Your Inbox, Your Kingdom: The Strategic Advantage of Email Marketing

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Ever wondered why checking emails has become an ingrained part of our daily routine? In a world where 96% of consumers make it a daily habit, with some even doing it multiple times a day, we delve into the undeniable influence of emails in this episode. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind why email remains the king of online influence and why building an email list might be the game-changer your business needs. Tune in, now!

[00:00] In this episode, Igor discusses the enduring significance of email marketing, refuting claims of its obsolescence, and emphasizes the critical importance of building an email list for businesses due to its unparalleled influence on buyer decisions, leverage, and the enduring control it provides in the ever-evolving landscape of online platforms.

[01:50] Is email dead?

  • That’s what the mainstream media might lead you to believe. Let me assure you the opposite is true. Email is the dominant media when it comes to influencing buyer decisions. And it’s responsible for more dollars made online than any other media including video and social media.
  • In fact, if you dig into the data, you’ll quickly find out that email is still the predominant business and decision-making media that we use online. If you follow the mainstream media, you might think that it’s Twitter or TikTok. YouTube, and all the other social media platforms that are siphoning all the attention.
  • When it comes to actually making you money, email is king. 

[02:33] Do people purchase from social media sites?

  • While people do spend hours and hours on social media, they actually go and check their inboxes to make any buying decisions.
  • When it comes to closing a real estate deal, talking to a lawyer exchanging emails with your CPA, or following up with a customer email is what we used to do and not social media.
  • In fact, when you buy anything from Amazon or Walmart, where do you get your receipt? Is it your Twitter feed? Is it your Instagram DM? No, it’s your email inbox, and therefore, anything that’s truly important in your life. 

[03:20] Why should you build an email list?

  • There are a few reasons that are not so obvious to most people. The first one is leverage.
  • One of the best reasons one of the most important reasons to build an email list is it gives you a tremendous amount of leverage. And you’re finally able to work smart and not hard when it comes to making money and influencing people’s decisions. Think about it. 
  • Another reason you should build an email list and not rely on social media or any other form of media is that your email list is the only form of online reach that no one can take away from you.
  • Your email list is something that you control. And even with the GDPR, compliance, and laws that came out in recent years, you’re still in control of the email list that you built. Therefore, if for any reason, you lose any platform whatsoever, there’s still one place, you can always go back again and again to and that’s your email list because no one can take it away from you.
  • Even if your email service provider decides to some, for some weird reason, get rid of you, you can simply transfer your database to a different provider and start emailing once again the same day.
  • You need an email list because having one will easily double your income in half the time now you know why you need an email list. 

[08:49] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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