The Power of The “Why” Question

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Ever wonder why some people easily achieve their goals while others struggle, even if they believe in affirmations? In this episode, we’ll explore this question and share practical tips, like using ‘why’ questions, to help you reach your dreams more effectively. Join us for a smarter approach to achieving your goals.

[00:00] Alan Rickman introduces The Show:

Igor shares his personal journey from fervently believing in affirmations to discovering a more practical approach.

[01:59] Affirmations vs. Real-World Strategies:

  • This journey begins with a strong reliance on affirmations, where a person passionately embraces the idea that positive statements alone can manifest their desired outcomes, such as achieving financial success online.
  • Unfolding further, the emphasis shifts towards the significance of moving beyond affirmations. It highlights the importance of practical strategies for achieving tangible results.
  • This realization underscores the importance of embracing a more pragmatic and action-driven approach to achieve success in different pursuits.

[03:18] Addressing Unconscious Beliefs:

  • This underscores the importance of getting deeper into our subconscious, where hidden belief systems often reside, and recognizing how these beliefs can act as barriers to our progress and achievement.
  • By acknowledging and addressing these unconscious beliefs, listeners are encouraged to take proactive steps towards personal growth and goal attainment.

[03:55] The Power of ‘Why’ Questions:

  • A significant point emphasized here is the effectiveness of ‘why’ questions in sparking change, with Igor illustrating how these inquiries can activate the mind and propel individuals towards their goal-oriented actions.
  • The story not only underscores the potency of this method but also encourages listeners to contemplate incorporating ‘why’ questions into their own paths when facing substantial decisions and obstacles.
  • It takes compelling reasons to propel you into action, igniting an unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your goals.
  • Saying affirmations out loud really don’t work. Instead, discovering what matters more cultivates a strong sense of urgency and desire, even if it means confronting larger fears at times.

[06:35] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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