Facebook ads vs Solo Ads

It’s the mother of all traffic battles: Facebook Ads vs Solo Ads.

Igor rams the two lead generation tactics head to head to find out:

– What’s the highest converting traffic traffic?

– Which one should you be using if you’re marketing information products, affiliate products or ecommerce offers?

– What source offers highest success shots to beginners and much more.

Find out what’s the right traffic source for you.


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Welcome back to another edition of The List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor
Kheifets. So you've probably been trying to make money online for a long time and
you've probably been thinking, man what's the traffic source I should be using?
And eventually, if you're listening to this Podcast and you know who I am, you've
probably come across solo ads. But you've probably also been bombarded with emails
and products and offers and trainings and Facebook lives and YouTube streams about
Facebook ads saying that people are making a crazy amount of money on Facebook
ads. Be it by promoting products or building their lists or maybe even running
Facebook ads for other businesses, mostly offline and not so much online. Because
anyone who runs an online business can probably run their own damn Facebook ads,

Well, this episode is all about kinda comparing these two head to head and finding
out which one is the best for you. Now if you've been listening to the show, you
know that I'm anti-Facebook and I'm anti-Facebook ads. I will do my best to kinda
create this unbiased matchup here, but I will tell you up front, I will give it
away up front, Facebook ads chance of winning this head to head are basically slim
to none. Because there's so many different flaws about Facebook and I'm really
struggling to find any advantages, besides it being kinda big.

Now, that actually being the first downside of Facebook, that it's way too big and
there's way too many people competing for that limited ad space. Therefore, you're
now paying a ridiculously inflated price for the privilege of showing your ads on
their news feed and the right side bar and in the apps and so on and so forth. In
fact, this year alone, I think in the last four months or so, Facebook have made a
few changes to the algorithm realizing that they ran out of space. And as a result
they jacked up the prices where the cost per sale pretty much doubled for most
people I know.

In fact, a while ago my dealer sent out an email saying he's discontinuing the
challenge, right? So when you buy one of my deals, my products, I don't remember
which one, he says as soon as you implement it and send him proof that you did,
he's actually going to refund your money. So he discontinued that challenge
because Facebook ad cost went up and his cost per sale went from $400 to about
$800. Which means doing that was no longer profitable.

Obviously that's only one example and most people wouldn't even talk about their
losses. I mean, everybody online loves talking about their wins, but nobody talks
about their losses and failures. But I assure you, all of a sudden there's fewer
Facebook gurus and there's fewer people who are able to legitimately make money in
the big niches.

Now, I will tell you this. I will admit that Facebook is still pretty cool for a
bunch of different niches. For example, the food niche. So I've been to this event
here in Toronto on Traffic Generation and there was this guy, I think his name is
Ryan [Scaly 00:04:03]. Now Ryan runs ads for this company called Smart Food or Eat
Smart or something like that. Basically, they sell healthy cookies or healthy
waffles or basically guilt foods that are actually healthy for you. And he's
spending, for that company, about $30,000 a day on Facebook. That's awesome.

Now I don't know how old the case study that he showed actually was, but I can
tell you that they're doing a lot of work. He's actually doing it full time
because you literally have to sit there and refresh the page and switch the
fricking ad swipe every 20 seconds for that thing to work with that budget.

That is probably the only time I've seen someone winning with Facebook ads. The
other time, of course, is people selling Facebook ads advice. So if you're an
offline business owner and all of a sudden you get an ad about a Facebook ad
agency, that's probably going to work. Just like on Instagram, a lot of people who
make money on Instagram are the ones who actually teach you how to make money on
Instagram, right? Or people basically who want to show off their bikini's or

All right, so, again I'm not a big fan of that sort of marketing. I want
predictable, I want measurable marketing. I want something that's scalable. I want
something that's affordable. I want something you can actually build a business
around. So for me, Facebook ads is really, well, challenging in that department.
And not just because of the click prices going up and the lead prices going up,
but also because it's very complicated.

I mean, let's face it, there's like 12 different types of ads on Facebook right
now, including Instagram. And Instagram has two or three types now. It's just
nuts. How are you supposed to figure it out, honestly? If you're a business owner
and you're in the day to day, just running your business, that means you'll need
to take a whole week off work just to figure that stuff out. Or come on and bring
an agency that's gonna charge you a $5,000 set up fee and 30% of your ad budget
just to run your ads for you. With your money, by the way, right?

So, that kinda makes no sense. But Facebook is really complicated. They're really
complex. I spent about $30,000 last year on Facebook ads trying to build a
campaign for my traffic business and it's been probably the least rewarding thing
I've done. The least rewarding thing I've done. On the contrary, when I just run
some ads to targeted list, right I just run my offer to lists that I know are
within in that niche, the response is so much grater. I'm literally able to walk
away with 15 new sales in a week without touching my computer. Without doing
anything that even resembles manual labor. It's simply because I dropped a promo
to the right list and guess what? I'm actually able to turn a profit immediately,
unlike with Facebook ads where the last I checked, my lead costs were roughly $12
a lead. Like single, often, email lead.

Now maybe I was doing it wrong? I admit, maybe I'm not smart enough for Facebook
ads even though I've marketing online for 10 years. But with solo ads I can
probably get leads at one sixth of the price, maybe one fifth of the price. I
mean, really depends on the offer, but with solo it's so much easier. It's so much
cheaper. The response is so much greater.

I mean the swipe drive traffic from Facebook, you probably know that, the email
open rates as soon as you get people on your list is just nuts. Well, in a bad
way. Nuts in a bad way. They're just super low. The email open rates you get from
Facebook ads subscriber are virtually nonexistent.

Now if you're getting somebody who's already preconditioned to open emails,
because that's what they do, then you will always make more money. Simply because
your effort will produce a higher ROI. Like these people will open more often,
click more often, and buy more often. And of course there's been many, many
studies proving that email is just overall more profitable than social media
because email subscribers actually buy things.

Again, imagine like ... This is my most favorite metaphor when it comes to social
media. Imagine you have a jewelry store and you're getting social traffic. So
basically what happens is, you're getting a lot of people to come into the store
liking your jewelry. Basically telling you, oh I like this, I like this, I like
this, but not buying and leaving. And when you're driving email traffic, what
happens, you basically got less traffic coming in, but that traffic is very
targeted. So when they come in, they actually buy something from you and walk away
with the jewelry in hand while you have money in hand.

Now if you want to run a profitable business, that's what you need. You can't be
building your business on a customer base that refuses to buy from you. It's just
impossible. The mathematics, the money math, will not work in your favor and you
will quickly run out of money. So the only way to do that is to get people who
actually want to spend money with you.

The closest thing I've seen to making Facebook ads work was getting people to a
webinar. Now this is good, because the webinar is actually another big commitment.
And if so, they've committed to you to the point of a webinar, probably we can
assume they're going to open your emails as well.

So if you want to make Facebook ads work, first off make sure you drive them to a
webinar. Second, make sure you sell something really expensive because you'll be
operating on a very low response rate and you'll need to break even using one or
two sales at best, okay, on a whole campaign. So you better be selling something
high ticket allowing you to reinvest all that money right back into more
advertising because you'll be probably generating customers at a loss allowing you
to recoup more money down the road.

The other thing you wanna make sure you have with Facebook ads is upsells. You
know, upsells are critical here. If you don't have upsells you probably will walk
away with half the money you could be making and that's a shame. And if I were
you, if you're really insistent on doing Facebook ads, I would probably compete
for the newsfeed space and not any of the other spaces.

In my testing that I've done, the only effective Facebook media that I've seen,
something that even resembles effectiveness, is the newsfeed. You know, people
click on your ads in the newsfeed are a little better. Are a little bit more
likely to act.

Now, I will share this about Facebook ads. Facebook is really cool for video ads.
So if you're looking to just spread the word or build a brand or kinda create some
buzz around your company in your industry, video ads are probably going to be a
good solution for you. Not to mention that Facebook allows you to track who
watched how ... Like, what part of your video. So you can then create an audience
with the people who watched three or ten seconds of your video, or 25% of your
video, and that would be a really cool audience for you to test.

Now what's gonna happen is, though, you gonna be willing to spend a lot of money
just to build an audience. Like basically to build an audience on Facebook. Now,
in my opinion, that's not the best use of my money. If I'm building an audience, I
want to control the media. I want it to have ... I want it to be maybe a Podcast
or email or a webinar. I wanna be in control of the media. In Facebook I'm never
in control and that sucks because Facebook can easily shut you down. And then
you're left without an audience that you've been building. It happened to me
several times before.

Facebook can just decide one day that they don't want to promote your type of
product anymore. It happened to me and a bunch of my friends too. So this past
year they kinda went back on Crypto. They said, okay you know what guys? Crypto is
a scam. We don't want Crypto showing up on your newsfeed. So I've known people
who've been running Facebook ads for years, guys who were like dropping 20 grand
every single month on Facebook ads, and just got shut down overnight. No prior
notice, no second chances, nothing. Just shut down and out. Why? Because Facebook
changed their policies overnight and decided not to tell you and not to give you a
head notice saying, hey any Crypto offers will be taken off the network so you
better do it right now or you'll lose your account. No, they just kinda cut you
off. Why would you do that? That's just not cool.

Of course, let's not forget, the tracking part of it too. As far as tracking, it's
just superior to pretty much anything out there because of their smart pixel, but
it's also crazy difficult to manage all that. For example, going back to that
campaign breakdown that I've seen at that seminar, they were actually driving a
lot of traffic using videos. Then retargeting people, then targeting the ones who
visited the older forum, and targeted the ones who visited the page before the
older forum, and the ones who spend at least 60 seconds on the older forum but
didn't buy, and so on and so forth. So out of one campaign they built like a
million different campaigns just to optimize everything about it.

This is the kinda stuff that you think would be like, okay well that's when you
wanna create something great. But what I learned is that, no. That's actually
something you just need by default to be able to make any money at all.

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If you're willing to sort of just give up about a week or a month of your life,
trying to figure out Facebook ads, you can try and do that, but again make sure
you have something to sell. You've got a deep funnel with multiple offers. And you
definitely be ready with a kick ass webinar because without one, I don't see how
this can work. Especially, again remember, you are taking people out of a social
mind set and you're trying to get them to give you money.

A social mindset is basically like this new phenomenon where people get on social
media to avoid making decisions. People go there, basically, to decompress. It's
kinda like, it's the same mindset as watching Netflix. It's mashed potato mindset.
So how do you get someone with that mindset to buy from you?

Well the first thing you need to do is you need to take them away from Facebook
and away from that mindset and put them into an engaged mindset that wants to
learn. For example, this is why seminars for example are such a great marketing
tool for any company. This is why company's like click funnels and [inaudible
00:14:41] can do one event a year and walk away with millions and millions and
millions of dollars in sales, even though their members have already been spending
money with them. It's simply because they put them in an environment where people
come in engaged, they come in to learn, there's no windows in the room. The
attentions on the speaker and people come there knowing that they are there to
take action, to learn, to get new ideas, to buy something. And as a result, by
simply putting people in that state, you'll always end up making way more money.
Sometimes doubling, tripling, quadrupling, or 10 xing your annual revenue.

So with Facebook it's like the exact opposite is going on. They're going to
Facebook not to make decisions. They're basically running away from decision
making, they just want to decompress. So you need to take them out of Facebook and
into some kind of educational environment. My recommendation is webinars. Webinars
are probably the best chance you have on Facebook in order to make it work,

With that said, how about solo ads? I mean, I'd be silly to say that solo ads have
no downsides or anything like that, but they definitely have more upsides in my
opinion than Facebook. For example, solo ads are way better as a traffic source
for you if you're selling mainstream stuff. So think weightless, self help,
financial, all that stuff. All these industries are built on lists. They're built
on email marketing. They've been built on email marketing for a long time and they
will continue to be built upon those. Upon that one principal because that's the
media that's most profitable.

Now since these industries have been growing and growing and growing over the
years you can instantly tap millions upon millions upon millions of people who are
already been targeted. They've been qualified. They raised their hand, they
purchased something that relates to what your selling, et cetera. So you can
easily be generating thousands of new leads each and every single day if you
simply know which lists to tap.

Now the other part I love about solo is you really don't need to be a super
advanced tracker or super advanced technical person, because all you need to do is
just find the right list. Which you means you need to be a relationship builder.
You need to find out who has the best list. You need to find the right list
brokers and GB brokers. You have to learn how to communicate and how to present
your offer to people and get them to promote it, sure. But in addition to that,
you really don't need to be super technical. I've seen people, quite literally,
making millions of dollars a year being very dysfunctional.

This is amazing. They're so dysfunctional they can't be trusted to wake up in the
morning on their own. They're seriously in bad shape, yet they're able to take
something as simple as solo ads and build one offer, and bam! They're making
millions of dollars.

I know one guy who's actually not dysfunctional at all. He's actually pretty
functional, but he's not a hard worker. He developed one offer and he ran it
exclusively with other people's lists. So he would approach people and get them to
mail the offer and he did it for three years and he made $5,000,000 with one offer
and no upsells. It was just nuts!

It's only possible with solo. It's truly impossible with any other media 'cause if
you try to do it with banner ads, what you'll quickly discover their response rate
is crap. If you try to do it with Facebook ads you'll quickly run out of money. If
you try to put your weightless offer on Google, well good luck with that. You're
going to be paying like $20 a click or something because Google's been getting
super, super expensive. We're probably going to cover Google ad words in different
episode here. So stay tuned for that.

Another thing you want to remember when it comes to solo ads is that solo ads are
just way more responsive. I mean, these people have been qualified to buy from
you. These people have been known to say yes to products that you're already
promoting. These people are like the cherry picked prospects. The best ones you
can possibly hope to get. And it take less effort and less hassle and less
technical skills to get them. And less money too.

I mean, it could be [inaudible 00:19:17], but it's actually way cheaper to run
solo ads to the right list for two reasons. First off, the price itself. The price
per click or the price per lead or the price per email drop is going to be lower
than running the equal amount of traffic from Facebook, where it's actually a lot
of times it's a gamble too. Because on Facebook you never know how many clicks
you're gonna get. You get charged per impression, right? So if you don't get that
one right you can probably run millions of impression, but only get so many
clicks. Therefore, end up paying a lot.

And the other reason why solo ads are way more profitable to run is quite simply
because you make more money. With solo ads, with the exact same amount of traffic,
the output is going to be way higher. So, not only are you spending less, but
you're making more. And if you're smart and you put in some upsells and do all
that good stuff, you're probably gonna walk away a wealthy person. Probably gonna
build yourself a really nice business, which is very predictable too. Very

This is the other thing I really love about solo ads traffic, as a father of two
now, I've just had a baby boy come literally a week ago, I really ... I really
value predictability. I hate ups and downs. I hate unpredictability. I hate
surprises. I love it when the money comes in every day steadily, and preferably
for it to grow every day, right? And if not every day then every month or if not
every month then every year. But I want that income to come in predictably knowing
that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and it's not going to disappear. And that, too,
I've seen with people.

By they way, both with solo ads and Facebook ads, and the way it happens with solo
ads is when people get lazy and stop buying ads, stop researching lists, and when
their offer runs basically to it's shelf life. Because, as much as I hate to admit
it, pretty much every offer in the marketplace, with a few exceptions, has a shelf
life unfortunately. Eventually you have to redevelop it.

Now when that happens, it's not that you have a bad product. You just need a
different offer. That's the only thing. This is something for you to really grasp
if you want to stay here for the long haul. Products are products. Let's just say
I'm selling this iPhone, right? But I can position the product in many different
ways. I can offer the product and bundle it in different ways.

So in terms of positioning, I can position it as a productivity tool, as a camera,
as a phone, as music listening device. I can do a lot of things with it. There's a
lot of different angles to it. But I can also offer it in a certain way. I can
offer it at full price, I can offer it at a discount, I can bundle air pods with
it, I can say buy the new iPhone X or whatever and get an iPad at 50% off. I can
say that, buy two iPhones and we'll donate $5,000 to charity or whatever. So
there's many different offers.

So when your offer runs to its shelf life, you can just reposition the offer and
run those ads again, to even the same list and you start hitting different people.
Again, truly incredible. You can actually make a living consistently and
predictably if you just find one list of 100,000 people and just hit that list
with the same product, but different positioning every time. It's really crazy.

So anyway, to sum up. My verdict of Facebook ads versus solo ads is no surprise
here, solo ads win for me every time. Unless you're promoting some kind of food
product or maybe you're doing some kind of local marketing. In that case, I'd
probably stack up Facebook ads versus maybe Google ad words and see that. But if
you're into mainstream, if you're an information marketer, if you're a coach, if
you're somebody who doesn't necessarily limit themselves to their local
environment to get clients, then solo ads are probably your easiest pick because
they give you access to millions upon millions customers that are already primed
to buy the products your selling. So you can walk away from a promo with like 12%
conversion rather than with a 0.012% conversion like you would on Facebook ads.

So with that said, look into solo ads if you still haven't. And if you have, then
make sure to go and check out my free training at Igor.cx about how to make solo
ads work for you. How to get email traffic to work for you in your business. How
to break even and how I used it actually to build the list of 4.3 million email
subscribers. So check it out at Igor.cx.

So this concludes this episode. Once again, the verdict is Facebook ads for me
personally suck, solo ads win. Okay? So check out solo ads if you're doing any
mainstream or big market offers. And if you don't, if you're a local marketer;
maybe you're selling food like smart cookies and stuff like that, then I guess you
can stick to Facebook ads. If that's the case then I'd probably just urge you to
get into info marketing instead.

Anyway, this is Igor Kheifets. Thank you so much for your time today. Until next
time we chat, have a good one.

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