Amateurs with Attitude


Are you tired of the hiring maze on platforms like Upwork? Eager to uncover the secrets of efficient online recruitment with Igor as your mentor? Ever wondered how to navigate platforms like Upwork and find the ideal talent for your technical projects? Join us on an intriguing quest to uncover the secrets of hiring success.

[00:00] Donald Trump Introduces The Show:

[00:20] In this episode, Igor delves into the world of online hiring, focusing on his experiences with Upwork and the challenges he faced when seeking the right professionals for various technical projects.

[02:18] Finding the Right Fit On Upwork:

  • I explored Upwork, a platform where one can hire professionals for various technical projects such as video editing and more. I sifted through approximately seven candidates before finally finding the right fit.

  • My journey began with a frustrating encounter – an abundance of generic, boilerplate responses that lacked a personal touch. It was clear that these applicants hadn’t taken the time to understand the project’s specifics; they merely sent cover letters and links.

  • To my surprise, they were only willing to work on an hourly basis, despite their profiles listing hourly rates. When I inquired about this inconsistency, they quoted significantly higher fixed fees. This discrepancy between their advertised pricing and their actual demands posed a challenge.

  • I was eventually able to strike a deal with some candidates whose rates aligned with my budget. I’ve always been cost-conscious regarding such projects, so ensuring the price was right was crucial.

[04:24] Entitlement, Ego, And Attitude:

  • the sense of entitlement I encountered while asking these applicants about their video setups. I was merely seeking clarity on their equipment and audio quality, but some responded with dismissiveness as if my questions were unwarranted or beneath them.

  • Even more astonishing was the fact that this entitlement seemed most pronounced among individuals without significant credentials. It appeared that some amateur applicants held unrealistic expectations regarding payment and treatment.

[06:00] To Igor’s Utter Shock:

  • In contrast to my prior encounters with entitled candidates, I hired a humble and experienced professional from Sirius XM Radio who accepted a reasonable $500 fee for the project, highlighting the stark difference between professionalism and entitlement in the hiring process.

  • On one hand, we witness a significant sense of entitlement among individuals who, for some inexplicable reason, lack the qualifications to justify it. In contrast, there’s this professional gentleman who exudes humility and precision in his work. It’s truly captivating how individuals who haven’t earned their place seem to demand higher compensation and special treatment.

[07:43] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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