7 Ways To Lower Your SPAM Complaints

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Picture this: You’re the captain of your email marketing ship, sailing through the vast digital sea. But suddenly, a storm of spam complaints brews on the horizon, threatening to sink your ship and shatter your dreams. Igor’s seven expert strategies to lower your spam complaints. From making your unsubscribe link as prominent as a lighthouse to the magic of consistent email communication, Igor will equip you with the knowledge and tools to conquer spam complaints once and for all.

[00:00] In this episode, Igor is pulling back the curtain on the dark and mysterious world of spam complaints. He’ll explain why they happen, how they can devastate your email marketing efforts, and most importantly, how to avoid them like a seasoned pro.

[01:58] Impact of Spam Complaints:

  • Spam complaints can lead to swift account shutdowns, even legal action. I know someone who faced a lawsuit for spamming, unintentionally. This left a lasting impact.

  • Spam is essentially unsolicited or inappropriate email, anything that your subscribers consider annoying, irrelevant, or invasive. Surprisingly, even if people willingly joined your list, they can still label your emails as spam.

[03:07] Why Do Subscribers Mark Emails as Spam?

  • It could be due to unclear expectations, forgetfulness, or, in some cases, subscriber errors.

  • People can sometimes be forgetful or lazy when it comes to unsubscribing, so they resort to the spam button.

  • Occasionally, if you don’t email your list frequently, they may forget about you and your content, prompting them to mark you as spam.

  • I’ve encountered cases where individuals bought my product twice and requested refunds, only realizing their previous purchase afterward. People do forget things, so it’s something to anticipate.

  • Another reason for spam reports is that some people simply aren’t accustomed to receiving numerous emails.

[04:45] Why does Igor Prefer Solo Ads?

  • Solo ad leads are more accustomed to receiving frequent emails and are less sensitive to them. Consequently, you’ll encounter fewer spam complaints.

[05:20] 7 Ways To Lower Your Spam Complaints:

  • Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way to avoid spam complaints entirely. Regardless of how legitimate or clean your practices are, they will arise. However, here are seven tried-and-tested strategies to minimize them, based on my experience.

  • Never make the mistake of hiding the unsubscribe link, as I once did. In fact, I used to send emails with no unsubscribe link out of fear, and it got me banned quickly.

  • Unsubscribes are better than spam complaints. Make it incredibly easy for subscribers to find the link by placing it prominently at the beginning of your emails.

  • Consistent email communication is key. Subscribers should know you’re a regular presence in their inbox. Consider adding a brief reminder in your emails if necessary.

  • Never use misleading subject lines. Balancing marketing with honesty is crucial, as crossing that line can lead to bans.

  • Remove inactive subscribers to keep your list clean and avoid spam traps. Subscribers who haven’t engaged in over two weeks should be considered for removal.
  • AOL users tend to mark emails as spam more frequently. Consider blocking AOL email addresses from joining your list.
  • Use email verification services to identify invalid addresses as subscribers sign up, enhancing list hygiene.
  • Purchased lists are problematic. They can lead to high spam complaints and low profitability. Avoid them at all costs.

[18:24] Igor’s Final Advice:

  • It’s crucial to remain adaptable in your marketing strategies. While leveraging different content on various platforms, remember that email marketing offers consistent, reliable results.

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