Don’t Split The Difference

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Are you leaving money on the table by not mastering the art of negotiation? Have you ever wondered if there’s more to the initial offer? Igor shares a real-life negotiation tale where he transformed a podcast funnel deal, initially confronted with a $15,000 upfront fee and a whopping 25% commission. Tune in now to unlock the art of negotiation and seize the deals you truly deserve! 

[00:00] Donald Trump Introduces The Show:

[00:15] In this episode, Igor discusses the importance of negotiation in various aspects of business dealings, including partnerships and collaborations. He shares a recent experience where he negotiated the terms of a business agreement, emphasizing the value of not accepting the initial offer and seeking better terms.

[01:59] The Value of Negotiation:

  • This is a valuable life practice – not settling for the first offer, even if it seems great. You can always ask for more, and the worst-case scenario is they say no.

  • I recently had an experience with relaunching a podcast funnel and negotiating with an agency. Their initial offer was $15,000 upfront and a 22-25% commission. I didn’t accept this and negotiated. I suggested waiving the startup fee since it essentially covered onboarding, and after some discussion, they agreed.

  • Then we talked about the commission. I didn’t want to pay 25%, so I negotiated it down to 20%, and we closed the deal. 

[05:38] The Key Takeaway in Negotiations:

  • The key takeaway here is that you shouldn’t settle for the first deal. In negotiations, agencies may have certain rules or prices, but you can often find room for flexibility.

  • When they’re willing to work with you and adapt their terms, it’s a sign that you’ve reached a better deal. It’s not about them bending over backward; it’s about finding common ground that works for both parties.

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