then from there, what I like to do, is I teach people about affiliate marketing. I teach them, and I give them actually a number of different funnels that they can use that are proven to work. So I don't know if I'm answering your question. I feel like I'm not fully giving you the-

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, I know it wasn't like the easiest question to answer, and that's on me. So let's break it down. The first part is, you were a part of MOBE. When it got shut down, I've seen a wave of top earners just basically crash, literally crashed. They started going from one business opportunity to another. It's been kind of messy. And then people were struggling. Now, I'm looking at you, you're not struggling at all. And I believe that one of the reasons is because you understand the fundamentals, right? You were able to figure out which offers are stable, and convert, and create recurring income. You were able to make those offers, and even put those offers together into a system, and wrap them into a funnel. One of the things I love doing is I love breaking down successful funnels, or successful Internet marketing systems. The reason I think your system works so well, and why it's so popular is because first of it's free, right? So nobody's, nobody says no to free. It's one of the easiest things to "sell." The second thing is, you're building around very stable income streams and you're doing it in a way that's kind of like, take me by the hand way, but without actually physically being there to take people by the hand. I've seen this approach done before and it seems to work every single time, only if it's executed really well, right? When the person that's executing it knows what they're doing. And you obviously seem like you know what you're doing. So to answer the first part of the question, you did answer that. Why it didn't get hit because you've had multiple streams of income. We've been chatting about this, how you've got both online income streams ,as well as offline income streams. In addition, the reason the seven minutes, I'm sorry, the Affiliate machine, the, funnel works so well is because it gives people exactly what they want. A very quick and easy way to get started with affiliate marketing within less than one hour.

Tony Neumeyer: Exactly. And that's the thing. In fact, once they get the first couple of emails from me, I actually show them how to have multiple sources of income right from that affiliate funnel right there as well. So really in a matter of 24, 48 hours, they can be up and running with more than one stream of income themselves. So it's really fantastic.

Igor Kheifets: Yes. What I'd like to add to that is that, having more than one stream of income is important, not only for the sake of the stability of your business. But also because I don't think that if you only have one stream of income, you'll ever be able to sustain paid advertising, even if it's something as low cost as solo ads.

Tony Neumeyer: I agree, and that's absolutely true because you never know where your audience is at that particular time. I mean somebody may be looking at affiliate marketing, brand new. Somebody may be an experienced affiliate marketer and needs a different level of training, or a different idea, different support level. You know, by offering people different avenues, or different products, if you will even, you meet them where they are. I think that's really the important thing as well. You know, you want to develop your avatar and know who your customer is. But at the same time, you want to focus on that person while offering more than just to that single person. If you know what I mean by that.

Igor Kheifets: Yo, it's Igor. If you're loving the content, hop on over to for more free training and a free transcript of this episode. Oh, and I'd really appreciate if you logged into iTunes and rated the show. It really helps. Thanks. Yeah, absolutely. So what you are referring to is the customer journey rather than the seeing customers as a binary thing right?

Tony Neumeyer: Exactly.

Igor Kheifets: So in other words, a lot of times people, and I know this because people buy traffic from us. They think that there's a place where we hold all the buyers. You know, the people that actually are sitting there waiting with their credit card in hand to buy something. What customers often tend to fail to realize is that every single prospect, when they begin their journey with you, there's a spectrum to their willingness to buy and their awareness as to what you're selling. The best way I've seen this described was in Michael Masterson's book called Leads. He breaks it down into four stages of awareness. It starts off with somebody who's being absolutely clueless, and simply, is aware of a desire, or a dream. Then we're talking about somebody who's just aware of a problem they've got and they want to solve it. Then we've got somebody who's already doing research about the particular solutions in the marketplace. Then the fourth level, which is the level you really want to get them to, is somebody who is aware of your solution, and is asking themselves the question, should I buy this or not? When you think about your leads, or customers, or traffic that way, regardless of where it's coming from, be it Facebook, be it solo ads, be it YouTube, or anything else, you start treating these customers differently and you start building your funnels in a way that starts accommodating to pretty much every form, every type of customer. You know, to further develop on this, Dean Jackson actually talks about customers on your list, right? He talks specifically about the list. He says that every 90 days there is a cycle. And that the people who kind of stepped into your list 90 days ago but didn't buy, some of them will be ready in 90 days time. So every 90 days or so he's like doing a promo, or doing something to cherry pick the ones who are ready.

Tony Neumeyer: No, absolutely. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. It's funny you mentioned Michael Masterson because his pen name is Michael Masterson. His real name is Mark Ford. He's built a massive, massive company and organization. He's a brilliant marketer. He's in a social club that I belong to out in New York. So we sort of rub shoulders every once in awhile so it's funny. He's a good guy. Really good guy.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, he's amazing. I had just finished rereading his book Ready, Fire Aim, which I believe anyone who's selling anything ever, or building any kind of business in any industry whatsoever, absolutely you have to read. For me, it's like the Bible, right? People referred to Think And Grow Rich as their mindset Bible. I think in terms of business bibles, I think that's the book.

Tony Neumeyer: Yeah, no, absolutely agree. That's a great one. Now I'm actually hoping that people start to think of my book, The Seven Minute Millionaire as the mindset Bible, but I'm not quite there yet. I'm not up there with the Napoleon Hill. I love that book. I've read it so many times. It's one of the books that actually helped take me from my devastating bankruptcy back in my early twenties to where I am today. So it's a great book also.

Igor Kheifets: Interesting. How does one recover from bankruptcy?

Tony Neumeyer: Well, I have to say the monetary aspect of it was probably the, the easier part. It was the mental aspect of it. To me that was the hardest because my mom had always taught us kids, pay your bills, pay your bills on time, pay your credit cards off every month. She actually owned a collection agency. So going bankrupt was mentally devastating and financially devastating as well. But you know, you can make money back. It was really getting my head on straight. It took me a few years to really get my mindset back to where I felt that I was worthy of being successful again. You know, it was a real estate collapse that much like happened in 2008. I went from selling real estate to developing real estate, and I got hit with the market crash and I owed a million and a half dollars after everything was sold. Basically I had no money. I had no way of paying it back. I was in my twenties. One of the crazy things is that people actually lent me that much money. That's actually laughable that when I think about it you know? A kid in their early twenties, and the banks gave me that much money. But anyway, they did. It really was a matter of a soul searching, getting my head back on straight, starting to do some reading. You know, one of the biggest things that I did actually, this is something I think that maybe your listeners can really I hope learn from. And that is get into a quality mastermind. I mean, I went from basically, I had a couple of jobs. One at 711, one in the kitchen at the hospital. It was one day I said, "You know, I gotta get back to where I was." I got back into selling real estate. One of the things I did right away, it was a group of us formed a mastermind and we got together. Just so people understand a mastermind can be informal or formal. This one was, call it semi-formal in the sense that we all decided we were going to study a particular book. It was a mindset book. It was Born Rich by Bob Proctor. We studied that, and we went to one of his live events. We all got our head on straight, just all of us working together in that way. Then additionally, sharing with each other some of the physical aspects of doing business that were working made us all successful. That was really, to me, one of the keys. It was first off doing reading some quality books, and getting my head back on, getting mentally back in shape. Then from there working on some physical aspects. If you think of it in the online world, that could be working with some people on a Facebook group, or it could be hiring a mentor. I mean, I've been part of a $20000 masterminds where, we all get together, and we talk once a month, or every few weeks and then we physically meet. We really get our heads in ,and we share it. It's for the betterment of everybody. There's enough room out there for everybody to be successful that wants to be successful ,and that puts their mind to it. So I strongly recommend that people find a good coach, find a good mentor, work with a team of people that you can all learn and help each other grow. I mean that's how I did it. And from there, the money just came. I went on to earn millions of dollars in real estate, built a multimillion dollar business in the nutrition world. Earned over $7 million there. Then went on to do other things as well. So it's totally doable if you work with the right people, and you work together as a team.

Igor Kheifets: Yep. So just like Napoleon Hill says, "The power of the mastermind." Although in the book he talks about masterminding with President [inaudible] rather than having a room full of real people. Obviously guys, you don't have to go and buy a $20000 ticket into a mastermind. But you definitely want to surround yourself with people who are at least one step ahead of you when it comes to money, or when it comes to marketing, or when it comes to selling or business development right? You definitely want to be surrounded by people who think on a different level so they can elevate you with them. All right. Cool. So we touched on traffic. We spoke about your recovery from the MOBE crash, and how you didn't really need to recover because you were just fine. We spoke about your Affiliate Machine funnel, some of the mindset habits and how you recovered from bankruptcy. Just before we wrap up, I just want to remind everyone that you've got a free funnel they can use, right? The free funnel they can use to build their list and to build themselves an affiliate income at, Where you're also, correct me if I'm wrong, giving away some free funnels featuring Robert Kiyosaki, and a bunch of other really famous people.

Tony Neumeyer: Yeah, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki. I show people how they can utilize those to ethically hack the traffic of Robbins, and Kiyosaki, and others online so that they can go and build their business. Solo ads is really, to me the best of the best. It's the simplest way to build a business, and build a list quickly.

Igor Kheifets: All right. So guys, you heard the man. It's your if you'd like to check out the free funnel. It takes about an hour to set it all up. Make sure to visit it from your desktop computer, not from your mobile phone, because that will give you actually a much easier access to the funnel as well as a much easier time setting the whole thing up. Just before we wrap up, Tony, maybe some wisdom. If I asked you, what would you tell yourself, I don't know, five years ago, or 10 years ago, if you could go back in time and meet yourself back in time and say, okay, so this is the number one piece of advice I would give myself five years ago.

Tony Neumeyer: Find some people that you associate with, that you can trust, that you can learn from so that you can develop your business to the level that you want. Understand that this business, the online world is doable for anybody that really wants to do it and learn it. Just keep on keeping on. I mean keep on figuring it out, and learning it for yourself, and finding those people that you want to work with so that you can be as successful as you want to be.

Igor Kheifets: All right. So guys, if you want to get more advice from Tony, you can go to to have your own affiliate funnel for free.

And or you can go to and search for Seven Minute millionaire, and grab a copy of Tony's book where he talks more about how he recovered from bankruptcy, the mindset habits he got, the daily routines he's going through. And other principles that govern his life today that we all learn to refer to as success habits, or success principles.

Tony, thank you so much for investing the time to chat about list building, solo ads, affiliate marketing success, bankruptcy's, MOBE, and other really interesting things that seem to only interest people like you and me, and not people in the real world. Until next time we chat, have a good one.

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