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In a world where conformity often reigns supreme and sameness seems to engulf us, your distinctiveness, your very personality, stands as your most formidable asset. As we navigate through the bustling marketplace, as crowded as our family’s infamous attic, rest assured that there’s a way to carve your own path, to leave an indelible mark. And who better to guide us than Igor, armed with insights that are not just thought-provoking, but surprisingly pragmatic in their application? It’s time to shatter the illusion of normalcy and unleash your own brand of captivating chaos. Ready? Let the journey begin! 

[00:00] Wednesday Adams Introduces The Show!

[00:20] In this episode, Igor is addressing two key strategies to set yourself apart from the crowd.  

[01:51] Setting Yourself Apart through Purpose:

  • There are two key elements that can truly set you apart. Firstly, you can pinpoint a specific problem that resonates with you, a problem you’re driven to address in the world.
  • This distinct focus has the potential to elevate your profile significantly. For instance, when people start associating you with a particular cause, you become synonymous with it.
  • You can position yourself as an authority in a single area, focusing on solving one problem with a unique solution. This approach holds tremendous appeal.

[03:20] Reveal Yourself To The Audience:

  • The second method to distinguish yourself revolves around your personality. I strongly advocate injecting your personality into your endeavors.
  • Surprisingly, many of you shy away from this, despite my encouragement to craft emails that reflect your distinct character. Some try it briefly, while others resist and even demand refunds—a reaction that still surprises me. I personally write my emails because my personality is the differentiating factor. 
  • The same principle applies to your distinctiveness. Even though services and other aspects might align, your personality becomes a crucial factor.
  • While some of you might hesitate to reveal your true identity, remember that displaying human traits is vital. You don’t necessarily have to expose your actual self; you can create a persona that resonates with your audience.
  • Whether you possess a witty, sarcastic, enthusiastic, or down-to-earth personality, let it shine through your communication. Steer clear of blandness and sameness.

[05:52] Igor’s Advice To Beginners:

  • My advice: If you possess a distinct personality, embrace it. If you’re rooted in a rural area, infuse that character into your content. If you come from a finance background in the city, channel that determined and driven persona.
  • Even a laid-back personality holds value—what matters is that you cultivate and convey your unique traits in your emails.

[06:46] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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