If I Had To Start Over From Scratch…

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The road to success is often bumpy and filled with ups and downs. But, what if you could get a hold of a roadmap that led you straight to immense success? Tune in to find out Igor’s best tips and strategies if he had to start over from scratch. 

[00:00] The podcast explores the best tips and strategies for beginners in affiliate marketing. 

What would Igor do if he had to start over?

[01:21] The one thing that actually makes you money:

  • If I was starting over, I’d figure out an offer.

  • I spent so much time trying to master different skills that I completely ignored the one thing that actually makes you money when you get into any kind of business, and that’s your offer.

  • It’s the thing that you do for people or the outcome you’re creating.

  • You can get away with not knowing anything technical, but being really good at creating sexy offers.

  • You can’t get away with not knowing how to position an offer or craft an offer or actually pitch an offer.

[02:24] Good Offer vs. Bad Offer:

  • My business really took off when I figured this out when I figured out a way to either get offers or create them.

  • The very first success that I had was with affiliate marketing, and that was when I hit on a really, really good offer.

  • I’ve kind of gotten better over the years. That is looking at an offer and discerning is a good one. Is it a bad one? Is it vanilla? Is it going to get people excited in my market or not? 

[03:05] Hitting a gold mine in affiliate marketing:

  • If other people sell products, I can sell products and services and I hit a gold mine.

  • Basically, I was a customer in a particular niche market, a tiny little niche market that was about 300 people big. But then I turned around and became a provider. And that’s when my business doubled to about $250,000 that year.

  • From there, to take it to the next level, I actually created several upsell offers that took me to my first million in the next 13 months. 

[03:48] The 80/20 rule for putting together offers:

  •  It wasn’t about knowing how to build a landing page or knowing how to load an email.

  • What really propelled me was the 80/20 rule was putting together offers and making more offers.

  • People who get into online marketing spend a lot of time and money. But they won’t be producing anything. And it’s not enough to just produce content because content alone will not make you rich if you’re producing content.

  • If you’re producing content, you still have to send them to an offer at the end or throughout your content.

[05:03] The ultimate recipe for success in affiliate marketing:

  • As soon as you truly understand what your offer is, what your values are to the marketplace, and what you can bring to the table, the transformation can create for clients, that’s when you will succeed. 

[05:42] The easiest way to make money:

  • The easiest way to make money, in my opinion, is to start an agency.

  • It’s a stepping stone to something bigger, although some people do make it into a really big business. 

[06:05] What to do if you’re just starting out?

  • I would ask myself, what’s the one offer I can deliver on something that can put together that people or businesses or some kind of part of the marketplace will find sexy?

  • How much I’m going to charge for it? Is there any sort of bonus set I can put together for it? And what are the time frames in which I’m going to deliver it? And what is the format?

  • And I’ll go and I’ll pitch that offer to anyone who will listen as long as they’re within my target market.

  • I’ll figure out a way to scale it. Because if you’ve got a winning offer but you’re the one delivering it very quickly, you’ll hit capacity and you’ll be burning out.

  • Marketing that offers will not be a problem. I’m sure it will be the delivery and still having a life and your sanity. 

[07:04] Igor’s book on email marketing:



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