How To Turn Boring Biz Opps Into Exciting No Brainer Offers

If there’s one thing you can use to dominate a marketplace it’s a no brainer offer.

The kind of offer that makes people go “OMG, where do I buy that?!”

In fact, there’s billion dollar companies built around just one no brainer offer.

Dominos Pizza comes to mind.

But what if you’re promoting an offer that ain’t sexy and you have no control over that offer?

Like when you promote business opportunities or if you’re an affiliate marketer?

Here’s what you need to do to spice things up!


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Jonathan: You are listening to the List Building Lifestyle show. Here is the Chief
List Builder and coffee shop entrepreneur. Is it coffee shop or cafe? Mr. Igor

Igor: Coffee shop. Technically, that's a coffee shop for sure.

Jonathan: Look, I want to make sure I get your titles right. I don't want to mess
that up. So what's up, Igor?

Igor: All good, man. All good. Just chilling in the coffee shop, as you can see,
since this is the very first time we're doing this with video on. Very exciting,
very exciting. But yeah, all good. The coffee shop is surprisingly busy today for
some reason. Maybe it's the Murphy's Law. I thought, "I'm just going to relax
today, record with Jonathan." And all of the sudden there's a bunch of people who
came in and they're getting in the way of some good content creation here.

Jonathan: Well, there are a couple things going on, because I really wish people
could see the video right now, because Igor really does record with that white
headset that came with his phone and nobody believes it. Nobody I tell believes
that. But you know what I like? I like the background noise. It adds to the
authenticity. I don't just talk about working from coffee shops, I actually am in

Igor: Yeah. And I see no reason why people wouldn't do it, man. Honestly, why
wouldn't you want to work out of a coffee shop? First off, the first benefit of it
is it's spacious, really spacious environment. And I can help you see that too.
It's really high ceiling. You feel like you can breathe. I'm a little bit
claustrophobic, so it's really hard for me to stay in a small home office all day
long. Second thing, you get to see people. And although I live in a hick town full
of old people and that's pretty much all I get to see, but occasionally there's a
nice waitress that's making her way back and forth. And there are some
good-looking people around. But yeah, people watching is fun for sure, man. People
watching is definitely fun. And they get to see you. So they're now walking around
looking at you and they're wondering, "What the hell is this guy doing? He's every
day in the same spot, at the same table, with his laptop. What is this guy?" So
that's kind of fun too.

Jonathan: So do you think it would ruin the vision that we've just put together
for everybody if we told them we actually added those coffee shop sounds in
post-production and they're not real?

Igor: I hope not. I really hope not. Because we recorded so many episodes now, it
would be a shame.

Jonathan: Yeah. So what do you have for us today? He's really in the coffee shop,
by the way.

Igor: Right. Well, what I want to chat about today is a problem, a challenge that
many marketers experience, especially the ones that promote business
opportunities. You see, the thing about business opportunities is that you have no
control over the offer, or so it seems. And when it comes to marketing online,
nothing can beat a no brainer offer. And I've seen it time and time again in my
own business and in the businesses of my master, my partners where if you make an
offer that's true no brainer, you can really and truly dominate the marketplace.
It really comes down to that. Now, the thing about business opportunities, like I
said, is that you don't really control the offer at all. So you don't get a say in
what's being sold. And I've seen many top earners just dance around the offer a
lot when they're selling something they don't fully believe in. They have to
really go to work trying to explain why this is so awesome. A no brainer offer
doesn't require you do that. A no brainer offer, you just show it to people and
they're like, "Tell me more." And that's it, it's in the bag. So that is why I
wanted to introduce a technique that most business opportunity marketers are not
aware of. It's not a new technique, by far. I think it's pretty old. But it's
effective, just like many other effective techniques. It's almost nothing is ever
new under the sun. So the technique is called 'value stacking'. And value staking
basically appeals to the one characteristic or element of the human nature that we
often cannot resist, and that is greed. We are greedy little sons of bitches, all
of us and when we see an offer that really appeals to that, we oftentimes cannot
say 'no' which is why there is a whole segment of the market for a bargain
shoppers and I believe that's one of the big reasons why Amazon is so successful
because it does appeal to that in many ways. So value stacking appeals to greed in
a way where you basically take your basic offer, you take your business
opportunity and that's your base level offer, and then you stack a ton of value on
top of it by adding additional products and services of your own. Now, of course,
this technique requires you to be, I would say semi-advanced, or at least ballsy
enough to offer something of your own, which of course, most people won't, I
understand that. But if you are one of those people who is willing to put their
name on the line and who is willing to go to work a little bit, just a bit, in
order to dramatically increase your conversions, then you definitely want to stack
more value on top of your business opportunity offer and thus you're achieving a
couple of things. First of, you are creating a better offer. A better offer
meaning better conversions. Again, appealing to the greed element where they're
like, "Oh, my God. I want all this stuff." And of course, you should offer things
that people want. So if you're stacking value that's completely irrelevant, it's
not going to work. Now, the second thing you're doing is you're differentiating
yourself from the people in the marketplace, which is critical because the last
thing you want to do is to be like everybody else. And it's interesting John, are
you familiar with this new course? It's called Master Class.

Jonathan: Master... I've not heard of that.

Igor: Yeah. This thing has been following me around on Facebook for months until I
finally signed up. Basically, the idea is awesome. They brought in a bunch of
Hollywood and world famous performers and experts and they set them down in front
of a camera and they asked them a bunch of questions about what they do and they
kind of shared their wisdom. So they brought in Steve Martin to talk about comedy.
They brought in Rhonda something, she's the one who wrote the Grey's Anatomy
script, the entire show. They brought in Kevin Spacey to teach acting. So you get
people who truly wanted to talk to come in that teach you what they do. And it's
like an info product. I think it's incredible. Because you pay $97 one time and
you have lifetime access to this wisdom from somebody who is a world renowned
expert in something. So anyway, I got two of them. I got two master classes. I
plan to get many more, including Gordon Ramsay's cooking master class for my wife,
not for me.

Jonathan: [laughter] Nice.

Igor: So the first one I saw was by James Patterson. He's the guy who wrote like a
gazillion bestsellers, fiction. And he said something truly incredible, because he
teaches writing. And he says something that really stuck with me. He says, "Go
out, find out what other people have written, read it, and then do everything you
can to not write like that." So his advice is basically to see what everybody else
is doing and do something else, do something differently. And that's exactly the
second thing that value stacking allows you to achieve, which is one of the
reasons why it's so effective.

Jonathan: So the value stacking originally, when you were mentioning it, I thought
of it as selling my own products, but then that would be the bonuses. But it would
work like that in MLM or business opportunity. You're selling a main opportunity
and then you add other stuff, whether it's some coaching or additional products on
the side of that, for anybody that buys from you.

Igor: Yeah, absolutely. So for instance, I got a friend of mine, Ryan Hauser, a
really successful top earner. Now, this guy, just so you get the idea, he can step
into virtually any business opportunity regardless if it's a bit coin opportunity
or a health and fitness opportunity, doesn't matter. No matter what it is, he can
step in and literally end up at the top three positions on the leader board
overnight. And I'm not exaggerating. This is the kind of person he is. Now, he
used to be very successful in real estate. He's a very smart guy. He's an
ex-hypnotist I believe, and just tremendous, tremendous marketer. Somebody you
should definitely study. He's got a program called Ryan University. Now, Ryan
University is very specific example of value stacking in action. So what happens
is Ryan created this program where he's able to promote several income streams at
once and if you join Ryan University for free, you don't even have to pay, what he
allows you to do is to take his software for free and use it for yourself and
build several income streams all at once. Now, you can only get it if you're
working with Ryan. And again, the beautiful part is that he doesn't even charge
money for it yet. He's built tremendous teams, tremendous. In addition to that,
the other value staking element is every Thursday, I believe, I might be wrong,
but I think every Thursday Ryan holds a training webinar like two hours, two and a
half, three hours webinars, where he's giving more value in terms of training, in
terms of helping people by showing them how to do things. And that too further
promotes the programs. And he says, and I'm not even sure if he wants me to say it
publicly, but I will risk his wrath by sharing this. He says that these webinars
is when the spikes happen. This is when the customers, the prospects, and the team
members really decide to go and upgrade their memberships when they get this
value. And again, his version of value stacking is not even the same one I've been
talking about since the beginning of this call. His version is just, "Let me give
you a bunch of value when you become a part of my tribe. And whether or not you
want to join something, it's up to you. Because that's you deciding whether you
want to make money. I'm going to give you this value on top of it anyway, so you
might as well now join in. Just join for the sake of the free." So that's just one
example. Another example of value stacking is the best example of value stock in
action is actually a metaphor that I first heard from Frank Kern. And it will
never happen in the real world, but it can and always does work on the internet,
which is beautiful. So imagine you walk into a car dealership and you want to buy
a Ferrari. And you have the money to do it, you have the possibility to do it, and
you want to buy a Ferrari, and you come into one dealership and they offer you a
Ferrari at $200,000. Not even sure if that's the price range for Ferraris. And
then, you get out of that dealership, you go into another dealership, and they
offer you a Ferrari for $220,000, but they are throwing in the bonus. If you
commit to that Ferrari, if you commit to buying that Ferrari, or you just put a
down payment for that Ferrari before the end of the day, you will get Rolls-Royce
as a bonus. So see what happens here? You buy a Ferrari, but if you buy it today
you get the Rolls-Royce as a bonus. Which means the bonus in and of itself may be
as valuable or more valuable than the product you purchased. And so obviously, you
want to say 'yes'.

Jonathan: Yeah. I actually have a value stack sitting right in front of me right
now. It's too bad we're not sharing video with people, but this is The Mastery
Journal from John Lee Dumas. Russell Brunson just put out his new book. He put out
his Expert Secrets. I was waiting for it on Amazon. I went and put my order in,
and then I see that he did a bunch of affiliates. So a bunch of people were
mailing for him. But these bozos, all of them, were just saying, "Hey, get my
buddy's new book." John Lee Dumas said, "If you go buy my friend's book for $7, I
will give you my $40 Mastery Journal as a gift." And I said, "Shit. I was thinking
about that anyways. It's $40 worth more than the $7 I'm going to spend." So I went
and cancelled my Amazon order and went and ordered through John Lee Dumas' link,
through all that affiliate stuff, and ended up spending more because, of course, I
took one of the upsells, I couldn't help myself. [laughter] But that's the stack.
Everybody else offered the same exact thing, they all looked exactly the same,
John Lee Dumas offered the Rolls-Royce on top of the actual product.

Igor: Exactly. And this is so critical when you are operating in a fairly small
market place. Now, that's not to say that the business opportunity space is small.
It's actually much bigger than the affiliate space marketplace. But when you are
competing against giants, when you are brand new or semi-new and you're stepping
into a company that has, say, ten different top earners who have reach, you have
to differentiate yourself because otherwise there is very little value for the
customer to buy directly from you. They could easily go and buy from the
celebrity. And most people will choose to do that. In fact, I've seen it time and
time again when somebody who's brand new will introduce a potential prospect to
the company, but they turn around and they go and they join the top earner. And
that's why a lot of the newbies, they are discouraged to start promoting something
if they know that, for instance, before they join, they already know that a bunch
of other top earners are already in. So they know they're basically stepping in to
fight for scraps. And everybody's looking for the new thing that the top earners
aren't even aware of. And which is really if you think about it, it's unfair, but
that's the marketplace. That's the marketplace we're all in.

Jonathan: So is that a way around it, is the value stack? How does a newbie do
that then? If you're new coming in, is it possible to do this value stack? You
don't have a reputation; you're against a bunch of top earners. Is there a way for
you to stand out using the stack?

Igor: Well, obviously there is always a way. But I would say if you are using
value stack, you are dramatically maximizing your chances to make more sales. Now,
of course, if you're brand new the question is how the hell do you create value?
Because you have no assets, chances are you have very little experience, so you
can't really use your experience and your mistakes to produce something that's
good. So if that's your question, then the answer is very simple, is to either
partner with somebody who has value and offer them a piece of the pie, or maybe
just pay them a one time fee for a license to use their value, if you will. And
value can be a software product or anything that the potential customer can
consider value. Or maybe you can go and you can be smarter about it and you can go
and interview a bunch of experts. Because that's the easiest way to create an info
product, that's the easiest way to create any value. In fact, Tony Robbins used to
have this program called Money Masters, I think, where he interviewed Russell
Bronson, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Eben Pagen, a bunch of people. Tony created very
little of that actual content. All he had done, he brought them into his home,
whatever the home is, it's a giant castle. He put a camera in the room and he
started asking them questions. And all these experts delivered all this value. So
naturally, if Tony Robbins can literally take the shortcut, why can't you?

Jonathan: Yeah. And that's actually a model even online right now, is what you
described as sort of like the summit model now. Somebody relatively unknown can
put together a summit, get a bunch of experts that they interview out there in
front of the crowd who are giving all their knowledge, and then they, by proxy, by
association, they get some of that expertise. Plus, they get the content. So
that's actually an excellent model to hack your authority. That's like an
authority hack right there.

Igor: That's right. Interviews are really, really cool. That's why here's a
damaging admission. That's why I've interviewed guys like Jeff Hoffman, Mark
Manson, and a bunch of others on the show. You can get the full list of high
profile interviewees if you go to Kiyosaki, how could I
forget Kiyosaki, Perry Marshall, Ken McCarthy.

Jonathan: Oh, no, bro. You got so many that you forgotten. [laughter]

Igor: Yeah. I still do it, by the way. It's really challenging because I have to
do it in the afternoons, which takes the time away from my family. But every now
and again, when the expert is really worth it, I will do it. In fact, one of the
future episodes I plan to interview for the second time, and I'll explain why for
the second time, the guy who wrote one of the greatest tribe building books I've
ever read, Ray Immelman. Now, this guy, you may have not heard of him, but he's
really, really high-level in the corporate world, where he comes in as a
consultant and helps companies that have like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds
of employees across dozens and dozens and dozens of departments that don't get
along. So he helps to structure that whole thing back into one healthy organism
that is able to push everything forward and achieve new heights and new goals.
Now, so the reason I want to interview him for the second time, because the first
time that I interviewed him I forgot to hit the record button.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: That was a really good interview, by the way. A really, really deep

Jonathan: I bet it was. I swear I got.

Igor: Yeah. And it was so embarrassing to beg for another one.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: Dude, this was so embarrassing, to beg for that interview again. But he was
very understanding, very understanding. A very nice guy. And he agreed to do
another one.

Jonathan: So anything you want to say wrapping up and then maybe a tease for next

Igor: Well, next time I want to chat about something that I've been dying, dying
to do for a really long time. Will bring actual metrics to the big question,
"What's better, what's more powerful, email or Facebook?" So now I have data and
proof to show you what's used where and what's getting you better ROI or at least,
what's getting in general a better ROI for the entire industry. Jonathan: Oh, I
can't wait. Especially since this is List Building Lifestyle. Alright. So that is
a wrap for another episode of List Building Lifestyle. Thank you for tuning in.
Thank you Igor, for sharing your insights with us. And we'll be back next.

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