Exciting Way To Market Boring Products

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Ever wondered how to turn a seemingly dull commodity product, like tea, into an irresistible sensation? Or perhaps you’re seeking to create the next Pumpkin Spice Latte that captures the hearts of millions. Well, here’s the secret: it’s not about the product itself. It’s all about the art of positioning. Positioning holds the key to controlling how your product is perceived in the vast marketplace. In this episode, we unravel the power of positioning and how it can transform even the most mundane or generic offerings into bestselling sensations. Get ready to discover the strategies that will make your product shine and captivate customers like never before. Don’t let the perceived dullness hold you back—unleash the magic of positioning and unlock the true potential of your offerings.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor shares his secrets for selling seemingly boring products.

[01:20] Positioning To Sell Tea And Coffee:

  • OrganaPhi’s headline reads: ‘A 5120-year-old tea recipe gives you the best sleep of your life and tastes like a guilt-free Pumpkin Spice Latte.’ This positioning takes advantage of the ancient recipe’s exclusivity, appeals to health-conscious consumers with the ‘guilt-free’ claim, and promotes it as a sleep-enhancing drink.

  • LifeBoost Coffee utilizes the strategy of selling coffee as a sleep-enhancing tool by explaining how the unique toxins in their coffee help improve sleep quality.

[06:00] Importance Of Making Sexy Offers:

  • In the digital economy, making compelling and sexy offers has become crucial to stand out from the competition and attract customers.

[07:12] Analysis Of Organic Phi’s Sales Letter:

  • OrganicPhi’s sales letter is a long-form sales letter, spanning at least 15 pages. It discusses various topics including metabolism, yo-yo dieting, and overtraining.

  • It highlights a “2000% absorption increase” without providing specific details. Additionally, it introduces rare superfoods and a kitchen spice that promote deep restorative sleep. An appealing bonus offer includes superfoods targeting fat.

[09:00] Organaphi’s Pricing Strategy:

  • They sell this drink by the bottle, offering one bottle for $70, two bottles with one free for $140, or three bottles with two free for $210. The pricing strategy likely contributes to high conversion rates.

  • The company backs up its claims with studies and on the website footer, there are links to different studies about Alzheimer’s and medical publishing. This scientific evidence adds credibility to their claims.

[13:57] Impact of Positioning on Sales:

  • Distinguishing between the product and its positioning, emphasizing the importance of strong positioning for scalability and success.

  • Positioning creates a unique angle that differentiates the product.

  • Positioning affects consumer perception and desire to buy. Examples like OrganicPhi’s tea/coffee and high-priced bottles show that customers are willing to pay a premium due to compelling positioning.

[14:50] Importance Of Studying Other Offers:

  • Learning from successful examples like OrganicPhi and LifeBoost Coffee in transforming mundane products into irresistible offers.

  • Studying other offers helps in finding unique angles and improving positioning.

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