Aim, Set, Achieve!

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Are you struggling with setting and achieving your goals? Igor’s got some unconventional wisdom to share. It’s all about making your goals so massive that everything else seems trivial. But here’s the twist: he starts by thinking about what he hates or doesn’t want and then works his way towards what he truly desires. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Join us as Igor reveals the power of this approach and how it can supercharge your goal-setting game. Plus, find out the secret sauce to accountability and why it can turn your goals into a necessity rather than a wish. Ready to transform your goal-setting strategy? Hit play now!

[00:00] Morgan Freeman Introduces The Show:

[00:20] In this episode, Igor is talking about his goal-setting process and sharing insights and personal experiences related to how he sets and achieves his goals.

[02:07] Igor’s Goal Setting Process:

  • My goal-setting process usually rolls around one big goal and a bunch of secondary goals but because my mind is really terrible at trying to think of multiple goals at the same time, I try to focus on one goal at a time. And because of that, I have to be very careful about what that is.

  • So it has to be so big that everything else becomes almost insignificant.

  • But as far as the process goes, I found it much easier to set goals in the reverse process of starting with what I hate or what I don’t want and then working my way towards what I do want from there.

[03:00] What To Do After Setting Goals?

  • Because we all know that a lot of people set goals but they don’t necessarily do anything, to work on them right to achieve them.

  • Start making a list of reasons why you have to achieve that goal.

[04:00] Be Accountable:

  • So the other thing that I use a lot in my goal setting is I try to, I discovered about myself, that I keep myself accountable, not necessarily towards myself.

  • If I can find the accountability string, and pin it onto the people that I love, be it family, friends, team members, or whatever, that is much more likely to happen. So if I can find the reason that revolves around people that I care for, I am able to solidify my intention to achieve the goal and start taking action toward the goal much faster.

[10:30] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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