Adapt Or Die – How To Profit From Mobile Traffic

One year ago I was minding my own business typing away at my trusted MacBook pro in the ol’ coffee shop.

I patted myself on the back for writing the 7th email for the day.

I looked up looking for Shoshana the waitress and noticed something weird.

The “Opera” coffee shop was busy, but it was quiet.

It seemed like people were just sitting at the same table.

They weren’t talking, laughing or even drinking coffee.

They were all staring into their mobile screens.

Scrolling, typing, twisting and turning the devices in their palms. A

And then it hit me.

We’re entering a new traffic epoch.

Consumer’s preferences have shifted to mobile.

And unless you adapt to their new lifestyle – you’re a goner!

Here’s how traffic is changing and how to profit from it in the next 3 years


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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host, Igor Kheifets. I have a friend, her name is Joanne, not a real name. And she
does tattoos for people. It's not really a tattoo parlor per se, because she's
doing the makeup tattoos. Like when you want to get your eyebrows done and stuff
like that. And she's really good at it too. And she has become sort of like a
celebrity over here in my hometown of Arad, Israel. And so, I've been telling her
for a year now to start a website, get a blog going start ranking some key words,
maybe some local keywords, even get some Facebook advertising just to increase the
branding, because most of the time, of course, that advertising will be pretty
much useless. But if you're advertising locally you can definitely use Facebook to
your advantage to increase the perceived value of your services and to perceive
celebrity of who you are and what you offer. And I've been amazed in her decision
not to do any of that and simply stick to what she knows best. And so, as I was
chatting with her the other day I noticed that she's always on her phone. And I
asked her like why is she always on her phone and why is it impossible to have a
conversation with her. And turns out that she's managing her business and her
clientele and her marketing from her phone. Which got me thinking it got me
thinking about the fact that ever since I've known her, ever since I discovered
that she runs a business, ever since I discovered that she accepts clients and
works with clients, I have not seen her sit next to a computer even once. She's
been doing everything from her phone, from appointment setting to writing
articles, to chatting with clients on Messenger, to posting valuable information
on her Facebook fan page. I mean, every little thing that she ever does is on her
phone. And that is exactly what I want to chat about on today's episode, because
she is not the only one. Ever since noticing that she's managing her entire
business from her phone, and her entire life really, because she's constantly
ordering things on Amazon and Alibaba from her phone as well, I've been sort of
observing this behavior everywhere.

I notice that in the coffee shop where I work, at the Oprah coffee shop here in
Arad Israel, everybody is on their phone and either scrolling through their
Facebook feed or doing something or whatever. I noticed that my wife is about 90%
phone wife now, where no matter what I ask her to do as far as some day to day
stuff, she always does it from her phone. And the only reason she would ever come
in next to a computer is when I ask for her to do some really specific
business-related things that require a computer because there's no app that you
can install on your phone to do the same thing. And so, what this means to you as
a marketer is that you have to recognize that mobile is here to stay.

Mobile traffic is now officially more important for marketers than desktop. Now,
it doesn't mean that people don't use desktop anymore, not at all. In fact, I've
done a survey on my database and I discovered that people use both desktop and
mobile in their businesses when they run their online business. However, most of
the marketing interaction today begins, okay, I'm not sure if it ends there
because I don't have any data to confirm that, but it begins on their mobile
phone, which is why we have adapted everything we've got to mobile and we've seen
an instant increase in response. So what happens is people will check out your
product, your offer, your service for the most part for the first time from their
phone. And if your stuff isn't optimized to support that, if your website, if
you're landing page, if you're marketing materials are not optimized for the
mobile device then you're probably leaving a ton of money on the table. Now, we're
talking 50% of your profits or more. So whatever you do, you now have to recognize
that mobile traffic is a major force. It is not changing and will only be
increasing in size as we move forward.

It doesn't mean that desktop will be shrinking, it just means that people are now
more likely to use mobile phones and smart phones and iPads to check their email,
to check the social media feed, to read articles, to read news, to check in on
things like their test results from their local hospital or whatever. Like people
do that stuff on their mobile phone. And just look at the app industry. The app
industry is exploding. It's ridiculous. Probably it has created more millionaires
then Bitcoin at this point. And it's not showing any signs of stopping. The App
Store has probably multiplied in size by hundreds and hundreds of times simply
because there's more and more people finally accepting their smart phone as what
Steve Jobs envisioned it to become, your personal assistant if you will, the key
to the loophole into your world if you will. Like honestly, if somebody hijacks my
phone today and I don't like nullify it in time, then my life is over. Because I
can manage my entire life from my phone. I make a conscious effort not to because
I find that I've become a slave to my phone, but from a standpoint of marketing,
of course, that's something I cannot fight. And this is why we have really just
optimized everything we've got to mobile. In fact, what we've done as early as
about a year ago, we have also optimized the squeeze pages that we built for our
clients within Igor Solo Ads to be mobile friendly as well. And the increase in
response we've seen as a result is incredible. We've seen people go from 30% opt
in rate to 50, from 50% opt in rate to 70, and so on. And does mobile make such a
big difference? Does mobile design make such a big difference? Yes. Yes, it
absolutely does.

So whatever the squeeze page or landing page creation software you're using,
please make sure that it's mobile friendly, that creates mobile friendly designs.
If it costs you more money to get the mobile friendly version, get it, because it
is worth it. If on the other hand, you don't know, and you just don't know how to
check, then just login to your squeeze page from your cell phone and you will be
able to see. If you're required to zoom in and zoom out to understand what's
written there, then it's not mobile friendly and you have to optimize it ASAP.
Keep in mind of course, that your landing page layout on your mobile phone or the
mobile lay out if you will, shouldn't always be the exact same layout as using a
desktop. Because desktop, you have the ability to present a wide screen and a
large frame, while on phones more often than not you're looking at the
rectangular. It's narrow, it's tall, and you have to adapt your marketing to that
screen. Keep that in mind, because a lot of people forget that. I've seen a ton of
websites that are mobile optimized, but that fail to recognize that if they are
able to use a 20-word headline in their desktop layout, then they should
definitely consider changing the headline for their mobile. Because I mean, the
headline that goes over like 12 lines isn't really effective. So keep that in mind
when you're optimizing your stuff. And again, the question is does this mean that
desktop is going to die? No, desktop ain't dying. Desktop will still be here. A
lot of people will prefer to get a lot of their work done on desktop anyway.
People who write, people who get any serious work done will always prefer the
laptop to their mobile device. They will get the iPads and the iPhones for fun
most of the time for productivity, but they will always leave the serious tasks to
their desktop. Plus, we have to remember that desktop and mobile are at this point
designed to work hand in hand.

There are industries out there, there are apps that are trying to make people go
get away from the desktop, but to this day the ecosystem is designed to simply
sync between desktop and mobile rather than take one away from the other. Because
for example, as a Mac user myself, as an avid Apple fan. The reason I moved to
MacBooks eventually, even though I was pretty happy was my Zenbook, Asus Zenbook
is because of the syncing function. So right now everything syncs instantly
between my iPhone, my iPad and all of my MacBooks, which at this point I have like
four or five of them. And that's something to keep in mind. So when you're
designing your marketing, when you're planning out your marketing, make sure to
bank on the fact that the first exposure or the first couple of exposures will be
mobile, but then they will check you out on desktop as well. And when you're
designing your content, design your landing pages, keep that in mind that your
desktop design and your mobile design should not be the same, otherwise you will
be leaving conversions on the table and you don't want to do that. So thank you
again for tuning in for another edition of the List Building Lifestyle. I'm your
host, Igor Kheifets. And until next time we chat, have a good one.

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