How To Zest Up Your Emails

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Are you spicing up your marketing strategy with personal anecdotes, or are you overseasoning your content? In this episode, Igor delves into the art of storytelling in marketing and shares how oversharing can be a recipe for disaster. Discover the secret sauce of striking the right balance and using personal touches to create a connection that converts. Igor’s got tales from discomforting car journeys to dating mishaps that turned into sales gold – it’s all about authenticity and relatability, not just the perfect pitch!

[00:00] George Carlin Introduces The Show:

[00:20] In this episode, Igor discusses the art of storytelling in marketing and the potential pitfalls of oversharing personal information in your marketing content. 

[01:42] The Pitfalls of Oversharing:

  • Sharing personal information is a strategy, a technique for creating rapport. However, it’s often misused.
  • People sometimes overshare, discussing personal matters like family trips or pets, assuming everyone’s interested. It can add a pleasant touch, like seasoning on a dish, but moderation is key.
  • Overdoing it can divert focus from your product or message. 

[02:54] Personal Touch as Seasoning:

  • When I use personal anecdotes, I ensure they’re relevant, especially when aiming to convert new customers.
  • For instance, I once promoted a Clickbank offer after returning from a trip in a discomforting car. My back hurt, the manual gearbox was troublesome, and the weather was scorching. I wrote an email sharing my back pain, my struggles in various jobs, and how affiliate marketing changed my life.
  • The email connected with readers, and despite a modest list, it generated 17 overnight sales. This experience taught me the power of relatable personal stories linked to the offer.
  • So, I built a swipe file of relatable life experiences, from dating mishaps to driving clunkers.
  • Imperfect English didn’t matter; authenticity and relatability built trust and improved email marketing results.

[08:25] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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