Special Episode For Those Who Feel Like Giving Up On Internet Marketing With Major Lance Sumner

It seems like every podcaster’s wet dream is to score a big shot interviewee.

It may be an internet marketing guru, a best selling self help author or even someone who’s famous for being famous.

Podcasting is all about social proof.

Of course, I’m no different.

I hosted internet marketing gurus, best selling authors and even one billionaire – founder of Priceline.com

Today, however, is a different sort of show.

I am hopeful it will inspire you, because I’m joined by Lance Sumner aka Major Sumner.

Major is a long-time member of my VIP club. We first started working together when he was still trying to make sense of internet marketing. These days his name sparkles on the Digital Altitude leaderboards.

Major is a biz opp “unicorn.”

He’s what every internet marketing beginner aspires to be.

He’s the one guy who ACTUALLY MADE IT!

His story will inspire you, because he not only didn’t know how to start a business, but he also had to climb out of a deep hole while learning the ropes.


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Igor: It seems like every podcaster's wet dream is to score the big shot
interviewee, it may be an internet marketing guru, a best-selling self-help
author, or even someone who is famous for being famous. Podcasting is all about
social proof. Of course, I'm no different. On my show, I have hosted internet
marketing gurus, best-selling authors, and even one billionaire, the founder of
Priceline.com. Now today, however, it's a different sort of show. I'm hopeful
today's episode will inspire you because I'm joined by Lance Sumner, aka Major
Sumner. Major is a long time member of my VIP Club. We first started working
together when he was still trying to make sense of internet marketing and these
days however his name sparkles on the Digital Altitude leader boards. Lance is the
modern biz op unicorn. He's what every internet marketing beginner aspires to be.
He's that one guy who actually succeeded because we never hear those stories
anymore, right? We only see the gurus. So please help me welcome Major Lance

Major Lance: Well thank you, Igor. I appreciate you having me on your show.
Appreciate that.

Igor: My pleasure, my pleasure, Major. The reason I invited you on the show is to
quite literally share the kind of journey you made, the path you walked on from
the point when you decided to start making money from home, when you decided it
was time for you to start a brand new "career", and all the way to this day when
you've become somebody when you made a name for yourself where today you're
leading people that are coming after you which is an incredible transformation. As
it happens we don't seem to think that way like I'm yet to meet somebody who
thinks they're transformation was incredible but seeing your transformation from a
third person viewpoint, it is truly incredible, I assure you. So without further
ado, my first question is when and how did you decide to start this internet
business for yourself.

Major Lance: Yeah, sure so, it was coming around 2008, I had been serving in the
Army for 22 years. It was time to retire, coming up in 2008. I wanted to start
looking what I'm going to be able to do to generate income because going into
retirement, I'll have some income with retirement income, but it's going to be cut
dramatically. So now I got to figure it out. I noticed that some people and I was
looking at people making money online, what can I do being able to work online or
work from home and I was seeing how people were being successful. I was noticing
that. "Hey, I'm no dummy I can do this, let me figure this out, I want to try to
do this." So about 2008, I dipped into it and kind of started off like a hobby not
so serious, did a little bit of affiliate marketing and even found a place called
World Profit which I believed would work for me because it was going to provide
the right training, with a lot of training and being able to go right things and
develop myself. However what I found with that is that the training was so many
modules of training that it was very difficult to keep going and get it straight
because it was very confusing.

Igor: Yeah, you mentioned when we spoke before the show and you mentioned that
there were 60 modules of training. That's crazy.

Major Lance: Yeah. 60+ modules and so what was happening was I noticed that I was
and it was good training but it was so much that the people that would join you
would come in for a month be over-inundated, all of a sudden just leave so there
was no retention of a team. Building a team was not there. So where I wanted to
get in building income was not happening. So I needed to do something else that
was going to get me to where I wanted to be.

Igor: Interesting. So you joined a company and here you are brand new at the
internet marketing and it's critical that they make it seem easy that they chew it
for you almost so it's easy to shallow and I bets it's even been sold to you as
this easy system, the step by step, where they hold you by the hand and you walk
into a college level education where you have to spend quite literally months and
months and months to figure this out so I can only imagine the overwhelm you felt.

Major Lance: Yeah, initially yeah. I was more than glad to go through the training
because I really didn't know what to do. It was all new to me and I'm like, "Okay
I'm going to be hard, charge just like a soldier, very disciplined, and started
doing consistent action." But one of the downfalls, it was more like a job because
there was a learning about traffic; however, the traffic learning was about safe
list and traffic exchanges. Well anybody that has tried that before knows that
that's almost a job in itself because you're having to surf sites to earn credits
to get hits to your website, to get mailing credits to mail out to these safe
lists which don't produce any kind of results really anyway not as good as I
learned to do now.

Igor: You know what I used to do with traffic exchanges? I went through a similar
journey. I've had five of them open on my desktop and I would quite literally
rotate the tabs while watching TV clicking on those sites until one point it
occurred to me, "Oh my God, everybody else is doing the same thing that's how I'm
getting hits." If I'm not watching the screen while I'm waiting for the thirty
second thingy to kind of tick down and kind of move me to the next website then
why would anyone else do it, am I the only one who is "smart" to kind of trick the

Major Lance: That's right. [laughter] Yeah.

Igor: Yeah so that's why I moved away from traffic exchanges that was a total
waste of time. I think I spent a couple of month just doing that hoping that would
be my traffic strategy. But anyway, so you're in it, you went in, there are 60
modules, it's overwhelming, but you still succeed. You're a soldier. You soldier
on and you figured it out and you started getting people on board but nobody is
sticking to it because it's so overwhelming. So what do you do then?

Major Lance: So then I came across and this is when I made the move because I was
doing this and not getting me where I wanted to be, income wise or anything. So I
notice Empower Network. I'm interested in that. So then I started to make a shift
because I made some connections with people there and followed some of the
leadership first, taking a look at it. So I moved over into that which primarily
and it was kind of a structure under a blogging platform but with really good
training on top, six-figure formula and taking you through how to build teams,
having the right mindset and it's step by step, being able to do specific daily
actions and things and also gave me my first wins in a greater way. So the income
began to grow. Now let me throw this in, so I kept looking and some of the
downfalls and hardships for me were the fact of finding a traffic source that
worked because this was when I started using a paid Solo Ad strategy. It was best
for me. It worked best for me. But I could never find the traffic source that
worked. I would buy some traffic and thinking and read the reviews and it seemed
good. However, I would maybe if I was lucky, get 10% opt in rate and maybe some
sales but never could find a solid source. However until about two or three years
ago when I saw your ads pop up with a guarantee, I said, "This is interesting, I'm
going to try this." That's when the big change happened. So when I started using
you then I started getting the higher opt in rate, building my list quicker,
people coming in and joining my team and of course income rising and then that
made the difference how life is today.

Igor: Now Major of course right now it seems like that made all the difference
which it did not. It contributed I'm sure. My traffic always contributes but it
never is the only reason why you succeed. Now the one thing I know that it wasn't
easy for you to just kind of through money at it. Right? I mean you were really in
an interesting situation kind of getting out of divorce and then debt so how are
you able to still do this? Like because a lot of people tell me that don't want to
do paid traffic because they don't want to spend money they don't have or maybe
they are afraid to spend it because they can't afford a bad campaign so what was
it like for you?

Major Lance: So yeah I did have to juggle a lot of thing and so you mentioned
divorce, well there has been a lot of hardships in my life that caused setbacks or
challenges so over 10 years ago I lost my first wife to leukemia and then I
thought, "Oh well, it's okay, a little while later I can get married again." That
went to hell in a hand basket and ended up having to get divorced but I got left
with all the debt, $60,000+ debt plus I'm a single parent raising two kids and
this is all taken all the time, I feels like a heavy rock on your shoulders with
the debt, you're trying to deal with it and "How am I going to deal with this?" So
I managed to slice off just a portion of the income to use this paid Solo Ads
strategy and kind of just do that. But as income began to rise, what I would do is
just reinvest it to scale up which began to produce the greater results. But still
things were time thief because I have raise my kids, get them to their sporting
events, do this and that and all over the place and then take the time in the
evening or on the weekends which was best for me to work and build my business.
But doing the paid Solo Ad strategy worked best for me so I can handle my kids
because my kids were younger and I had to be there for them.

Igor: Yeah, you know being like in a position where you have to take care of
family alone, manage your debt and still build a business because you can't keep
living life like that, it's just not sustainable is just really being between a
rock and a hard place. Many people that I work with actually been there. I have
been in a similar not such a dire situation like when I was struggling for cash
and was still living with my parents like I had like way more freedom financially
and way fewer responsibilities, I didn't have any kids yet so I didn't feel that
burden. But when I first heard your story, like how you had to get out of the
divorce, like you had the two children so there is no time, there is no money. So
you're literally coming up against all these crazy odds and you succeed anyway and
this is the incredible part of the story for me because very few stories our there
with relation to internet marketing, the real ones, tell a story of somebody whose
over 40 or over 50 years old and actually succeeds. Most success stories are of
wiz kids like me. I'm only 29 right now, I actually turned 29 earlier this month
and my story isn't anywhere near close to what many of my clients want to create
for themselves because they are much older and they do have all of these
responsibilities. So first off, I just want to take a quick break and just quite
literally digitally applaud you for what you have achieved for yourself in spite
of all the obstacles that seriously cool. That was one of the reasons why I really
wanted to expose your story to the world through the show because to show that you
are for real and people like you actually do exist. They are able to live a life
to improve their life while dealing with all the nonsense that life has to offer
unfortunately, the debt, the divorce, the unnecessary baggage that we can acquire
along the way. But let's get back to your story because we are not done yet. So
you're with Empower Network now and Empower Network is on the rise, you're
building your team, you're seeing results but we know that right now you're not
with Empower Network, in fact Empower Network doesn't even exist right now so what

Major Lance: So first off, let me give being in the Army some of that credit to
why I am becoming successful and that has to do and I want to just share that with
your listeners and that is the fact that having that never give up mentality that
kind of got dwelled in me by being able to be diligent, work as a team,
understanding how to work as a team and driving on because this is going to happen
with that never give up mentality, you're just going to make it happen. So to
Empower Network, I began to see changes as we were continuing to grow, things were
changing within Empower Network, I started to see some of the top leadership to
leave and there began to be too much change going and people were dropping off.
Well I had a friend who was part of that organization, his name is Alex and Anna
Zubarev and they shared me about the Digital Altitude and so I was very interested
in that. Well immediately I found that Michael Force, the founder of Digital
Altitude was an ex-Marine. Boom! That was an immediate trust factor for me. He was
a soldier. I'm a soldier. That was an immediate connection. So I went over and
looked at it. I liked how it was laid out, highly structured, organized step by
step, they had steps you had to go through, you're immediately connected with a
personal coach that will take you on and guide you through being successful every
step of the way. So for me to transition over, it was just a no brainer, just move
over, follow the leader who I already knew who was Alex and Anna Zubarev and just
start applying what I already learned in doing the things that I'm taught within
Digital Altitude.

Igor: Now this is where I have to kind of make a quick pause because there is a
great distinction in my opinion between your transition from World Profit where
you just got started to Empower where you had no assets really to now
transitioning from Empower to DA after you started building your list. So how were
these transitions different for you?

Major Lance: Well, they were moving from one that was not getting anywhere to
something where I started gaining and it was all a personal development journey
about developing my skills, understanding how to build capture pages, bridging
pages, using social media the right way to build relationships with other people,
building an email list like using Aweber or using GetResponse and corresponding
with that list. All the skills gained on how to provide added value to your list
and just do the right things along the way making a list of here is all the things
that didn't work, here are the things that do work and these are the things that
I'm going to do because I know they produce something. So that was kind of the
journey and it's helped me to become marketer and knowing the right things to do.

Igor: I think we can never underestimate the importance of building a list because
think about it, your transition from Empower Network with an asset, with people,
with a tribe if you will, it may not have been the most responsive tribe I'm
guessing but it was something which allowed you to almost have a quick start with
DA. I mean how soon was it from the moment you signed up with DA did make your
first sale?

Major Lance: It was about three weeks and I think that has something to do with
and and this is why I like the program because you have to do steps and the coach
that connects you will not unlock the further steps until you've completed the
first three steps and they want you to come back to them and report back. Did you
understand it? What did you get out of it? So you have a clear understanding of
your way forward. So it was definitely a big benefit and it helps people that are
coming in and the retention rate is high once they get started. But the three
weeks, first person coming and actually getting started at a certain level because
there are different levels is about another three weeks and I had a couple come in
but what happened for me, I was able to go from first getting started at that one
level and all within three months I am not at the top level with in Digital
Altitude that had to do with the consistent daily actions using my paid Solo Ads
strategy and the income continuing to rise allow me to position myself finally at
the top level but that was following through, staying consistent and never letting

Igor: Wow, this is incredible. I know people; some of the clients that I've spoken
to that their dream is to get positioned. In fact I spoke to one client last week
on Sunday and when I asked him the question like what would you like to achieve a
year from now, he said, "I want to be fully positioned with my company which is
Digital Altitude." So you've done that in just and you said 90 days?

Major Lance: About 90 days, yeah. It took about 90 days.

Igor: Yeah, that is crazy because very few people can actually brag about that, a
lot of people that I know in order to get positioned they take out a loan because
they just can't make that sort of money and to see you do it by just hustling and
never giving up and moving forward and using your assets and becoming a better
marketer that's awesome.

Major Lance: You know, I will share with you; I think that is where people get
into the struggles, you have to force yourself to maintain that positive mindset
each and every day moving forward so many people let their guard down and fall to
the wayside, I'm not getting the result and they just kind of get down on
themselves. I'm telling you it's a daily action for you to get up and I don't care
if you're reading something, audio book or listening to a YouTube video, reset
your mind every morning positive with positive mindset stuff and that will help
charge you like energizer batteries and keep you moving forward.

Igor: You know I'm not big on motivation. I guess overtly I am but I don't
necessarily preach being motivated but I heard somewhere a great quote like
motivation is kind of like a shower that's why it's recommended daily because you
get dirty; because the world around you kind of does things to you to put you down
so you want to kind of replenish that motivational bar or the willpower bar which
wears off throughout the day. So in that respect, I agree with you. Now let's move
away from motivation for second and perhaps focus on some specific applications.
So you have made the way from a nobody to a somebody; from somebody who didn't
make anything to somebody who is making money online. So if I were to ask you to
share the three daily activities that have made the difference for you what would
those activities be?

Major Lance: Well the first one is making sure that I email my list, to my
subscribers and that's the first action I'm going to do in corresponding with them
and always just not sending an offer out to your list but providing added value to
your subscribers. Then during the day I'm going to be able to post some social
media and I work on building. I use Instagram that seems to be a and it's a long
term strategy but however it works as it gets larger and larger. It really works
because you're allowed to post your link within the bio profile piece only but
people like looking at the pictures and seeing images and I use an
inspirational/motivational site where I'm posting very positive mindset on others
journey to success. People click the link and then they go into the capture page
which then drops them in to my list and they are now subscriber and that's where
you also start building up and people end up joining your team. I post on Facebook
as well as Twitter and do those things but I use a tool and it's really simple
because you find some right tools along the way and this does take time because
you got to find the right tools that work for you but one of them happens to be
Buffer and that let's you broadcast out to your social media sites so it could be
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus but you can put that little ad and that little ad
up in there and blast it out at appropriate times.

Igor: Alright so that's two so the one thing that you do is you always email your
list and the second thing you do is you post on Instagram and other social media
outlets using an automated software which is smart, you know it will save time and
then you drive people from social media again to your list. What would be number

Major Lance: Number three is making sure that I'm on a steady roll with my paying
Solo Ads strategy. So the reason that I really like this and something that I
caught on to was no where have I found other things that I could build my list so
quick. So as long as I keep on a steady rolling schedule with my paid Solo Ads
strategy, I'm always having people opting into my list throughout each and every
week with it growing and just like I said before, as it grows and income grows
then I continue to take some of those funds back and keep scaling up and as you
continue to scale up, it just gets larger over time and more productive because
you're starting to get more results. As your list gets larger, the results become

Igor: Alright Major so thank you for sharing that so just to kind of go over what
you just said. The first thing you do always make sure to email your list every
day, the second thing is you post on social media driving people on to your
squeeze page and on to your list and always building that list which is again
really, really smart and the third thing is get on a steady, consistent roll with
your Solo Ads, meaning that you always have new subscribers hitting your list,
you're always having new traffic hitting your squeeze pages, using paid traffic
strategy because it's automated, because it saves you a lot of time, and because
it leaves the time for you to take on other tasks. Which I'm guessing is even more
important right when you're working a full-time job like if you're somebody works
a full-time job you have even less time so the importance of paid traffic is
obvious. Now the one last question I want to ask you before we run out of time
here, we're almost done is this: it's one of my most favorite questions to ask of
anyone who is success in any endeavor in their life and if you could go back in
time, Major, to the point when you were about 30 days into internet marketing,
making money online, to that point where you're overwhelmed as hell and you're
still trying to understand what the hell is going on and you're not sure about the
direction you're taking and you're just confused and what would you tell yourself?

Major Lance: I would tell myself don't start where I started in the beginning
[laughter] and doing those type of things if I would have known but definitely
what I know now and what I'm doing now if I would have known that early I would be
so much further along now by just executing what I'm doing now, understanding why
using a paid Solo Ad strategy for me works best and helped me to get where I'm at
now after understanding that in such a greater way than I was spinning my wheels
on for a couple of years in the beginning.

Igor: Alright, Major, thank you so much. Now the one last question which I should
ask of course is once this episode hits the masses, you will probably have people
wanting to reach out to you, either to connect with you, to mastermind with you,
or to recruit you into their team because you're a top producer but I'm guessing a
lot of people will want to work with you and have you help them get ahead and
succeed so where would they go to find our more about how they can work with you?

Major Lance: You can go over to my site, disciplineofone.com that will take you
over to my site and there is a lot of added value, business building information
there for people who are trying to build their business as well as way to contact
me, reach out to me. But I want to share with your listeners the one thing is you
can do the same thing I'm doing, I'm not really different than you. All you have
to do though whatever you're doing just get in there, take the time to learn,
follow and do and be consistent and never give up because you will get there. I
guarantee you, you will get there. I'm just one of those individuals that are
living proof to that and I know that you can do the same.

Igor: Well you've heard him, folks, if you want to work with Major Sumner or find
out more about you him, go to disciplineofone.com and you'll find more
information. Now Major, I've got to say your website is impressive but that's one
of the reasons why this is so cool to see that nothing that you do is glamorous.
I mean nothing. I mean you're not glamorous. Your website isn't glamorous. Your
emails aren't glamorous but here you are living the kind of life that people wish
they had the glamorous life of an internet marketer. So once again Major, thank
you so much for taking the time to sit down with me today. In fact, thank you so
much for making three attempts to sit and record this interview.

Major Lance: Right.

Igor: Because it has not been easy. I appreciate your patience every step of the
way. I salute you for what you have achieved and I really, really hope that we can
get this episode in the hands of as many people as possible so they can see and
understand that they too can work from home full-time in spite of living a very
difficult life right now. So Major, thank you so much.

Major Lance: Thank you.

Igor: And List Builders until next time we chat, have a good one.

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