The New School of Copywriters with Alex Cattoni

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Imagine being the virtuoso of words who can craft messages so compelling they move mountains, spark revolutions, and inspire unwavering support. Step into the mesmerizing realm of copywriting, a world where the barriers to entry are practically non-existent. Join us in this electrifying episode as we unveil the wonders of copywriting – the art of wielding words that transform dreams into reality, where your message becomes a beacon, your words a potion, and your keyboard, a magic wand.

Guest: Alex Catoni is a versatile professional, excelling as a copywriter, marketer, and founder of The Copy Posse. From brilliant conception to effective campaigns to compelling copy, Alex has it nailed. She’s a passionate writer and an entrepreneurial spirit, valuing freedom, connection, adventure, and laughter. When not traveling, she can be found in mountainous landscapes or Italian cafes, where she diligently crafts captivating content. Alex’s uniqueness lies in her ability to engage in diverse and intriguing conversations, spanning topics from history and psychology to science and the Marvel Universe, often enjoyed over a glass of wine.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Alex Cattoni to discuss the world of copywriting and how it empowers individuals to convey their messages with words, capturing the hearts and wallets of their audience.

[02:05] What Is Copywriting?

  • In a broader sense, copywriting stands out as a fantastic skill because it enables you to convey your message through words on paper, websites, or emails and witness people responding with financial support.
  • Copywriting, in my opinion, is the number one skill. I might be a bit biased, but the beauty of it is that you don’t need any fancy tech skills, software, or super-fast internet. As long as you have a laptop and a Google Doc, you can run your copywriting business from virtually anywhere, and that’s incredibly exciting.

[09:22] “De-doucheify” The Internet:

  • The “de-doucheify” mission didn’t come to me right away when I started the Coffee Posse community. It gradually evolved.

  • I noticed a concerning divide in the industry. There were authentic marketers with valuable products and communities, but there were also people inventing shady ways to make money. This disheartened me.

  • Many women didn’t feel that copywriting was for them because they didn’t see themselves being represented online. So, I felt the need to address this disparity and challenge the status quo.

  • I believe that copywriting has the power to change the world by connecting with people and inspiring them to take action. It’s not just about making money; it’s about making a positive impact.

[11:20] “Who Moved My Cheese?”

  • When the cheese moves, you can either complain or adapt.

  • I did resort to some shady tactics out of ignorance and the desire to make a quick buck. But I learned that building a long-term, sustainable business requires a different approach.

  • Over 80% of our revenue from new programs comes from existing customers, which is incredibly rewarding.

[15:42] Account Shutdowns and Scams:

  • Account shutdowns can occur even if you’re not involved in any fraudulent activities. The likelihood of it happening may increase if your marketing practices fall into the scammy category.

  • When we mention “scammy,” it’s essential to understand that it’s a spectrum. There are blatant scams, and then there are practices that can be considered borderline or dubious.

  • Comparing being scammy to being autistic is quite a different perspective. I’d say it’s more about the fine line between ethical and unethical marketing.

  • People often ask me what “de-douchifying” the internet means, and I tell them that it’s subjective and depends on individual values. For me, it involves tackling issues like impersonation and content theft. There are also the real fraudsters, which anyone in the Info Products industry knows too well, who constantly steal your work and deceive your followers.

[46:11] Red Flag Clients:

  • Many of my students have encountered a situation where they receive an email from a client that raises red flags, like pushing boundaries and requesting a quick turnaround. They often wonder how to decline politely and respectfully. Some of them have perfected this art of politely saying no, and it’s quite impressive. They respond with gratitude and a tactful decline. I find it ingenious.

[50:54] AI and Copywriting:

  • The possibilities are endless, and this tool can be adapted to various situations and challenges. It’s a powerful resource, and I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve. 

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