Perfect List Building Sales Funnel

When you say “sales funnel” most people think “capture page.” I suspect it’s the reason most people never build their list at breakeven. Let me walk you through the perfect list building funnel. Its not what you think…


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Welcome back to another edition of The List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor
Kheifets. You know, one of the most common questions I get as the guy with the
traffic, as the guy people talk to when they need more traffic for their business
opportunity, network marketing company, affiliate links et cetera is, "Igor, what
offer should I promote?" "Igor, what's the business I should promote?" "Igor, what
is the most profitable thing I should promote?" Now, it is an interesting
question, I understand why people ask me that, especially if they're brand new. A
lot of people think that it's all about the business. They believe that it's all
about the offer that they promote. To an extent, they are right because if your
business ain't converting, you need to start with your offer. Maybe your offer
isn't sexy enough. Basically I've been reminded this lesson again and again and
again and again. Most recently when we were releasing our brand new webinar, we
really struggled with the offer. At first, we actually had to reconstruct the
offer three times and we finally found the sweet spot that allowed us to convert
really well in webinars. In fact, we went from converting at as little as 4% to as
high as 14% and 15% simply because we adapted the offer to what the marketplace

So on one hand, the whole offer idea and if it doesn't work, change your offer, is
a solid idea, it sure is, but the better question you should be asking is, "Igor,
what's the perfect funnel?" "What is the perfect list building sales funnel?" I
specifically add the words list building into it because if you're not building
your list, you are not building your business and even if you are making money,
which is probably unlikely, chances of you actually making money without building
your list are super, super slim. I know maybe out of 100 marketers who are making
big money, there's maybe one or two of them who aren't building a list and most
people online who are making money, one of the reasons is because they're not
building a list. So the perfect list building funnel really should be the question
on your mind. It should be the thing that stops you from sleeping at night, you
know what I mean? You should be staring at the ceiling, lying in your bed every
night and the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning should
be, "What is the perfect list building sales funnel?"

To get to that idea of what the perfect sales funnel is, we first need to
understand what the sales funnel is in general. What the hell is a sales funnel?
Because a lot of people still don't get the concept. Some people think that sales
funnel is your page. So for many people, a sales funnel is your capture page. It's
the page with the opt-in form where you ask people to enter their email. No it's
not, it's not. A sales funnel's actually more than just one page. In fact, it's a
series of events, not just webpages, that you take people through in order to turn
them from a cold, unengaged but somewhat interested visitor, into a customer, a
repeat buyer and a raving fan. All right?

So imagine if you had a shop, let's just say you're selling jewelry, then your
sales funnel is not your store. No, your sales funnel is the process you take
people through to not only get them through the door, because it actually starts
from outside your store, it's a process taken through from the moment you invite
them in and all the way to their first purchase, their second purchase and then to
turning them into somebody who brings their friends over. That's what a sales
funnel is.

Now, in online terms, the sales funnel occurs for the most part on webpages. The
difference though is that from the way most people perceive it is that your sales
funnel doesn't really end with your offer. Let's just say you've got this capture
page and you're giving away lead magnets, which is like a report or maybe a video,
a video, let's just say it's a video. It's a 30 minute training video on how to
increase your abundance mindset through energy clearing. I'm specially using this
example because I've seen a sales funnel just like it by a really, really
successful online education company called Mindvalley. So let's just say that's
your funnel. You're getting people to opt in and you're giving them a 30 minute
training video on how to increase your abundance, energy levels and so on and so

Then you link to a masterclass on energy. How to clear energy, how to increase
your vibration, how to attract things you want in your life, how to stop
attracting the shit you don't want in your life and so on and so forth. So many
people think for the most part, the general understanding that the marketplace has
of a sales funnel, that's it. It's a capture page, it may be a video, a lead
magnet and an offer, that's where the sales funnel pretty much ends. But the
reality is that it doesn't end there because as soon as somebody purchases the
front end course, let's just say that you sell it for 500 bucks or 50 bucks or
whatever, they will be hit with another offer immediately. Right? That's called an

Now, they say yes to the upsell, they'll be hit with another upsell, most likely.
Know in Mindvalley, that's exactly what's going to happen, probably inviting them
to a seminar or maybe inviting them to a mastermind group of high level energy
people, whatever, and they say no to the first upsell, they'll be down sold to
something. So if the upsell is for example, going to a seminar where you're going
to be hearing from Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins and a bunch of
other speakers who can help you with your energy levels, then the down sell may
be, "Oh go ahead and ... You don't want to spend 1,000 bucks to come to a seminar?
Then here's a $200 offer giving you the recordings of the last year's event where
we had Reagan, or whatever, talk about his energy levels, being the President of
the United States and so on." I don't know, so my point is that the funnel goes
deeper than that with multiple offers.

That's what a true, proper sales funnel is, that's how you increase your customer
value, that's how you get people into the habit of buying from you and feeling
good about it too because believe it or not, when you're selling something online,
even in the marketing space or in the energy space of self help or weight loss,
people feel better when they hit the Buy button. People actually experience
pleasure from hitting the Buy button, there's a rush. There's a dopamine rush
happening, people feel genuinely excited about their life and about themselves
when they feel they've done something to solve their problem and that is to
purchase, because the purchase is an achievement in and of itself. For most people
out there, for them it's a huge step outside their comfort zone, even if there's a
money back guarantee, so we have to respect that and we also have to recognize
that even though ... When you're starting to market and if you still are sort of
brand new, all you're noticing is how people buy stuff and they don't get results
and it creates this negative vibe. Right? This negative vibe about the whole
business. You're like, "I see a lot of people making money but I see that most
people fail and it makes me bad," and it almost creates a block for you to promote

Results is not when people buy stuff. People buy stuff because it makes them feel
good, so you have to remember this rule even though it's something you probably
won't truly understand at the core the level of your being until and unless you
have your own products and services that you're selling. We'll leave this aside
for now.

So then you think, "Okay, so a sales funnel is a capture page and an offer and a
lead magnet and multiple offers on the back end, is that it?" No, it's actually
not because your email follow up sequence is also part of your sales funnel. If
you have a podcast, that's a part of your sales funnel. If you have a YouTube
channel, that's a part of your sales funnel. If you get people to chat with you on
Facebook and use an automated Messenger bot, that's a part of your funnel. If you
have a seminar ... right? So let's just say you have a sales funnel that sells
tickets to the seminar, your seminar, the actual physical thing where they go to,
is a whole funnel or an extension of your funnel in and of itself.

So anything that happens with the client from the point of contact, the first
point of contact, let's just say you're running a Google Ad, and it's a PPC ad and
they click on your link. They click on your ad that talks about clearing your
energy or being tired of attracting bad girlfriends into your life or bad
partners, or maybe you want more abundance, right? You click that ad, that is when
it starts. The moment they type in the search box and you're competing for their
attention, that's where your funnel starts and guess where it ends? If you're
smart, if you're ambitious, if you're a true student of marketing, you know that
your funnel simply does not end.

So be it if you take them to a seminar, the seminar is a funnel. The seminar's a
funnel and every single step of that funnel should be carefully thought through to
maximize revenue and maximize value and impact on the attendees. In addition,
let's just say you're selling an online information course and it's a membership
site and they're paying $47 per month or $47 one time to access it, guess what?
That membership site, its purpose is to not deliver the content. I mean, sure it
is one of the things that it's going to do is deliver the content but guess what?
It's the next extension of your funnel and as soon as they consume the content,
they need to have something else to do.

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Your business should never be about just giving them what they bought, right? I
know that sounds a little bit manipulative, maybe dirty, to most of you it
probably sounds dirty because you've got a bad relationship with money and so be
it, but I'll be the one to tell you that your business can't and shouldn't be just
delivering your content. The number one purpose of a business, and this is
something that you really need to understand because most people online who try to
build their freedom and their four hour work week, they don't really treat their
businesses like businesses. They're like BizUp junkies who simply decide one day
they don't want to have a boss any more. So they're ambitious enough to walk away
from a job, they're not ambitious enough to build a true business.

So let me explain something to you. A purpose of your business is to produce
profits for your shareholders. If you don't have anyone other than you in your
business, then the shareholder is you. So the purpose of your business is to
produce more profits, to make more sales. Incidentally, that is also how you
create the most impact in the marketplace and change the most lives. In other
words, if all you're focused on is your product and the value you're giving and
you're not putting the priority on gaining more sales, gaining more customers,
gaining higher quality leads, increasing lifetime customer value, et cetera,
you're actually not serving your market to the best of your abilities.

If you got an information course for 50 bucks that helps people create abundance
mindset and it's truly working, then you need to have a $500 per month private
coaching program, helping the people that are not able to just do it with the
information products. After that, you need to have a yearly, or ... I don't know,
whatever, seminar, right? A yearly seminar where you invite people and they get to
hang out together with other people who want to create abundance in their life,
they form a mastermind. Speaking of masterminds, you need to have a mastermind.
You need to build a mastermind specifically for people who are looking to increase
their abundance so the people who don't have abundance can get together with the
people who do have abundance and consult them on their challenges so they can
basically learn from each other and exchange experiences.

So all that leads to bigger value for the customer but it also costs the customer
money and it puts that money in your pocket. So from here, you have to make that
connection that in order to help your customers increase their results, in order
to help your customers live better lives, in order to help your customers improve
their lives, in order to basically do what is yours to do, and that is help other
people, you need to learn how to sell and how to market, how to attract the most
customers possible at the least amount of money, spending the least amount of
money or the most amount of money depending on your model, and basically how to
extract the most profit, long term possible from that particular niche or customer
base because that is how you help more people.

Unless you're driven by the goal of getting more customers, rather than the goal
of giving most value, you will not be able to actually give value. It's super
counterintuitive. It's basically back-asswards way for most people because most
people get into this business to help other people and money, they consider money
to be this by-product. But let me tell you, you shouldn't be getting into this
business to make money and helping people is a natural by product of that because
the marketplace rewards you with more money when you give the value.

In other words, you can have the best product in the world but unless it's backed
up by super aggressive marketing, high prices, multiple offers and multiple
funnels, multiple channels of engagement, you will not be able to create the most
impact. Here's an example of how we know that. For example, let's look at Tony
Robbins. Tony Robbins is probably the pinnacle of the self-help industry. If we
think self-help industry, we think Tony Robbins. Now, would you say that Tony
Robbins helped a lot of people? Well you bet your ass he did. He probably helped
more people than most self-help authors and self-help gurus out there. In the last
30 years, he's not only been able to consistently be super visible and be pretty
much everywhere, but he's also been able to create transformation and change and
there's more people I know that attribute their change to Tony Robbins' work,
including myself by the way because that's what got me in this self-help journey,
on this self-improvement journey, than any other mentor.

There's great mentors out there still and yet Tony Robbins is the one. Now why do
you think is that? Because Tony Robbins has the most bad-ass marketing machine
there is. Tony Robbins is not only the pinnacle of helping people but he's also
the pinnacle of marketing how he's helping people and getting people to give him
obscene amounts of money to attend his seminars where guess what? They'll pitch
you with more stuff. He's been known to be criticized for selling supplements and
for selling marriage advice or relationship advice while being divorced. He's been
known for talking about health and about having health issues and so on and so
forth and so on but the point is is that first and foremost, Tony Robbins is an
amazing marketer but it exactly that why he's also one of the people in this world
who helped literally tens of millions of people throughout the years and continues
to do that all the time. Even today, even in this day and age.

So the marketplace didn't swallow Tony Robbins. The economy didn't wipe him out.
Again, why do you think is that? It is because he's driven by the profits of his
businesses and not by the value that he's giving to people. He understands that
the value he's giving is the natural by product if he's driven by the business

So back to my point, which I actually forgot what that point is even about.
Basically, what is the perfect sales funnel? The perfect sales funnel simply
doesn't end, it builds your list, there's multiple streams of income in it and it
is a continuous process that leads people to buying more stuff from you. Now
again, this philosophy may not agree with it, and that's okay but just look at
your results. If your results show that you're making a ton of money and it
continues to grow while all you do is focus on the value you're giving to people,
by all means keep doing that, it's working for you. For me, it has never been the
case. I really, really, really wanted to help people and I gave them a lot of
value early on. I did a lot of work to just present value to people, a lot of
times when I wouldn't even charge for, or ask for very little money for it, but
guess what? It's the people who market it better than I did who always surpassed
me and basically wiped the floor with me.

So now, having become somebody who knows how to market, it's complete opposite
now. I see people out there offering value, they're very knowledgeable, they're
very helpful, they're driven by the value they want to make on the other people.
They're driven by that first and the profits, they sort of expect the profits to
come in second, it just doesn't work like that. It just doesn't work like that.
You are in business to make money, you should always remember that and that's how
you need to approach your funnel. It always starts with you building your list,
that's the number one rule but then, it continues to infinity by you making
multiple offers and more offers all the time because your people, especially the
ones who buy from you, will always be seeking to give you money again and again
because it feels good to them.

So when we talk about the perfect list building sales funnel, it's a funnel that
gets them on your list, has aggressive email follow up every single day. I don't
care how much scared you are to do that by the way, email every single day, you'll
see you'll make much more money, you'll make a much bigger impact in the
marketplace but it also ends up driving the customer through a never-ending series
of offers, always going up, always taking it up a notch. So they started the $40
offer, eventually they end up at the $40,000 offer. Again, you want to see an
example of really good sales funnel? Go check out ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson.
Russell Brunson is probably the one how gets it the most because he's such a
passionate student of marketing and if there's one concept that I think is truly,
truly beneficial for you to understand, that's funnel hacking.

I highly recommend you go to our website at and
search for Russell Brunson or the word funnel hacking in the search box and listen
to my interview with Russell Brunson who explains what funnel hacking is and how
he came up with the concept, because it is only through funnel hacking that you'll
be able to model and find out what are some of the best sales funnels in the
world. I highly recommend you funnel hack ClickFunnels as a business because they
get it. They have so many different funnels for so many different types of
customers, they're trying to solve so many different problems in spite of always
leading back to the software, but the way they do it is just correct.

If there was a textbook for funnels, if there was a textbook for an online
business, ClickFunnels would be it. They are the textbook. They're like the living
example of how you need to do it. So the closer you model them, or even if you
model them just two to one, 100th of a percent, you'd still make more money than
if you try to do it any other way.

Anyway, we'll end it here. Thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of
The List Building Lifestyle about the perfect list building sales funnel. This is
Igor Kheifets and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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