From 32 Clients to 11,000 in One Year with Kim Walsh Phillips

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You’re an entrepreneur, ambitious and determined. But you’re stuck in the hustle and bustle of the business world, surrounded by competitors, and you’re wondering, “How can I stand out in this crowded marketplace?”

That’s where Kim Walsh Phillips comes in. Kim’s story isn’t just about achieving immense growth; it’s about making strategic shifts and embracing change. She’ll share how she navigated the challenges of changing her business model and how it ultimately led her to greater profitability and impact. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to scale your business, multiply your wealth, and, most importantly, do it all without sacrificing your own well-being, you’re in for a treat. Kim Walsh Phillips is about to drop some game-changing knowledge, and you don’t want to miss a second of it.

Guest: Kim Walsh Phillips, the founder and CEO of Powerful Professionals, has achieved remarkable success in her career. She transformed her business from having just 32 clients to an impressive 11,000 clients in less than a year, making her company one of the fastest-growing in America. This achievement earned her company a place on the Inc 5000 list and the distinction of being named a “must-read” by Forbes magazine. Additionally, Kim is a bestselling author with notable books like “The Shift: Scale Your Business and Multiply Your Wealth Without Sacrificing You” and “The No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing,” co-authored with Dan Kennedy. Her accomplishments highlight her exceptional expertise and influence in the business world.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is joined by Kim Walsh to explore various aspects of scaling your marketing business. 

[02:03] Co-Authoring A Book With Dan Kennedy:

  • It all began when I read his signature book, “The No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing for Non-Direct Response Marketing Businesses.” I applied his strategies to social media, despite his repeated assertions in the book that social media was essentially a waste of time, money, and energy. Nevertheless, I wanted to share his insights’ transformative impact on my business.
  • I entered a marketing competition and secured a spot where I could showcase the results I had achieved. When I shared the ROI-based outcomes of my social media efforts, he was genuinely impressed. So much so that he became a client of mine. I started handling the marketing for his books and got referrals to work with private clients he was associated with. I even created the very first social media and advertising lead-generation system for his organization.

[03:47] From 32 Clients To 11K Clients A Year:

  • I actually sold my marketing agency at the end of 2017 after streamlining all our processes. With the proceeds from the sale, I took my entire team, which consisted of 17 people, and their families on a cruise as a gesture of gratitude. I then used the remaining funds to invest in advertising, driving leads into my new business.
  • We simply took these leads through a single webinar funnel, and within one year, we went from having 32 clients at my marketing agency to working with 11,000 customers inside our new business.

[05:00] Challenges of Changing Her Business Mode:

  • In my new venture, we adopted a more scalable model with coursework and group coaching.
  • I did face a challenge in that I initially felt the need to over-deliver on the offerings upfront, and the pricing was significantly lower back then.
  • I believed that offering a high level of personal attention, similar to what I had provided in my agency, was the key to success. However, what I came to realize was that clients often benefited more from a group setting.
  • By creating products and programs that didn’t rely on my time but were accessible 24/7, I could serve a much larger audience. This shift not only proved to be profitable but also had a more substantial impact.

[08:16] Why Don’t Most Coaches Take The Leap?

  • Firstly, there’s often a lack of understanding, a form of ignorance, regarding how things could work differently.
  • Secondly, there’s the fear that shifting might lead to a loss of income.
  • Lastly, there’s an underlying factor that many people don’t openly discuss, and it’s something that still makes me uncomfortable when I bring it up—fear of rejection.
  • Many of us struggle with the belief that we’re not worthy of a substantial fee or income based on our offerings unless we go above and beyond. It’s rooted in our intrinsic desire to be accepted and not rejected, a trait ingrained in our DNA from our pack mentality, where being part of a group meant safety.
  • We fear the unknown, and our fear of rejection prevents us from moving forward. 

[10:00] Most Common Trait Among Successful People:

  • One thing I’ve noticed among successful people, including those I’ve had the privilege to work with, is that they’re willing to accept rejection.
  • They don’t see a “no” as a rejection of themselves but rather as an indication that the opportunity wasn’t the right fit for the person they were in front of.
  • They believe that something better awaits them on the other side and don’t take it as a judgment of their worth as a person.
  • When I envision myself on my deathbed, reflecting on the choices I’ve made today and the opportunities I didn’t seize, I experience the fear of regret, which is a much greater motivator for me. 

[19:00] Top Three Lessons By Kim Walsh:

  • The first lesson is that I’ve decided to focus solely on doing what I love and what I excel at. Everything else has to be handled by other team members who share my passion and expertise. Each person on my team operates within their own zone of genius, which aligns with their unique skills and strengths. This way, I can dedicate my time to what I truly enjoy, such as marketing, sales, and coaching. I’ve completely delegated tasks like customer service, admin work, and operations because I won’t work in those areas.
  • The second lesson is understanding that the most profitable businesses are simple. This simplicity allows us to focus our efforts on lead generation and marketing for this one campaign without spreading ourselves too thin.
  • The third lesson is that profit comes from the second sale. Instead of solely concentrating on lead generation, we prioritize optimizing the customer journey steps, such as steps two, three, and four. This approach encourages clients to ascend through our coaching levels. 

[21:49] Advice For Conducting VIPs:

  • Systems and processes are developed through action, so my advice to anyone feeling overwhelmed is to start doing it.
  • Begin offering your expertise and gradually refine your processes to make them more streamlined.
  • By systematizing this process, clients receive a great outcome without demanding an excessive amount of my time.
  • Repetition and experience lead to the development of effective systems, which can eventually be turned into courses, group coaching programs, or VIP days.

[23:46] Words of Wisdom For All Marketers:

  • The key takeaway is that you cannot 10x your business by working more hours. It’s impossible to scale simply by increasing your working hours unless you’re currently working only four hours a week on your business.
  • You need to identify leverage points that allow you to scale. Start with lead generation and gradually move on to other areas.
  • For example, I began with lead generation by creating a webinar that attracted leads and converted them into clients.
  • After that, we automated the client onboarding process and systematized service delivery. We also streamlined our coaching by having clients go through the same marketing campaign creation process as a group.
  • The point is to break down each component and find ways to reach more people simultaneously, automate processes, and save time while delivering results.
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, challenge yourself to think, “How can I do this?” and start with one step at a time to automate and scale what you currently do.

[25:00] Learn More About Kim Walsh:

  • I have two books launching this year. The first book that was released this year is titled “The Shift: How to Scale Your Business, Multiply Your Wealth Without Sacrificing You.” You can find it on various book platforms and it’s also available on Audible.
  • The second book, the latest version of “The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business,” is also out this year. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to leverage Instagram for scaling your company.

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