Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic – What Traffic Method Best For a Beginner?

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The debate continues on whether you get better results from Free Traffic or Paid Traffic. With both of them having the same aim, what is going to be best for your business? Tune in to find out!

[01:19] In this episode, Igor draws a comparison between free versus paid traffic in detail and reveals how he funded his traffic when he was broke.

[02:43] Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic:

  • There’s no such thing as free traffic because you end up paying for it in some way, and oftentimes you are paying for it, not just with your time.

  • When you drive free traffic, your mindset is mistakenly diverted into thinking that it’s all free when it’s really not.

  • I focused on free traffic at first because I was broke. I thought I couldn’t afford to pay for traffic.

  • I started social media accounts. Remember, I shared it on the podcast many times. I also shared in my book creating MySpace profiles, Facebook profiles, and Twitter profiles, then getting the software to automate it all, then moving into blogging and buying keyword research software to do the keyword research, then buying backlinks for the blog, then creating lots of articles which basically end up spending thousands upon thousands.

  • What I’ve discovered after investing myself into this thing for at least a year or so and not making anything back, I realized, look at all this time and money I’ve invested into quote unquote, free traffic.

  • In fact, I am not even getting paid. So free traffic turned out to be one of the most expensive things I’ve ever done. And this is why I moved into paid traffic.

[07:44] Pros of paid traffic:

  • It gives you additional time to analyze the traffic and the conversions and make a business decision on the actual money rather than trying to generate this free traffic, which is really not free because your time is not free.

  • It gets worse than just investing yourself fully into something and seeing no return as well as spending money.

[08:54] The problem with free traffic:

  • The problem with the free traffic approach a lot of times is that not only you’re competing against a ton of other people, which in and of itself is an issue.

  • Not only free traffic isn’t free, but it’s also not sustainable.

[10:54] Ideal traffic source:

  • When it comes to paid traffic, it’s really not a matter of which traffic source you want to use, because that may change based on the product.

  • For example, if you want to promote a face cream, you may want to use some native advertising so you can advertise to a much wider audience.

  • That changes between different products and niches.

[13:00] How to fund traffic when you’re broke:

  • I got two jobs because, with one job, I was paying the bills, with the other, I was making some extra money for my traffic.

  • I became a freelancer because as I was developing in this business, I acquired some skills. I could write some copy, I could build some capture pages, and write some emails. So I started offering my services to other people who were willing to pay me in order to avoid doing some sort of task.

  • That way without dipping into my monthly budget.

  • I cut expenses. I stopped going out. I stopped buying stupid stuff that I didn’t need. I skipped meals as much as I could. I ate over at my parents’ place.

  • It’s a very common approach for many big marketers, and there’s a reason for it because free traffic is just not something you can build on.

  • You’re taking something that’s predictable income, which is freelancing. Then you’re taking that and putting it into a predictable outcome, which is the paid traffic.

[19:20] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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