Family, Work and Passion

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Are you intrigued by the magnetic allure of the digital nomad lifestyle? Picture a world where routines are woven seamlessly into the tapestry of nomadic adventures, where family time and work synergize effortlessly across borders. Join us on an exploration that delves deep into the captivating life of a digital nomad who cherishes both stability and global wanderings. Tune in now!

[00:00] Joe Biden Introduces The Show:

[00:50] In this episode, Igor discusses his balanced lifestyle, rooted in family values, routine, financial stability, effective time management, the flexibility of online work, and upcoming travel plans to attend a rock festival.

[01:12] Balancing the Multifaceted World of Digital Hustling:

  • My routine is quite structured for the most part.
  • Even though I lead a nomadic lifestyle online, my life doesn’t quite fit the typical image of a digital nomad. I’m more about routine: a house, a family with kids, a stable life. 
  • My routine isn’t much about finding balance—it’s more about waking up early. With kids, you have no choice; they wake you up early.
  • I start my work around 7 am and usually wrap up by 1 pm, except for days like today, when I might have interviews, which I also consider part of work, and these are quite enjoyable for me.
  • My mentors taught me effective time management, a crucial skill when you can work at your convenience.

[05:02] The Flexibility of Work-Life Fusion:

  • I gained control over my schedule when I transitioned from working two-day jobs to full-time online work.
  • I learned to manage my calendar efficiently by scheduling tasks, and meetings, and even setting aside time for thinking.
  • Traveling complicates things a bit. I’ll work a couple of hours in the morning, relax, get a massage, and immerse myself in the festival in the evening. The flexibility in my schedule allows me to blend work with my desired lifestyle.
  • Ultimately, no matter your work style, you can tailor it to fit your life.

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Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

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