Make Money Typing Emails With Troy Ericson

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A brand new career opportunity awaits you. Become an email list manager and make a lot of money while sending out emails for big businesses. How? Tune in to explore the scope of email list management, the key to writing engaging emails, retaining long-term clients, and more. 

Guest: Troy Ericson is an email list manager who changed his life writing emails for big businesses. Learn more at

[00:00] The podcast explores yet another way to make a stable income by writing email copies, the ins and outs of email list management, dealing with life’s failures, and more. 

[00:58] What is email list management?

  • People learn how to write email copy, but don’t have their own lists or don’t want to run like a business. Go on and find clients and just get paid for writing emails all day long and sending those emails out to other people’s lists.

  • It’s something that is just like a really minor tweak from writing copy, but it has huge, huge results and positive consequences for both you and the client. 

[01:33] Copywriter vs. Email List Manager:

  • If you think about copywriters, it’s like typically they are writing copy into Google Docs. They are hoping that the client actually uses it, hoping that the client pays them.

  • Being an email list manager, you get paid upfront, you sign into the client’s ESP to where they send their emails from and you write the email there and send it to them.

  • And you can see how the emails are doing. You can help them with things like email deliverability, you can just help them strategize and get so much better results.

  • And obviously, they’ll keep paying you month after month after month and now it is a recurring service instead of just doing random one-off email copies inside of Google Docs. And it’s just a huge paradigm shift for a lot of people.

[02:32] Make your writing relatable:

  • The dumber you make your writing sound, the more money you’ll make, the more formal, and the more corporate and the more English teacher friendly you make your writing sound, the more boring it becomes and the less engaging.

  • In my emails, I would almost purposely misspelled words and come up with silly phrases and really play with it as if I’m not really writing, but more so, as if I’m talking and jamming with my buddies.

[04:35] Key to enjoying writing emails:

  • At first, it’s a little scary, but once you do it and you realize, “hey, I can say whatever I want, there’s not really going to be consequences as long as I’m not doing anything wild.” It just becomes a lot more fun that way.

[05:56] How did Troy get into email list management?

  • I’m not the person who invented this per se. I would just say that I popularized it.

  • In 2019, I failed as a college baseball player, and I had something called the Yips. I literally could not throw a baseball anymore, and that’s kind of your job as a pitcher.

  • I got cut as a senior, pretty much lost all my identity, and didn’t go outside for two weeks.

  • I just sat inside kind of studying marketing. Fortunately for me, it was a little interest of mine.

  • I found out you could make money doing Facebook ads, creating Facebook ads for clients, and setting them out. I bought a  course on it, got pretty good at it, went on Upwork, and got some jobs from some higher-level people. One of them was working on a project with Gary Vee.

[07:08]  Failures that became the stepping stones toward success:

  • We had a couple of other projects kind of fall apart.

  • It was because we were getting leads in the door, but we weren’t able to monetize them because the client’s emails were going to spam, they weren’t sending enough, or the emails were just awful.

  • I was literally at the point where I was being fired, and I was like, no, let me fix this. Let me sign in to your ESP and just figure out what’s going on, and figure out how we can help.

  • They were sending about one to two emails a week, and they were going to spam. So over the course of that summer, just by utilizing some resources that I purchased online and Googling things and a little bit of email experience from another client, they went from 13K a month and email revenue to a 4X monthly revenue.

[10:10] Primary vs. Promotions Tab – Does it matter where your email lands?

  • If your open rate goes up a lot, your click rate is not going to go up quite as much as the open rate and your sales are not going to go up quite as much as the click rate.

  • There are a lot of little nuances when it comes to deliverability, but getting into the primary tab is probably the most important thing.

[17:50] Email Copywriting Tips For Beginners:

  • The first thing is really just not being afraid of the tech piece. And it’s not really even techy because ESPS these days, it’s very drag-and-drop and user-friendly.

  • Go on YouTube and you can look up tutorials on, how to create an email, an active campaign, how to create a welcome sequence, or how to do, like, any of the basic things and just get comfortable with it.

[19:02] How to maintain long-term clients?

  • If you’re writing a copy for clients, be like,” hey, by the way, do you want me to make you even more and save you time by signing in and sending this for you and managing strategy, deliverability and all that?”

  • Especially if you just do it for free for like three days and they start making a bunch more and they’re like, yeah, keep doing that, keep doing that. And you’ll have a client for a very long time if you do it that way.

[22:00] Revenue Share vs. Upfront Payments – Which one is better?

  • We charge cash upfront and usually have a little revenue share.

  • It just all comes down to risk vs. reward.

  • As far as how you’re compensated, you just have to think, “Do I want to do a rev share, which potentially has more upside, but I’m going to get paid after the month and really have to make sure I trust the person I work with or do I want some cash up front?”

[24:02] Why do business owners need an email list manager?

  • People build a list and spend money, time, effort, energy, etc., but they don’t mail the list.

  • I realized that the best clients are people who are really successful. They just don’t have the time to mail their list, or they don’t have the expertise, or they think it’s too complicated.

  • I think it’s really just that people get busy and they’re really good at something other than email. So they focus on it, and they just kind of accidentally neglect it for a while. So that’s where we come in.

[28:15] How to deal with an existential crisis?

  • You are not your career, you are not the thing that you’re trying to do.

  • But I’m Troy, and I played baseball. I’m Troy and I’m an email marketer. I’m not Troy, the email marketer. And it’s really hard for people to disassociate those two things, and when they don’t do that, it just ties their self-worth in with what they do.

  • I can go do something else and I’m still worth it as a person because of my friends, because of my family, those types of things.

  • I really think the whole identity issue these days is a big one because people are looking to attach themselves to something and being able to recognize at such a young age that you are Troy and you do other things, that’s really powerful.

[30:41] Make Money Typing Emails With Troy Ericson:



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