USI-Tech & Bitconnect Dead. Who’s Next?

Are crypto biz opps dying? What future holds for crypto income opportunities in 2018?


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor
Kheifets. USI Tech one of the largest crypto lending programs has shut its doors
to USA and Canada citizens. If you're an USI Tech member and happen to be based
out of US or Canada, be happy for what you withdrew and kiss whatever was left in
your account goodbye. USI posted an official memo firing all North American
distributors. They also said they're not paying out earnings, hiding behind a
bunch of legal gibberish. That was a dick move by USI. It pretty much proves once
and for all how big of a Ponzi the damn thing was.

Of course, this is just my opinion, and you have a right for your own opinion if
it's horribly misled one, but anyway some people still believe USI is the real
thing. There's enough people in Europe and UK who are still supposedly getting
paid, but this won't save the company. Their largest market segment was USA and
without it they're gonna choke because when you run a Ponzi, you rob Peter to pay
Paul, and there's no way they will find another 370 million people pool to replace
United States and Canada.

Okay, so USI's debt pretty much if you're located in the states or North America,
now who's next? Is the entire crypto industry a scam or are all the crypto
binaries glorified Ponzi schemes? Well, my opinion, no. Not at all. There's a few
reasons. First off, USI's front man was a well known binary options and for
[inaudible 00:02:04] scam artist. This guy was behind a bunch of similar make
money doing nothing programs in other niches. Second, there's companies like
BitConnect who launched their own cryptic currencies and they're not hot air.
They're also mining crypto, and USI and BitConnect are very similar and that's the
only difference between them that BitConnect keeps releasing ICOs, which again
makes them a real crypto company. Therefore, they can't be just a lending
opportunity, which protects them from being classified as a Ponzi scheme.

Now whether or not they're an actual Ponzi, I don't know, but there is a lesser
chance, if you will, that they will get shutdown just like USI was or that they
will close the doors and basically run with the money just like USI did. Again the
USI posted that it's all about some legal issues, and their legal advisors advised
them not to pay out the money or whatever, but you know what ... Doesn't matter
what they say. The way it looks, basically they took people's money and they ran.
I personally know dozens of people who ran traffic with me for USI that have tons
of BitPacks still over there in their account, which they got locked out of, and
they're not getting paid for those.

So, I know USI they said they were mining, but those were actually rumors that
were rejected and ridiculed by the company who supposedly sold mining equipment to
USI. The owner of that company came out and shot a video and said, "Look, this
company that USI Tech said they purchased you know a gazillion mining rigs from
us, and they put them supposedly in some office in the United Arab Emirates, but
that's not true. We never sold them. They're not our customers. We don't know
them, and we do not do business with them." So USI was caught on a lot of these
little lies that collectively really just proved that the company was off.

Now there's also ... But this is not the point of this episode. The point of this
episode is to pose a question. Is USI the only program out there that turned out
to be a scam or is the entire industry like that? Is the entire crypto industry
one big scam, and in my opinion, no. I don't think it's a big scam because there
are plenty of programs, both similar to USI and different to USI that are the real
thing. For example there's a program called ICoin Pro which is still
Bitcoin-centric, but it's anything but a Ponzi. It offers education about cryptic
currencies and pays five levels deep, and I'm not endorsing ICoin Pro by any
means, okay? This is not the purpose of this episode. You have to do your own due
diligence if you like to join the company and promote it. I'm just saying that
cryptic income opportunity industry is vast and tremendously profitable, and it
extends way beyond USI Tech.

For example ICoin Pro is owned by a friend of mine, Paul de Sausa who used to be a
big [inaudible 00:05:09] seller, and now he's just fully into crypto. There's
company like crypto BitTrade. They're similar in concept to USI, which I really
don't know the owner or anyone. I just know that quite a few people are making
good money with. There's Extremecoin. Yeah, there's BitConnect that still hasn't
proved to be a Ponzi. You know, may change down the road, but I don't know. Really
don't have a crystal ball that tells the future.

Whatever the case, there's plenty of programs out there for both in terms of
educational programs, ICOs and lending opportunities that still work, and if you
lost faith into the whole crypto space because of USI Tech I urge you to find it
within you to keep looking because the crypto industry, not just the lending
opportunities, the educational opportunities, and the ICOs, but the entire
industry in and of itself is so vast. It's so huge, and it literally creates
millionaires every single day. Like as we speak, there's millionaires created. I'm
blinking right now, and every time I blink there's probably two millionaires
created because they invested money into crypto currency related thing, be it an
ICO or whatever else. So, if you are looking to become a millionaire in 2018, it's
safe to say that your chances are high in achieving that if you become a part of
this global community.

In fact, the thing I love most about it is that a lot of these programs, what they
do is they allow you to multiply your money doing absolutely nothing. For example,
earlier today I spoke to a VAP client who is a member of several business
opportunities, and he pretty much made no money with any of them because they all
require work and he's very busy running a retail and a chain with like a bunch of
locations that keeps him busy for 60 hours every week, but he did invest into this
one ICO, and it's already profitable before the damn thing officially goes live in
April 2018. It's crazy. He literally put some money in and the money grows because
the value of the coin in the ICO is going up.

So I mean it's just crazy. I know people who have businesses, that have really
profitable businesses that are seriously considering walking away from them
because they put money into some coins or some opportunities, and they're
basically making money doing absolutely nothing but watching the value of their
money roll thanks to Bitcoin and the explosive growth of the entire crypto
industry. Moreover, I know people that actually did that. I know a guy who walked
away from his business, full time business, because he made and makes more money
in ICOs and perpetual investment opportunities, and crypto MLMs more than anything
else that he is doing right now.

Now, the other thing you have to consider is this kind of stuff happens, not just
with Bitcoin opportunities, but with all income opportunities and affiliate
programs. For example, a friend of mine built a system where he promoted a hosting
company on the back and he made close to $30,000 with that in just under three
weeks. Now, he actually recorded a cast study, every step of the way showing his
customers how he's doing it and he generated literally hundreds of sales into that
hosting company. Guess what happened next? The hosting company contacted my friend
and said, "We don't like the way you market, so we will not pay you out the
thousands of dollars in commissions that we owe you. In fact, we don't want you to
be promoting us at all, and therefore we are banning you, okay, and you're gone."

So, basically my friend spends a good deal of time and energy and effort and money
because he had to program that thing. He had to actually hire coders to do it to
promote the hosting company, and they just closed their doors and kick him out.
After him referring literally hundreds of new customers to the hosting company and
becoming probably one of the if not the biggest affiliates that they've ever had.

So where's the logic in all this? No logic at all. That's just how business works,
unfortunately. A lot of times we get locked out of money making opportunities
simply because. No other reason. Just because shit happens. So does it mean that
my friend lost faith into all hosting opportunities now? Absolutely not. He
recovered very quickly. He replaced it with a different thing, but my point is
that that sort of thing, when you get locked out of something that works and makes
you money, happens all the time and you can't allow that to sabotage your belief
in the entire industry or the micro industry that you're a part of because there's
always going to be another opportunity, another affiliate program and another way
for you to make money if you're smart enough and if you're efficient enough and if
you're hardworking enough to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

So with that said, thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of the List
Building Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets and until next time we chat, have
a good one.

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