What You Need to Know about Campaign Promotions

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Curious about the real payoff of promoting other people’s campaigns? 🤔 Sometimes, you could find yourself pushing products with little to no financial return—no commissions, just low-cost items that don’t add up. Let’s get into what really happens behind the scenes on The List Building Lifestyle. 🕵️‍♂️

[01:30] Summits:

  • Igor promoted some campaigns for others but can’t say if they worked well because there was no commission and the products were cheap.
  • Summits don’t usually make much money. The most earned from one was $200 after promoting it for five days.
  • The main reason to get involved with a summit comes from being featured as a speaker. This sometimes requires promoting the event.
  • The reason for promoting the summit is often part of the agreement, rather than a choice driven by potential earnings.
  • I don’t promote summits to my best customers because the returns are too low and this could potentially detract from more profitable engagements with these customers.

[03:09] Challenges:

  • Challenges are better compared to summits. Igor mentiones mailing one or two challenges but appreciates the concept.
  • The real benefit of challenges is that they keep the audience engaged. 
  • For instance, participants can explore new tools or create projects, which is good even if it doesn’t make a lot of money.
  • Promoting a challenge feels worthwhile, especially if it’s well-organized and by someone respected, even if it doesn’t earn a lot of cash.

[03:55] Documentary:

  • The main reason for promoting a documentary was for personal branding and increasing social proof rather than for direct earnings.
  • It helped show that he is recognized in his field.
  • Although some money was made (about $2,000), it wasn’t a lot compared to how many people were reached.
  • Being featured in the documentary was also a way to prove his success to others, including his family, making it more about gaining respect and less about direct earnings.

[05:55] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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