Autoresponder Wars Volume 1 – Aweber vs GetResponse

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GetResponse vs AWeber are relatively similar in functionality and capabilities. But, there’s a lot more to them. Tune in and make the best choice between these two options, and decide which one is best for your business needs.

[00:00] The podcast draws a comparison between Aweber and GetResponse in the first volume of the Autoresponder wars series.

[04:51] Aweber has always been there:

  • AWeber was always the pioneer in different features and their interface was always easy to use.

  • AWeber had in a way that had built in credibility with it. So if you were using AWeber, you were one of the good guys.

[05:16] The downfall of Aweber:

  • Once upon a time, Aweber decided to start banning people and they started banning people, aggressively.

  • Maybe AWeber changed, they changed their direction because at some point they switched from serving internet marketers to serving people who are more like offline business owners and who would be way less aggressive when it comes to mailing.

  • The price was right, the delivery rates were great, and the user experience was great. I mean, just overall everything worked well until they started banning people.

  • One day they banned me because I had a few spam complaints. I wasn’t over the threshold, but because my list was so big, it was putting a strain on their servers and they let me go with no warning, and no ability to back up my list.

  • I have learned that lesson ever since. Now I back up my list daily.

[08:00] GetResponse as a contender:

  • GetResponse isn’t as fast to ban people, they actually keep their customers.

  • It was always second best when it came to user experience, which they improved over the years, but it’s still kind of clunky even today.

  • They built a system that’s friendly for affiliate marketers.

  • It’s a little bit more difficult to use, but it’s a lot more friendly to beginners and affiliate marketers specifically. So GetResponse is definitely going to be my recommendation today.

[19:35] Similarities between Aweber and GetResponse:

  • In many ways, they are very similar as far as automation sequences, tagging systems, exclusions, integration with other systems, API, and all that stuff, they’re very similar.

  • It comes down to your preference between a white or blue interface and a green one that aborigines you versus the blue one and Get Response. So a lot of times you can’t even tell the difference.

[21:27] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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