Adapt Or Die – How To Profit From Mobile Traffic

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One year ago I was minding my own business typing away at my trusted MacBook pro in the ol’ coffee shop.

I patted myself on the back for writing the 7th email for the day.

I looked up looking for Shoshana the waitress and noticed something weird.

The “Opera” coffee shop was busy, but it was quiet.

It seemed like people were just sitting at the same table.

They weren’t talking, laughing or even drinking coffee.

They were all staring into their mobile screens.

Scrolling, typing, twisting and turning the devices in their palms. A

And then it hit me.

We’re entering a new traffic epoch.

Consumer’s preferences have shifted to mobile.

And unless you adapt to their new lifestyle – you’re a goner!

Here’s how traffic is changing and how to profit from it in the next 3 years



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