SEO Affiliate Secrets With Greg Jeffries

Greg Jeffries is an overnight super-affiliate years in the making. Long ago he took the slow route of search engine marketing. Greg’s online business is built around content creation. Igor gets him to spill his secrets.


Igor Kheifets: I'm Igor Kheifets, and this is the List Building Lifestyle, a podcast for anyone who wants to build a wildly profitable email list working from home. If you like to make six figures, travel the world, and help people improve their lives in the process, then this podcast is for you. I also invite you to attend a free workshop at, where I'm teaching how I made $21,779.25 in affiliate commissions by sending just 481 clicks to my affiliate link in one day. I'm also explaining why I walked away from Clickbank and I don't promote Clickbank offers anymore, as well as the five things I look for in the perfect affiliate offer. I'm even going to show you the one-page website that I used to make over half a million dollars in affiliate commissions this year, and I'll even bribe you to attend this workshop by giving you a $497 value course that shows you how to cherry-pick high converting affiliate offers for your next affiliate promotion. In addition, I'll even give you the three offers that I'm promoting right now, that are making me money as we speak. All that and more at And now it's time to claim your List Building Lifestyle. Welcome back to the List Building Lifestyle, with your host Igor Kheifets. February 2019, I was bored out of my mind, bin-bowling my way through rooftop parties at the Traffic and Conversion summit in San Diego. It was all the same. You come in, show your badge, elevator takes you to the loft where a couple of hundred drunk internet marketers are trying to get you drunk to find out how you make money, or they just lie through their teeth about how successful they are to impress you. And after a couple of days in San Diego, I was getting really tired of this routine. I was just going to hit one more party before calling it a night, and so I Ubered to the location. The big Black dude at the door pulled back the velvet rope letting me in. I was surprised he didn't recognize me because I'm the great Igor Kheifets, right. Apparently, he never listened to this podcast. So anyway, the elevators were crowded. I walked my way up to the rooftop, and when I awkwardly stood in the middle of the floor, questioning my presence here. And then, a familiar voice calls me out. It was Greg Jeffries actually. And I met Greg two years prior at Funnel Hacking in Dallas, while waiting in line to get my pass. And back then, Greg recognized me, just as he did this time, and he was just an up-and-comer at the time. However, at the club, this time, he was no longer just another affiliate. He was actually an Affiliate with a capital A. Because he'd gotten his Affiliate business to make him multiple six figures, mostly passively, and mostly on a shoestring budget. So I invited Greg on the show because I wanted to get him to spill the beans on how to actually run a lean affiliate business. Because thing is, for as long as I followed Greg since the day we met at Funnel Hacking, I've seen a consistent theme to everything he does. Over the years, he'd built hundreds of small affiliate income streams based on long tail keywords around tools and training programs. He did it in his spare time, by the way, in between jobs, with minimal equipment and on a very lean budget. Above all, however, Greg didn't sell his soul to the hustle devil along the way; he actually remained in control of his time while scaling his income. He's living the SCO super-affiliate lifestyle on his own terms, and this episode will really not be about list building or email marketing, because that's not where most of Greg's income is actually coming from. But I promise you, the strategies he applies to his affiliate business are highly valuable and highly applicable to list builders as well. So please helm me welcome my friend, Greg Jeffries. Greg, welcome to the List Building Lifestyle.

Greg Jeffries: Thank you for having me on your show.

Igor Kheifets: My pleasure. As you've seen, I've been following you around, so coming in, we had history. And I was just looking over your income reports, and for anyone who's interested in the income reports, that you can go to, and you can find those. Basically, there's a very nice progression of your affiliate business and the affiliate income going from a couple hundred bucks per months -- not even per day -- per month, all the way to making, I think at one point, you've made forty-something thousand dollars from affiliate marketing. Although I do know you have a few courses too. So I had to get you on the show. I absolutely had to. And you've also been featured on the Funnel Hacking Radio, the Quick Funnels podcast, where they were proud to show you off because you're a dream car winner, and you're one of the bigger affiliates for Quick Funnels. So let's go ahead and get started. And the first question is really how the hell did you even stay in business for so long? Because you struggled for a long time. And this is not an overnight success story. So what kept you going?

Greg Jeffries: Just the hope, desire, that it was achievable. I think you and I are about the same age. So I wanted to believe what you and I have both been sold over the years. I'm sure you remember the old, before VSLs, just the sales letters of just the internet marketing lifestyle, living on the beach, with just a laptop or whatever, making passive income. I wanted to believe that dream, and it is definitely achievable, and you don't have to be some paid traffic guru, or there's so many different ways to make money, and for me, I didn't have a lot of money. I never made more than about 20,000 a year at a job, so I didn't have a lot to work with. Yes, I had credit cards, so that's what I used for leverage, but I had to be resourceful with as little bit of resource, that I had time and I had credit, but I didn't have income, and so I tried lots of different things over the years, but I settled on an SCO because there's paid traffic, which you need a budget, and then basically, with SCO, it's mostly free. Yes, you do need some time, and there are some tools that you can buy, but I gravitated that direction because I didn't have a lot of money to work with, so I just tried to learn as much as I could about SCO. And the more I learned about it, it took me years and years to distill it down to being simple, the way I teach it and understand it, but it seems a bit the mold of everything that we were sold, years before, with just the passive income. Because yes, if you get a pay traffic campaign profitable, it doesn't take a lot of time to maintain that, but you're going to have to spend some money to get that data to refine it and stuff. So I don't know, with SCO, I've found an angle to use it, and a way to create that internet whatever, laptop lifestyle dream that we've been sold. So that's what worked for me, basically. But again, there's many different ways to make money online, but a lot of my income has, yes, it took a lot of time to learn all the stuff I know now, but it took very little time between learning all that and implementing it, the things that I've learned, and giving the whatever, ROI results from that. Click Funnels is a good example. I haven't been very aggressive at all at doing anything in the last two years, but since it's it pays you every single month for their main product, I've pretty much made over five figures a month for the last two years from the initial effort. So, yes, it's incredible, to be able to coast a little bit.

Igor Kheifets: Well, in many ways -- and I noticed that only after I succeeded online -- this industry is a lot like where you have to believe in it before it gives you the money to believe in it. And then it self-perpetuates into more and more and more, which is what we've seen with you, where your success snowballed into bigger and bigger and bigger as you've started getting some results. And yeah, when it comes to the dream and for me, it was exactly how you're describing. I literally landed on a page with a guy in a hammock on the beach with a laptop and a case study that basically, I believed. From day one, I was a believer. Because I really wanted to, let's face it. It's really nice thing to believe in. And I'm really happy you stuck around, because you're a true inspiration in that way. Where you're basically taking on a really slow and painful road of SCO, which I've been there. I took that role. I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all. And you make it work. And you've been able to simply it too, for other people, which we'll tell you guys more about that towards the end of the episode, so stick around. So I guess my next question is, you've become one of the top affiliates for Click Funnels, but you've also promoted pretty much every other tool out there -- What Prestige, Click Trackers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Do you mind sharing your philosophy when it comes to choosing the product you're promoting.

Greg Jeffries: Well, the kinds of products that I've tried to promote for SCO are ideally ones that are more evergreen, have to pay a recurring commission, and high ticket. And so if you can get all those things together, that's the perfect little trifecta, because since SCO is a little bit more of a longterm marketing strategy, you want that stuff to stick around. You've put in effort, you want it to produce results for a long time. And another angle is launch jacking, and that doesn't necessarily have to just be for internet marketing products. There's all kinds of physical products. Apple launches products every year, so you could piggyback off that. And that's probably not going to pay dividends for a long time, but there's going to be a huge rush around those surges in a very short amount of time. So that's another approach, but generally, I like to stick to more evergreen types of of keywords. So, not trying to pooh-pooh on Click Funnels, but I feel like everybody, because they see me and some of the other people getting commissions from Click Funnels, they think it's the greatest thing in the world. And it's a great tool, but you and I have been around a little bit longer than Click Funnels, and things come and go. There's seasons to all this stuff. And you can predict the future based on what you've seen in the past, and Click Funnels is probably not always going to be the same as they were when they first launched. We've already seen them start to change their terms and conditions, because they're growing, evolving into a real company instead of just a cool scrappy internet marketing startup. So I try to get people to think a little bit broader than just Click Funnels. And oh, where I was going with this, think a little bit more generic, because Click Funnels is one of many ways to make money, whatever. Let's just pick your business opportunity. Whatever's popular this year.

Igor Kheifets: Oh, dude, it's been so hard lately, because they've all been shut down by the FTC. But it's not a business opportunity per se, actually, just a friend of mine who owns a really cool affiliate program, let's do John Crestani's Super Affiliate System.

Greg Jeffries: Right, so before, just what is it? Two years ago? It was called something else. Still kind of the same thing, but it was called something else. So if you went after those terms, well now you've got all of this content out there for whatever it was called before, I forget. And so those searches are going to continue to go down. But if you focus on more generic things, like make money online but the longer tail keywords around that, and you're using redirects, then you can substitute whatever the business opportunity of the year is. You can switch it out with his stuff, Click Funnels, Legendary Marketer, whatever. What was it? Empower Network, whatever's the popular.

Igor Kheifets: Oh, I pity those who optimized for SCO for Empowering.

Greg Jeffries: Right, right, it was great for a couple of years, and then now it's not. It doesn't exist anymore. So if you're going to go that route, then it would take a little bit more effort to probably get some traction for more generic types of keywords, but it gives you a little bit more flexibility. So just want to communicate that to people, to not get super-focused on any one opportunity, because they're going to change over time. It's great, in the beginning, with Click Funnels, I went after videos more instead of blog posts and websites. And at the time, Click Funnels, they were so new that I'm pretty sure I had more video tutorials on YouTube than they had in their help support documents. And so people would find me. So yeah, I piggybacked off that opportunity, people were searching for that, so I got some traction there. And I'm sure you can agree with me on this, when Click Funnels came out, I don't think anybody in our space knew that it would still be around five, six years later, because at the time Click Funnels came out, Lead Pages already existed. Sam Cart came out around the same time, so we're like, "Which one's going to win?" "I don't know." And, "Is Click Funnels going to be around in another year? Is this just a really long product launch? What's going on?" And it's evolved into what it is now. So you never can really tell.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, so first off, what you're sharing, it's really good advice as well, for people who build lists. Because what I've seen people do is direct link to Empower, instead of building their own list, their own tribe around their own information and vision and mission and purpose. So they're not immune to the marketplace swings, if you will. Because most people who, if you look at the ... Let's do the biz op industry since we're talking about biz ops, if you look at the leaders, for example, the ones who stuck around, most of them have tribes and lists that they've built for themselves rather than for their opportunities, which is very, very smart. Now as far as Click Funnels, yes, I think you do. Between you and Spencer Mitchem, I think his name is, you guys probably have the most tutorials. And I actually used one of your tutorials in my comprehensive 37,000 word guide to list building, where I had recommended Click Funnels as a tool, and then I used your tutorial to give people the basics overview, because there was just so many tutorials, you could just pick whatever. So yeah, you definitely walk the talk in that department for sure. And regarding, I guess, what I want to drive home here is that I'm noticing that you're promoting tools and software and all sorts of things that all people need who try to make money online, but you don't necessarily get married to any one tool or concept or anything like that. So you know about the market of make money online people, people who are trying. And so you give them the tools, which I think is really, really smart.

Greg Jeffries: Yeah, we all have different strengths, and I guess something I've identified in myself over the last couple years is I don't consider myself a salesman. Yeah, I've been through lots of courses. I know a lot of marketing buddies that are really good at selling. I consider someone like Alex Becker a really good salesman, Chris Reichert, [Lynn 00:16:49] Sumter, John Crestani -- they're really good salespeople. Yeah, I just consider myself a marketer. My angle to promote things is to generally to not focus. Like, if there's Click Funnels, I wouldn't focus on, "Sign up for Click Funnels, "Click Funnels is the best tool. These are the reasons that Click Funnels is amazing," because Click Funnels may go away. But I just try to teach them how to use the tool, because I think one of the things that a lot of people struggle with, with Click Funnels, and all these other business opportunities, is they get a bunch of people in the door, and then the churn rate is crazy high because you didn't tell them what to do. You didn't tell them how to use that tool. So they're like, "Hey, what do I do next?" And you give them no direction. So I try to give people, my way of creating value, I guess, is just give them some direction. If I was going to refer people to you as a solo ad vendor, I wouldn't just say, "Here, use your Empower link, just buy some clicks from Igor, and good luck. Yeah, just direct link, it's easy. You're going to make a lot of money." I would try to give them some value and direction of, these are the kinds of, maybe a template for a landing page that converged really high with his list. This is how I would position things so they can hopefully get-

Igor Kheifets: So you go deep. Something you referred to in one of the interviews that you've done, where I think someone, they were talking about launch jacking, I think. And you said, "Yeah, to successfully do that, you have to create some quality content." That you actually labeled yourself, you said, "Look, I'm not a salesman. I am a marketer, but maybe not even that." You said, "I am a content curator more than anything else." So it seems like you put a lot of effort into the quality of the bate, the content, the bate, that you get the people with. So the selling or the conversion part of it takes care of itself at some point.

Greg Jeffries: Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've borrowed that from another marketer over the years, but it's like I don't focus, again, let's just keel using Click Funnels as an example. If I was promoting Click Funnels, I don't focus on Click Funnels. I focus on, "Here's all the things that you can do with it. And in order to do all these cool things that you really want to do, you're going to need Click Funnels. And since I gave you all this direction, if you don't already own it, you might as well get it through me, and I'm more likely to want to help you out if you buy it through my affiliate link, [obviously 00:19:31] and stuff." So it naturally leads to the sale n stuff. And all that comes down to really just putting in a little bit more extra effort. Everybody is looking for the fast, easy button, and I have a problem with this. I've always taken the long, slow route, or whatever. But that's what it took. But it didn't take that long. One of my sites that gets a lot of traffic through Click Funnels, I focused one month on it. That was it. That was two years ago. One of the channels that's gotten led to the initial success with Click Funnels, I spent one month making videos, two, three years ago. That was it. So imagine if I would've followed through and did a second month and a third month. I would have a lot more content. And yes, it takes a little bit of time to sit down and create a custom video for, let's just use your industry of solo ads. There's a lot of long tail keywords around solo ads. There's solo ads for [inaudible 00:20:43], there's solo ads for every single business opportunity out there. So you could take the time, or someone on your team could take the time, to sit down and make a three-minute video for solo-ads for, again, let's say John Crestani's offer, or whatever offer's popular the year. And there would be a small, probably only a small amount of people that are searching for that thing, specifically. But when they find it, they're going to be like, "This is exactly what I was looking for." And that's probably going to lead to super-high conversion rates rather than just a generic video around solo ads and why they're better than Facebook ads.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, and dude, this interview's have been so great for my ego. When you say that that solo ads is my industry.

Greg Jeffries: Well, hey, yeah, just for real. I don't know if you see this, since you are Igor, but one thing I've noticed over the years is there has been a lot of vendors that have come and gone. There's other names that I'm familiar with. And then there's brands of solo ad sellers, but there's very few people that use their name, for solo ads, that have stuck around for, I don't know, 7+ years, however long you've been actively in the game. Which is really impressive, because one thing I've observed is it's hard to use your name for a long period of time, if you've done a lot of shady stuff. It's easier to hide behind a brand because, again, it's more versatile. You can move around. But when you've screwed a lot of people, I find it hard to do in the space for along time because it's such a small community. And you realize that when you go to these live events, that everybody knows everybody. So you don't want to burn too many bridges.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, well you'd be surprised. Obviously, one of the secrets was do less shady shit. You don't see it, but there's a sign in my home office somewhere, it's like, "Do less shady." But no, if we're on a serious note, one of the reasons why os many people have come and gone is because solo ads have not been profitable for many of them because the game changed. And so I can honestly admit that if it wasn't for Dennis, and of course our coding team that's been being led by one really exquisitely high-quality coder, I'd be out of the solo business by now as well. So in many ways, I've been the guy who beats the drum in the front of the parade, but the parade was taken care of by Dennis, for the most part. And so the reason we're in business is because of him, because of all the amazing crazy stuff that he keeps develop with out team. Now, with regards to the community being really small, it is truly really small. And I've had something come up in the affiliate space, where I basically burned a bridge with a JD manager, who raised a bunch of noise about it. All of the sudden, I've seen it backfire. I've seen people approach me about it, ask me questions. Another guy, for whom I made $250,000, who all of a sudden doesn't want to work with me, which is, of course, shows through callers. But then again, yes, the industry's very small, and you have to be conscious and careful about your name. Although, this is not to say that you will always be on everyone's good side, because I've gotten on more bad sides for people than I care to admit, and that's just the nature of the game. The beautiful part, though, is you can still burn bridges and make a lot of money and still have lots of friends and still have lots of people. So all in all, just take in good stride, regardless.

Greg Jeffries: This is true.

Igor Kheifets: Right, so by the way guys, you're listening to this. Notice that we don't go into the techniques and technical stuff of the SCO, because if you want to go deeper into that, you should probably just learn directly from Greg, and he's got an amazing course that's called SCO Affiliate Domination, if I'm getting that name right.

Greg Jeffries: Yep.

Igor Kheifets: And you can just google that. It'll come up on the first page in the first spot, because obviously, he's an SCO guy. So that course will teach you more about how to pick your keywords, how to optimize them, what sort of content to create, how to basically launch the shoestring affiliate business. Its' going to take awhile to build, but it's certainly worth building. Now, my next question, really, is so we've gone over how you choose the products. We recognize that there's seasons to everything, so we've got to make sure we pick things that are more evergreen. There's more than one way to skin the cat, so if you're optimizing for Click Funnels, you might as well optimize for Sim Cart and Quatro, whatever. Quatro's probably the latest, the newest thing, unless, have you done any Quatro stuff?

Greg Jeffries: I still haven't. See, I've literally been telling people in the interviews what to do for the last two years. And just for anybody wondering, I'm getting back in the game now, finally. So two years later, I'll give you all a huge head start, and now I'm going to circle back around and prove to everyone that there's competition. It's not as competitive as you might think. Even after two years of me literally telling all of my secrets in multiple interviews, I'm starting to see some people do the things I say, but still very few, and I still find my content after two years. So I'm sure you get similar type questions with your ...

Igor Kheifets: Oh, dude, it's worse for me.

Greg Jeffries: "WHen's the timeframe? when am I going to make my first dollar, and what's the competition? What about the other 5,000 people that might be sending the same email to their list?" "Oh, that doesn't matter."

Igor Kheifets: A couple years back, it was about a year after me and Dennis hooked up and started working together, I was scheduled to fly out to Florida and give a speech at an event about solo ads. And the rom was going to be full of people who do solo ads. So getting ready to that event, back in Israel, Dennis and I are just sitting down, and I'm like, "Dude, what should I teach? Because I don't want to give them all my secrets." And he said something really profound, which explains pretty much everything about the industry we're in. And he says, "Look, you can probably give them everything about your business, and 99.9% of them still will do nothing with it. So don't worry about it. Just go and teach some good contents." And he was right. He was absolutely right.

Greg Jeffries: Yeah, it blows my mind. Because it's kind of like what Russell Bronson teaches. I don't know if you've been to the last two or so of Phone Hacking Lives, but this time was the first time this year, in 2019. I showed up for a few minutes of the, whatever, main opening speech with Russell, and it was pretty much the same introduction as last year. And so he's teaching the same things over and over again, but in different platforms. So he'll teach it from stage, he'll teach it in a book, he'll teach it in a course. It's the same information. If you want to save yourself thousands of dollars, just buy the $10 Expert Secrets or something. So yeah, it's like you can just repeat it over and over again, and your true competition, it doesn't really go up that much. It blows my mind just how really uncompetitive, especially when you get really granular, like there's SCO but you've got to remember that there's so few people that know anything about SCO to begin with, and affiliate marketing. And when you combine that with a product like Click Funnels, who you might think that it's a big brand because we're all in that space. Internet marketing, make money online, is a really, really tiny niche. I used to think it was big because I like to make money online. I was interested in that. And then, when you talk to regular, everyday folks, you realize how few people on the planet know anything about this world. My parents have no clue about this internet stuff. I gave them my dream car, so they know Click Funnels now. They're like, 'How's that Click Funnels stuff going?" Because I pay them for their car every month. But other than that, they don't understand this world or how it's possible, and there's just so much out there. So just imagine focusing on doing whether SCO, or list building or whatever, and just there's a thousand lists you could build. But just in the internet marketing space, let's just say four-year plus offers. While there are thousands of people that might be interested in those types of offers, there's millions of people that have no clue that they exist, and so they just ... Yeah, your true competition is extremely small and minute. You've been making quite a bit of money for some while, if you can agree with me on this, but I feel like the more money I make, the more realize there's a whole lot more money to make. It just seems infinite. When I finally hit six figures, I'm like, "Wow, not only is this possible, that this should be normal, there's millions more that I can see that I just have to create the vehicle that I can go siphon it and grab it all, because it's just so much money, there's so many niches, so many keywords out there, and now I'm in the smallest of all niches, probably.

Igor Kheifets: You, it's Igor. If you're loving the content, hop on over to for more free training and a free transcript of this episode. Oh, and I'd really appreciate if you logged into iTunes and rated the show. It really helps. Thanks. Well, it's pretty small, but it's intense. I always recommend people getting started with make money online niche, because there's always something happening. People want to get the most up-to-date material. There's a new tool. There's a new technique. So this niche is always pumping with money, but in terms of size, yes, I completely agree with you. Weight loss, muscle building, supplements, financial, dating -- these are huge niches, absolutely ginormous, weigh big and make money online. And even so, for some reason I feel that, just like you, there's still so much money to be made, pretty much with whatever it is that you do. Because in our business, what we can do, which I don't think that most businesses can do, is besides going wider into different niches and sub-niches and micro-niches, we can also go deeper into the same niche, then just like Russell, deliver the same content in a book for $10, in a course for $997, in an event for three and a half, in a private mastermind for 25, or whatever, you can do exactly the same thing with pretty much anything. If you wanted to, and I know you don't just because you care about lifestyle more than you do for the money, you'd already been doing, I don't know, 250 people in workshops on search engine optimization where you teach the same shit this year that you've taught last year. That would've happened eventually. So absolutely agree with you on that one. And I want to add another concept, which most people don't necessarily consider when it comes to competition. I believe that online, specifically, and very specifically, in the online marketing niche, competition is an outdated concept. Because I'm not in the SCO space, so I look at it a little bit differently, but for me, many of my competitors are actually my partners. For example, let's just take John Crestani. So John Crestani promotes my traffic services in the backend of the program because we serve his clients with traffic, for one. And he also promoted my course, which is also about affiliate marketing, but not the kind of affiliate marketing that he teaches, and vice versa. I ran two promos for John Crestani, made a decent amount of money for him and myself promoting him. So we're supposed to be competitors, because we're teaching sometimes the same things, yeah, there's an overlap there. But at the end of the day, we end up making more money because we promote each other to our audiences and help each other expand horizons and get people moving. So yeah, competition, in many forms, is often your partner when it comes to the make money online space.

Greg Jeffries: Yeah, I completely agree with that. it's mindset shift for sure, but yeah, most all the dream car winners, I'm friends with all of them. And we'll just cross-promote each other. It's nicer to team up together and have friends than to yeah, I don't really see anybody too much as my direct competition because there's just so much opportunity, there's no reason for, if you make $100,000 I won't see that as, "Oh, there's only 100,000 maybe left for me." There's infinite amounts for both of us.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, if you saw this as a zero-sum game, you and me together would be looking at Russell Bronson and bee like, "Yeah, there's no money left for us. Nope."

Greg Jeffries: Wow, and yeah, it blows my mind. And I like what you said in the beginning of you just have to convince yourself to believe it before it happens, and that's true, especially with SCO. One of the common questions that I get is, "How long is this going to take? When am I going to start to see results?" Then you just have to start taking action, and from that action, you'll get results and you'll get a little bit more insight into what it takes and your strategies. You'll tweak them, you'll optimize them as you go on, and you'll get better and better. I don't know when things are going to kick in, specifically. I just know that they will, based on past results. So I just know if I put in effort, I will get results at some point in the future

Igor Kheifets: Well, you have the winning formula. So you've seen this formula work, and until it stops working, you have no reason to believe that the results will be any different. So until we get that ... And yeah, honestly, it really comes down to what kind of mindset do you have, and are you willing to change it? Because most people have the scarcity mindset about pretty much everything in their life related to money. But of course, this can go into other areas of our lives, such as love and other things. And so, for me, I started out with the scarcity mindset, and any time I saw other people making money, especially with affiliate programs I was promoting, I was like, "Aw, there's less money left," thing. But now, it's definitely not the case. And even -- and you've probably noticed this, because you had released your own courses by now. But what I also noticed is that I can now create money, in a form of new products. So I know that, if I release a new product, given the fact that I've got a fan base of people who want to do business with me as long as that product solves some kind of a problem that they have that I know how to solve, I know I can create new money. And that changes everything, when you learn how to do that.

Greg Jeffries: Yeah, you're not just stepping in front of the existing problems and traffic. You're creating a little tangent or something of your own little stream of money that you just carved out of nowhere, because you had an existing audience, maybe, or something. So just, i wanted to say all that to communicate, just i know a lot of people have probably watched or read The Secret Law of Attraction, all that stuff. And yeah, when I was broke, just a couple years ago, it was just something I had to kind of fake it 'til you make it, lie to myself until I got there. But now that I have been on the other side for a couple years, hopefully it comes across in my voice, in this interview, but yeah, it's something that I see and live and feel every day. So it really is. I call it the wealth snowball, because a lot of people talk about debt snowball, and how it's so easy to get in debt, and once you're in debt, you're just spinning in circles and going farther and farther down, but once you start to get a little bit of success, and you play your cards right and build relationships, things seem to spiral upward, too. Because you're very successful, but you're not a one-man show. You have friends in the space, too. And they have friends, and they have friends. So when we meet at these events, a lot of times you're talking to someone that you know that's incredibly successful that I've never met. So that creates a new relationship. And it's amazing, just how much awesome things can happen in such a short amount of time, that you can just put forth some initial effort. Nobody can do the work for you, unfortunately. Unless you invest in Igor's Done-For-You Coaching Program.

Igor Kheifets: Unless you do that, absolutely. So unless you're willing to pay $250,000 to have me do [crosstalk 00:38:26]. But yeah, I totally agree with you, man. But I want to demystify this a little bit for people, because I don't want this to sound too metaphysical at this point. The reason I believe you are successful, just like anyone of us in this industry, is because you're applying correct principles of behavior in an environment with reasonable chances of success. Meaning that you're applying SCO principles with affiliate marketing in a market that is always hungry for new stuff, and always researching and wants to stay up-to-date and gets tools. So agan, not to rain on your parade in terms of believe and you shall achieve. I do believe that. That is why, before I start a new project, I first draw up a clear picture of exactly what I want that project to look like, how much I want that project to make me, and how much time is it supposed to take. So I try to get as specific as possible about what the end-goal is, so then I can believe it, and then I can build it. But we also have to remember that what you do correctly is you choose your niches right, you choose your keywords right. You create good content around those keywords that make sense. You are consistent with it as well. You have multiple, multiple, multiple of these different campaigns. Because again, guys, I would recommend you hit right now as you're listening to this, unless you're driving, then don't. But check out Greg's income report, because you look over time, you'll see that he's got dozens and dozens of income streams that give him $60 a month or $200 a month. It's not like everything that Greg does all of a sudden makes him 10 grand a month like Click Funnels did. And in fact, Click Funnels continuously remains one of your bigger income streams, but the principles are correct, the consistency's there. In an environment with high probability of success, therefore, you start making more money over time. That's awesome. That's perfect. Which is why anyone who wants to do affiliate SCO should definitely go and check out your course. Just google SCO Affiliate Domination to learn more about that. Now, we're just about to wrap up this show, and obviously, if anyone wants to find out more about your techniques and the specifics of what you do, they should get the course. Again, the name is SCO Affiliate Domination. Now, the last question I do have is, if you could go back in time and just tell yourself something, just say back before you started making money, what would you tell yourself?

Greg Jeffries: This is hard, because back then I didn't know as much as I know now. So I definitely spent way longer than I probably should have going through courses and reading books. I'm sure a lot of people, your listeners, can identify with this. Because I always thought that I didn't know enough in order to take confident action. And you've probably heard of focused on one thing. But it's hard to focus on one thing if you're not sure that that one thing is the thing. So one of my things that started to change for me, when I started to go to live events. And my second live event I went to was JVZoo's Marketing Mayhem in 2016. And I was chatting with John [Shugert 00:42:02], and I knew he had had a lot more financial success than me, in a short amount of time, when he'd just got started. And I was like, "What led to that? How did you have such with great amount of success in such a short amount of time. I've been in this world for so many years and my path to success is ..." I was making some money, but I wasn't making enough yet to quit my job. And he said, "Oh, just I started to go to live events, and I found mentors and recommendations there." So I would recommend that same strategy, because things started to change significantly, financially for me when I started to go to live events. I know on the front end, they seem like they cost more, but I was spending just as much money, if not more, on 1,000 little $97 Clickbank products for years. And while you may stumble upon a great one, you don't have any accountability. There's no mentorship, no one else to talk to. So when you make the effort to go to these live events, you got to think of the caliber of people that are making the same sacrifice to be there. So they're taking time out of their day. It costs money to get there. Even if the event's free, they got to pay for hotels and flights and food and stuff. So the caliber of people that you're going to meet at those live events, even if they're a beginner, at least they're motivated, they're motivated enough to go to the live events. So go to live events and ask for recommendations there. Find a mentor, but I think you'll have a lot greater chance of potentially losing money or getting screwed if you just try to cross your fingers and hope you pick the right mentor, just by a Facebook ad, because a lot of times, I feel like people are going to be less likely to lie to your face in person. So you can meet a lot of these people that you've seen ads at live events, or you can, a lot of times, meet some of their students and they can tell you the truth about them, if they're legit or not. So my two pieces of advice, to myself that would just shortcut my paths to success significantly, would get out of my comfort zone earlier. Go to these live events. You may not pick the right event on the first try. Who cares? You'll probably get some tips to better events if you go to a dud one or something. Just the ones that start out with is Funnel Hacking Live, Traffic and Conversion Summit are two big ones that there's going to be a lot of entrepreneurs there, if you're looking for recommendations, as are generally every year, so far. So those are two recommendations, and then just get out of your comfort zone, talk to people there. When I first went to my first live event, I was way more shy, because I didn't know anybody. I hadn't done much. My body language communicated that, because I wasn't making that much. But the more events you go to, the more people you're going to meet. You're going to be more confident. The second, third time, I saw you, or whatever, I've already seen you at an event. I've bought some of your services. I've made some money for you with affiliates stuff. So to sum it all up, go to live events and find a mentor there. Because working one on one with someone's really going to help you leapfrog your way to success. And yes, both those things cost money, but I think you're going to find that you're going to actually save money in the long run, because you're going to be saving time, and you're going to be saving a lot of money not doing the things that probably don't work. Because a lot of the people that do go to these events, they have made a decent amount of money. And so just ask them, "What's working for you?" The last couple of years, it's been Shopify and Dropshipping, Shopify this and stuff. So if that's the trend, way that things are going, then try to find a Shopify person, if that's interesting to you. If you're interesting in building a list, try to find Igor. And you could just aSk him, "I'm sure you got a lot of products. What's the best one of your products that you recommend if you could only pick one?" And you could just save a lot.

Igor Kheifets: Dude, you're setting me up. I'm itching, right now, to pitch something, and I'm holding myself back big time. You're setting me up. You're building the stage. I got to get on the stage.

Greg Jeffries: Yeah, so I know that was a long-winded answer, but yeah, just make an effort to go to some live event, meet people there, and find some sort of mentor direction. And I feel like you've said some things that allude to this, too. If you're just interested in making money and you don't know what's the best thing to focus on, try to detach yourself from being married to any one method for making money. So if you think that you would like to start a Shopify store, but you don't know anything about Shopify, and you don't know anything about list building, but you meet Igor at a live event, and he's like, "Yeah, that's actually a pretty low-maintenance business, and these are the pieces, and this is how it works. I have this training, blah, blah, blah." Then do what makes money first, and you can follow your dream later. If you just have this idea, this store or brand that you want to create, and you've seen all these testimonials for an amazing sewing machine or something, and you want to create an e-com Dropshipping business on Amazon and stuff, you may find some great system to implement that, and it may work out as planned, but try to find somebody that's doing something that's having success. It doesn't matter what it is. You don't have to be married to list building, but if list building is what gets you your start, and it's making 20,000 a month, there's something in a couple of months, then do that. And then once you have enough money, then you can do the thing that you're passionate about, or you love, or something. Don't be so focused on what you think you might like to do if you don't know how to make money with it yet. A lot of my projects that I'm doing now, they don't make money for quite some time as I'm building them. And they take cash flow, so where's that cash flow come from? It comes from SCO. And maybe when I was more broke, I didn't maybe like SCO as much, but now that I've made money from it, it suddenly becomes a lot more fun and a lot more sexy, because it's what makes me money. I'm sure there are days, years ago, that you probably didn't like list building too much, but now that it's made you a lot [crosstalk 00:49:14]

Igor Kheifets: Oh, I hated it. It was so complicated. But I knew it was the way to go. Because every guru had a list that they always emailed me with offers [inaudible 00:49:22]. After the launch was over, they'd be coming back and be like, "Okay, so check out how we made $4,000,000 in a day." And it's like, okay, so it all starts with having a huge list. Okay, all right, okay. I get it, I get it. Buddy, I totally get your advice, so go to live events because of the energy, because of being able to talk to some of these smart people who are making money in person, as well as the people you may have never heard of. Because a lot of the people that have it figured out don't really produce products. They just make money really quietly, but they will go to the event and they will be hanging out at the bar. And when you start talking to them, it's like, "Oh, yeah, I got this seven figure business in the underwear niche."

Greg Jeffries: Those are the people to pay attention to. It's like the quiet ones in the corner are like, "Who's the guy that Igor's talking to?" Maybe there's a group of four people, and you know Igor, and you recognize the other two because you've seen Facebook ads, but who's the guy that they're all talking too, and they have all their attention turned to? Whose that mystery guy? He's probably making more than all of them combined. Those are the people that you want to meet.

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, you bring up JVZoo. I went to JVZoo 2014. And I think it's always in the same hotel, the Orlando hotel with a big shopping mall attached to it. So there's this Irish pub or some kind of pub inside the hotel, in the lobby. And I remember I was sitting with a bunch of my students, which is where I met them for the first time in person. And then a guy walks in, and everybody's quiet. It's like, "Who is this guy?" It's like, "Oh, this is the guy who owns Warrior [Plus 00:51:03]. He just sold it for $10,000,000." It's like, "Oh, wow. Oh my God." I didn't have the balls to come up and talk to him, because I thought he's some sort of a god at the top of a mountain or stuff like that. I would have come up to him now and just spoke to him, because i realized that he's just a human being that bleeds and takes a dump every now and awhile like we all do. But yeah, being in the same room as these people and seeing real money walking around, it changes a lot, it changes a whole lot. And I agree with you, that going to live events is definitely one of those things. I built my business to multiple six figures, and eventually to seven figures, before I went to a single event, because I was so far away, in Israel. And it cost a lot of money and jet lag, and the price to pay was too great for me. But I agree with you, that if I did go to events faster, earlier, more often, I would probably have succeeded way faster because it sort of breaks these ... You know how race horses have these blinders on? It almost takes away the blinders at some point, by being next to these people in a room.

Greg Jeffries: Oh totally, because you realize, like you said, that most of them are just ordinary folks. They're not really any smarter than you. And I know people have used that a lot. "You don't have to be smart, blah, blah, blah." But it's true. Not to say that they're not smart, but I won't say their names, but I met two really good SCOs at that JVZoo event. And there was a lot of other amazing marketers there too, but I was talking to them, and talking to them was what gave me the confidence to do more of what I was already doing. Because it was working, but I was tiptoeing my way using these strategies, because even though I had some results, I was like, "Well ..." I was still in that scarcity mindset of, "Well, I've got one video that's ranking for product name review, and maybe it's making money, or maybe it's not." I was trying to understand 100% of everything of the SCO game, and after talking with them, you size people up pretty quickly. And I was like, "Man, they probably know 20% of what I know, but they're talking action on all of it." Meanwhile, I'm over here with 85%, and I am making way less than them, and they didn't know half the stuff I knew, and they were fine with it. They're all like, "Yeah, I just do the things I know." With SCO, you may have heard of private blog networks and stuff. One of them, he was like, "Yeah, I just bought my links. I don't really even know how to build a private blog network." I'm like, "What?! So you don't even deal with all that?" He's like, "No, I just focused on writing articles, and then yeah, I just buy my links from some other guy." And he's always on page one for launch jacking and stuff. Makes tons of money. He had an $8,000 watch on his hand, and I was like, "That's more money than I've ever made in a month, and you've got it on your wrist." But it just, like you said, takes the blinders off, because these are real people and if you get six or 10 people around you, and they all tell you they're making six or seven figures, one of them might be lying, but they're not all going to lie to you to your face there. And so it's completely different from seeing a video of one of our friends, of people we know, saying, 'Hey, I've got this seven-figure system. I'm in the video on this, whatever, YouTube ad, or a Facebook ad that you've clicked." It's different seeing them in person. You're like, "Wow, this is really, really possible. It's not in a book or a whatever, or a video or a course. These are real people. And literally, if they can do it, I know I can do it, because they're nobody special, really."

Igor Kheifets: Yeah, you'd be surprised that many of them are actually dysfunctional too. So don't judge the message by the messenger, because the messengers are always fucked up. Just my observation from going to these seminars. And I am not excluded, by the way. I have a bunch of warns about dealing with me. Anyway, Greg, thank you so much for an amazing talk. Guys, if you want to learn more about how Greg makes money promoting affiliate products with search engine optimization, just get on Google right now and type in either "Greg Jeffries SCO", because there's a Greg Jeffries baseball player that's currently taking over the whole first page. But that's not for long, because I hear his days are numbered there. Or, or you can search for "SCO Affiliate Domination", which is the exact course that Greg's teaching. You can go online right now and get it, and he's going to walk you through, step by step, everything he's doing. And with this one, you can be certain that he's not holding back. Now, because you know how sometimes people release courses just to make money, and they hold a lot of stuff back that actually works for them, so you either don't end up competing with them. But just like you've heard so far in this call, Greg's actually not afraid of competition, and he is giving away his secrets and his system in that product. So that's SCO Affiliate Domination for you. Greg, thank you so much, and until next time we chat, have a good one. Thank you for listening to the List Building Lifestyle. Get access to previous episodes, the transcription of today's show, as well as other exclusive content, at Also, don't forget to claim your free seat at the workshop I'm hosting this week, where I show the two-step system that made me the top affiliate for people like Matt Bacak, John Crestani, Richard Leck, Michael Cheney, and many, many others. In fact, on this workshop, I'm going to show you the exact approach I take whenever I promote an affiliate offer, the exact offers I promote, as well as how I was able to make over half a million dollars in commissions using my small list of just 18,000 people promoting a weird type of product that almost no one else promotes. All that is yours at So go ahead, claim a seat right now, and I'll see you there.

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