Exciting Way To Market Boring Products

How do you sell a dull commodity product that’s as boring and mundane as tea? Or come up with the next Pumpkin Spice Latte? It’s not about the product. It’s in the positioning. Positioning is the art of controlling perception of how your product is seen in the marketplace. Find out how to position your product or service, no matter how boring or generic, to create a bestseller.

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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host, Igor Kheifets. How do you sell something as boring as tea or coffee? How do you sell something that's like the second most used commodity in the world and people don't find exciting anymore? How do you sell something where you would compete directly with companies like Starbucks and other companies that are on the shelves in the supermarket?

The answer to this is positioning. You see, positioning is how you frame your offer, is what you tell your prospect or your potential customer about how to perceive your product. You can take something as boring as coffee or tea, and you can reposition it as something a lot more exciting. A great example is there's a great offer by a company called Organifi. If you go to organifi.com, you may be able to find this offer. It's about tea or coffee.

I really can't really understand whether it's tea or coffee, but if you look at the website, the headline reads, "5,120-year-old tea recipe gives you the best sleep of your life. Tastes like a guilt-free pumpkin spice latte." What happens here is they take this tea. Again, it's tea but it tastes like coffee, whatever. They take this thing, and they say, "Okay, we got this drink, and we can just tell people, 'Hey, this drink, you should get it because it's awesome, because it tastes like a pumpkin spice latte.'"

See how many things are going on in this one particular headline. First off, the 5,120-year-old tea recipe, which implies that this is an ancient recipe until now unknown to most people. Now, that's a sexy proposition in and of itself. I guess, people love secrets. People love getting their hands on rare things and things that most people don't know about. People love to brag about having unique things in their position. When you say, "Hey, here's this ancient thing that most people don't know by including you," they make you feel like an insider.

That's really powerful, again, right there. The other thing they say, guilt free, so the sub headline says, "Tastes like a guilt-free pumpkin spice latte." They take something that may be, if you will, triggering guilt because if you're weight conscious or if you're sugar conscious, you have to understand that that pumpkin spice lattes in Starbucks are full of sugar and a bunch of other cancer producing stuff.

You have to be careful with that, but they say, "Hey, this is guilt-free, which means you can have as much of it as you want. You can indulge as much as you want, and you get away with it," so again, another really exciting proposition because most of the time, we can't gorge on a bucket of ice cream and get away with it. Most of the time, we pay for it. In here, they tell us, "Hey, this is guilt-free. This is where you can actually get away."

Of course the last but not least, it says, "Gives you the best sleep of your life." Now, this is not the first time I'm seeing a drink like a cup of tea sold as a sleep enhancing tool, because I've seen it before. In fact, there's a great company that I patronize. It's called Lifeboost Coffee. This brand has some really cool organic coffee from Nicaragua or something like that. One of the angles that they use to sell you more coffee is explain to you how the toxins that they put in the coffee, very specific toxins unique to that particular brand of coffee, how they help you sleep better.

Now, that's really powerful because when you sell coffee to coffee lovers as a sleep enhancing tool, you're bypassing a ton of different mechanisms and biases and cells defenses, and you're allowing them to say yes to something they already have. I'm sure if you open up their cupboard in the kitchen, you'll see at least five different brands of coffee, and nevertheless, people end up buying that stuff. I know because I buy it. I buy it all the time.

In fact, with Lifeboost Coffee, I pay $40 to get one bag of coffee shipped to my place, and that's ridiculous. That's just ridiculous, but I still do it because of how unique it is positioned and how they take this product that's really just a commodity, and they turned this product into a very unique non-commodity sort of thing. Again, going back to the organify.com example, same thing. On the same sales letter, they're really making a sexy proposition.

Now, I just want to stop here and then say, "Look, this is not a plug for..." Again, I'm not affiliated with Organifi. I'm not getting any commission if you go to their website. I'm just in awe on the sexy offer they put together, because what I'm seeing out there right now is people really wanting to make money and they really recognize that digital economy is here. They can slap together a website, and run it from anywhere in the world and make a lot of money.

The problem is they don't understand that they need to make sexy offers. The owners stand that you cannot, not anymore, you were able to do that a long, long time ago, but not anymore. Now, you have to make sexy propositions. If you're selling coffee, you have to enhance that offer with better positioning and better bonuses. This is exactly what these Organifi people are doing. If any of you guys out there, if any of these Organifi people are out other, please reach out to me.

I would like to have a chat with you. I would like to pick your brain on how you make offers and put them together. Another thing in the same sales letter, this is a long form sales letter by the way. It's at least I would say 15 pages. They talk about things like metabolism, and they introduce you to concepts such as yo-yo dieting, over training, and a bunch of other really cool names to everything that's going on in your life. They share with you the secret to kicking your metabolism into overdrive.

For example, there's... This headline says, "2000% absorption increase." Not sure what that means, but anyone who is health conscious is probably going to pay attention to a lot of what this page is saying. Another thing they talk about is how five rare super foods and one common kitchen spice promote deep, restorative delta wave sleep. One of the bonuses they give you actually a, which I think is just pure genius, is they give you a bonus that's called Super Foods that Target Fat.

I mean, can you imagine it? Just think of the imagery, right? Think of the super food that targets fat. I almost imagine a broccoli holding a sniper rifle and aiming at just lard, right, and squeezing the trigger. I mean, it's so visual. It's so exciting that even I want to buy this. I don't have sleep issues, and I don't have... I'm not overweight, and I want to get it because it's just so, so, so exciting.

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This sales letter in my opinion is just pure genius. I think without even knowing its stats, I'm pretty sure it converts really well, because what happens is they end up selling this drink, which sold by the bottle, and they sell either one bottle for $70 or two bottles get one free for $140, or three bottles, get two, basically five bottles, by buying three bottles and getting two for free for $210. Again, I'm pretty sure it's just flying off the shelf, and it's brilliant.

Now, another thing that's really important to mention is that the things that they're sharing, they're backed up by studies. On the footer of the website, I see all these links to all the different studies about Alzheimer's and basically lots of medical publishing going on. That's awesome because they not only make crazy claims like, "Here's a super food that targets fat," but they also back it up with a scientific evidence, which is also amazing.

The reason I'm bringing this to your attention is because one of the things that I do for fun, and I know it sounds a little bit weird, but I'm a marketing geek like that. I study other people's offers. When I'm on YouTube and I'm logging in, and I mean, I'm going to watch like Man United video or something, and I get an offer in front of me, there's an ad running or something. I don't even go to watch the video originally planned. First, I will record the ad because I want to have a swipe file of really good ads.

I don't know if the ad is any good because I don't have the stats for it, but I'll record it any way, again, depending on the niche, probably. That's the first thing I'll do. Then I will go to that company's website or the person's website. I'll sign up to their webinar. I'll have my assistant record the webinars. I'm collecting offers. I'm like a med offer collector. The reason I am is because when the time comes for me to create an offer of my own, which I try to do at least once every other month, because the more offers I create, obviously, the more my business grows and the more I can help my customers, the better I'm equipped to do that.

The more offers I have in my arsenal, the more offers I can study. The more sexy proposals I've got to go off of and get inspired by, the easier it is for me to come out with a product or an offer that just converts really well because of how the offer is position. This is where it's really important for the newbies to recognize the difference between offers and products. A product is the actual thing that you're giving to people. A product is the MacBook Pro.

If Apple releases the new MacBook, the product is the computer. It's the aluminium piece with a keyboard and a screen. That's what the product is. However, that positioning is be a professional, or the positioning is be productive. The positioning is have state-of-the-art technology and have higher status in your social circle, if you will. Be the first. Be the first to have this cutting edge technology. That's the positioning.

Same thing with cars, right? Car industry is all about positioning because all the cars are fricking same. If you really think about it, all the cars are four wheels, an engine, seats, leather, steering wheels and everything. They got the dashboard and everything. The amount of technology that goes into an average average day car is almost the same for old cars with maybe a few exceptions like the Rolls Royce or whatever or the a Ferraris and the Supercars.

For the most part, if we're talking about the 99% of car makers, it's always the same car. There's very little difference between Volvo xc90 and Range Rover, maybe besides the hybrid engine, but I mean, there's really very little difference. It's all about positioning because somebody who wants to be cool, somebody who wants that perception about themselves will probably drive a Range Rover more so than they will of Volvo because Volvo has the positioning of a boring, reliable family car.

They actually have the positioning of the safest SUV on the market. That's what they sell. Volvo saves safety, and it saves now of course they got the hybrid engine, so they sell the environment and stuff like that, but Range Rovers don't go for that. You never hear that Range Rover is the safest SUV. No, but you'll probably hear people talk about off-roading. You'll probably hear people talk about turning heads and how it's really cool and how when you make your school runs with your kids, other mommies will be whispering to each other. It's like, "Oh, look at that."

That's what you're really selling. Make a distinction between your product and your positioning for the product, because when you have your positioning down path, when you find that unique angle that works, oh man, oh baby, you can scale. When you've got that unique angle that converts, you can scale. You can make a business out of just one product. I really wanted to make you aware of it because a lot of people are just oblivious. They just don't understand.

They don't see the difference between selling a cup of water and positioning that cup of water as the solution to a 100-year fast or something. There's different positioning to pretty much everything you do. You need to know what your best angle is. If your product isn't selling right now, chances are that you do not have that positioning down path. That's something for you to work on, and then the easiest way to do it is to study other people's offers.

That's why I felt you need to know about this Organifi stuff and Lifeboost Coffee stuff, where they take mundane things like coffee and tea, and they really flip the switch on it. They really bring it in a different light, which makes it really hard to say no and go on to pay $70 for a bottle, which is absurd if you think about it because you can probably go to your local shop or supermarket, and you can get a big box of tea or a big bag of coffee for, I don't know, one-tenth of that maybe for 20% of the cost.

People will still buy the stuff anyway, and they will pay the premium price because the positioning is so sexy. It's just so sexy. Anyway, this concludes another episode of the List Building Lifestyle. Thank you for tuning in, and until next time we'll chat. Have a good one.

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