How To Ethically Push Prospects Off The Fence Without Dirty Manipulation Tactics

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. It seems like most marketers I talk to especially the people
who have not made their first million dollars online, they seem to have this
short-term memory when it comes to marketing because whenever they are sitting
down to create marketing material to convert their prospects into customers, they
all seem to complain about one thing and that is that people don't seem to be in a
hurry to buy from them. While most of them accept the idea that it takes a little
bit of time to convert somebody and get them to trust you and like you, most
don't. They expect for conversions to happen really quickly.

Now, I never really understood that because the same people claim that they want
conversions down quick, they are the ones that take so much time to make a buying
decision, they are the ones that come up with the craziest objections and they are
the ones that usually stall their decision unless they are driven forward by
scarcity or some nasty life circumstance that pretty much forces them to do
something about it. Now does it mean that you have to be a quick decision maker to
get other people to make quick decisions about purchasing from you, no not all.
Some of the best marketers that I know, the guys that make a ton of money both by
closing people on the phone and by closing them by video and text and chat, these
guys take just as much time in making mind decision themselves as anybody else
however what they don't resist is the idea that the consumer needs as much time as
the consumer can get to make a buying decision.

Now of course this brings me to another really important point which I would say
about 99% of marketers miss all together and that is you can't really expect for
the prospect to make a buying decision unless there is a strict deadline on that
decision mentioned upfront. When you're asking for a buying decision you have to
make sure the customer understands that they have a limited amount of time to make
that decision. You almost want to pressure them into that decision and before you
tell me that "Oh wait a second, Igor, now you're telling me to manipulate people
and pressure them. I don't want to do that. That's not me." You see the thing
about human nature is that we procrastinate and even the things that we really,
really want, we tend to let go because we are such incredible procrastinators. In
fact, we are so good at hitting the bull eyes on our own target that often times
we get really good on the things that don't serve us at all like not sticking to a
diet, and of course not making key decisions in our lives.

Another experiment that's been held in some university of something, I honestly
don't remember that but the point is that actual experiment is that the
participants were asked to write a letter to someone that they didn't know and
once they mailed that letter, it was gone and there was a task that they had to
say just the right things in that letter to convince the other person to do
something for them. Now again I don't remember the exact details of the experiment
which I'm sure is taking away from my description but that's not the point. The
point is that there were two groups. The first group was a given a week to write
that letter and the second group was given an hour. Once the experiment was
complete, the group that was given a week to write the letter were the last ones
to submit it so they always submitted it just literally seconds before deadline
because they kept on changing their mind up until then and almost everybody who
participated with the exception of just less than 20% of participants, they
questioned themselves, they didn't like what they wrote and they weren't pleased
with their effort and the outcome of their effort. Now on the other hand the
people who were given just an hour to write the letter all submitted their letters
anywhere between 30 to 15 minutes before the deadline and 80% of them were
satisfied with their effort. They were actually pleased with how they had done
which means by forcing people to make a faster decision, the professors who held
the experiment helped them produce a better output, be happier, and just move on
with their lives.

Now the same thing applies to virtually to any decision especially a buying
decision we're asking a prospect to make. Obviously I have to assume you got
something good for sale here. If you're selling scams and you're going to use this
information, please know it will come and bite you in the ass very, very fast.
I've seen it happen time and time again and I highly recommend not to play these
games with the marketplace especially with such an open marketplace where anyone
can complain about you or anyone can make other consumers aware of how unethical
and how big of a scam you are. So don't sell crappy stuff. Instead when you sell
something that is really, really good and you're honestly able to stand behind
your product especially if your product has a guarantee of some sort then you owe
it to your customer to create the circumstance where she is able to make the best
buying decision. And truth be told the best buying decisions are made under
pressure that's how it usually happens. Now whether you want to accept it or not
that's really up to you. I just hope you do accept this truth because it will help
more money and create a better business for yourself and serve your customers
better. But if not that's perfectly fine and you can keep asking people to make
buying decisions without putting any sort of deadline on them but then if you do,
you have to be ready to face a lot of rejection and this rejection would be the
worst kind, not the kind where they come back and say I decided not to do it but
rather the kind where they say let me think about it and then they just disappear
and then you call them the next day and they don't pick up the phone. Then you
email them and they ignore your emails even though they have read them and then
you send them a Facebook message and they read that too but they decide not to
answer that message because they just can't make up their mind not because they
are bad people but because they haven't decided and they don't want to tell you
that they can't make up their mind which is why if there was a deadline if you
told them they have 24 hours to decide and you gave a legitimate reason why you
would notice that a lot of them would probably come back and say I decided to not
move forward with this offer. But a lot of them would also come back and say I
decided to move forward. There would not be any undecided prospects and if
anything that's exactly what you want to create in your business. You want to
start conversations by the end of which you get a clear yes or no whether or not
the prospect wants to buy from you. That's truly the best commerce and the best
marketing and the best economy we can have where people literally come in and make
a buying decision saying yes or no because no is also a decision and that's how I
like to treat everything in my life. Unless it's 100% yes, I usually say no and it
makes things so much easier. It makes life easier. It makes attaining my goals and
living the day to day so, so much easier, less clutter, less procrastination and
overall just more happiness for me and my customers because if you notice if you
ever purchased anything from me you know that we put scarcity forward, right? We
always have scarcity in place and that's exactly the reason. Now that's not to say
that scarcity isn't enforced or that it's bullshit scarcity, not at all, every
single offer I put out has real scarcity attached to it but the reason I would
usually create scarcity is not because I can't necessarily get more product for my
customers or serve more clients but many times that's exactly what happens
especially with my VIP Club where I get to have one-on-one coaching calls with my
clients but also because that drives that decision and I feel that I'm doing my
customer a huge service by forcing my customer to make that yes or no decision
when they are asked to buy something from us.

Now it is really important to say this by the way, notice that we are really
comfortable with our customers saying no and you should be too. That's a whole
other episode in my opinion, a whole other persuasion element but you should
always be inviting no into the conversation. You should always be letting your
prospect know that it's perfectly fine to deny your offer. It's perfectly fine to
say, "You know what it sounds okay but it might not be the right fit for me this
time." It's perfectly fine to let your customer know that they are presented with
a choice to make and that the decision to say no is also a perfectly fine decision
with you. Because what it does, it does two important and incredible things. First
off it removes the pressure from your customer and yourself. It makes the
conversation go easier because the customer knows that they got a way out if they
don't want to proceed so they don't feel pressured moving forward which is the
worst thing you can do for your customer making him feel pressured to say yes. So
pressure in and of itself is perfectly fine but pressure to say yes is the thing
you don't want to create for your customer. And two by literally inviting no which
you're showing your customer is that you're not needy. You're not needy for their
money and that may be more important than everything else I mentioned on this
episode where customers don't want to buy from needy companies and needy people.

That said, thank you again for tuning in for another edition of List Building
Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets and until next we chat, have a good one.

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