7 Ways To Lower Your SPAM Complaints

Few email marketers understand the definition of SPAM.

According to ISPs it’s anything the reader thinks is SPAM.

Solicited or unsolicited.

That means, even if you’re emailing an opt in list…

And even if you’re sending out awesome content, value and candy…

You’re still at risk of being flagged as a spammer.

And if you’re not careful, you can lose your autoresponder.

Follow these 7 steps to keep SPAM complaints low


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Jonathan: Hooyakasha! You're listening to another edition of List Building
Lifestyle with the King, the Czar, the Sultan of Solo Ads, Mr. Igor Kheifets.

Igor: What was that thing you shouted in the beginning? Yakasha? What was that at
the beginning?

Jonathan: Hooyakasa! Big Ups! [laughter]

Igor: It almost sounds like bevakasha which is Israeli word which is Hebrew for

Jonathan: Please? Like...

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: Like please listen to me? [laughter]

Igor: Yeah.

Jonathan: It's .... Oh Ali G, hooyakasha!

Igor: That's not one of my most favorite characters, I'll give you that. I mean I
understand why he is funny and I've seen the movies but I think he is overrated.
The only time I found him to be funny was when he was wrestling the fat guy.

Jonathan: Oh God.

Igor: In the homeroom and they were doing like the 69. I'm not sure why but I was
laughing for days after that.

Jonathan: [laughter] I didn't want to remember that. I wish you wouldn't have
brought that up. [laughter] So what do you have in store for us today, Igor?

Igor: You're welcome, bevakasha. So today, we're going to chat about Spam
complaints because it's important. It's an important issue for us, email
marketers. Spam complaints can get you shut down, literally shut down without any
upfront notice. They can even get you sued. In fact I know somebody who was sued
for spam even though she didn't really try hard to spam people, like she didn't
even know she was spamming people but that left a mark. The thing about spam is
that a lot really don't understand what it is. So spam is unsolicited email. It's
inappropriate email. It's anything that your subscriber considers to be annoying,
irrelevant, or intrusive. So even if you've got people's permission to mail them
which is to say even if they opted in to be on your list, they can still mark you
as spam when you email them, they can hit the little report spam button and the
fact that they opted in to get emails from you will not help you. Why would people
do that? After all, you are sending relevant, high quality, infotaining content
that they requested, why would they be dicks about? Like why would they hit the
spam button? So the reasons may vary from poor expectation like poorly set
expectations to forgetfulness to subscribers' stupidity. Sometimes people are just
too stupid or too lazy to find the unsubscribe link so they will hit the spam
button believing that's going to do that job and other times if you don't email
your list often enough, they will forget about who you are, they will forget about
signing up to your list and they will hit the spam button because of that. Now
before you argue with me that how can that even be possible for someone to forget
they just opted in to my list, well I want to reassure you that it is possible. We
spoke about me creating my own information products several episodes ago,
occasionally I had people buying the product twice and asking for a refund because
it only occurred to them that they purchased this after they bought it.

Jonathan: Nice.

Igor: So people do forget things and you should kind of anticipate that. Now the
other reason they may be marking you as spam is because they may not be used to
getting lots of emails. In other words, they might not consider email as the media
to get content. This is especially true for social media leads. It's one of the
reasons why I'm not a big fan of social media well actually not a big fan is a
mild way of saying it, it's why I fucking hate social media lead generation and I
like to stick to Solo Ads is because Solo Ad leads they are used to getting lots
of emails and they are not as touchy about it. They have a higher tolerance level
towards email so you get fewer spam complaints. Unfortunately even though, I
really want to say that there is something that you can do to never get spam
complaints which would be the ideal scenario, there isn't. There is really nothing
you can do, you will get spam complaints one way or another, doesn't matter how
legit or clean or wide-hat you are you will get spam complaints. But here is seven
things you can do to minimize them. Seven things that I tested that I actually
learned through trial and error, it's only when I do all seven that my chances of
getting banned for spam complaints are really, really low unless of course we are
using MailChimp because MailChimp bans you for breathing.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: It doesn't matter, MailChimp there is no hope for them. The first thing that
you can do is you can make the unsubscribe link easy to find. Never, never, never
make the mistake of hiding the unsubscribe link like I used to do. In fact, when I
just started I was so afraid of unsubscribes that I literally cancelled it.

Jonathan: Oh.

Igor: Like I sent emails having no unsubscribe link and that got me banned pretty
fricking fast. So now I understand the truth about unsubscribes is unsubscribes
are better than spam complaints. You see unsubscribes don't get you in trouble
with anybody. Unsubscribe is a natural progression of somebody being on your list
for awhile and then deciding that they don't want to be on your list anymore. But
if you hide the unsubscribe link the next thing that they do is they click on the
spam button. So don't ever hide it. In fact make it super easy for them to find it
by placing an extra unsubscribe link on top of the email so before the content
even begins have an unsubscribe link that they can click on for one click or easy
unsubscribe. The other thing you should be doing and this is something I've kind
of hammering for well over a year now because this podcast has been going on for
well over a year, email every day. People forget who you are and why you're
emailing them so maintain high email frequency and they will remember. You can
also add a disclaimer either at the top or at the bottom of your email saying,
"You're getting this email because you subscribed to my list on such and such
date, at such and such IP address, on this squeeze page blah blah blah." So you
can literally have like a little reminder although I find that it doesn't make
that big of a difference to be honest. It's much more important to email every day
so they know that you're not some random person that just popped into their inbox
but instead you're somebody that they are getting emails from for awhile now and
they will not click on the spam button, they want to leave they will click on the
unsubscribe link. The next piece of advice is pretty obvious but has to be spelled
out because I know that there is people who are still doing it and that is don't
use misleading subject lines. People do not like being tricked into opening your
emails. There's a fine line between aggressive marketing and out right lying so
don't cross that line. Take it from somebody who lost 11 accounts in the last five
years, don't try to trick people into opening your emails by saying something
stupid like, "Your commission check is spending" or "Your PayPal account is about
to get approved for the next commission payment, you need to click this link to

Jonathan: Nice.

Igor: Don't do any stupid crap like that, you will get banned immediately. So you
have been warned. The next thing you should do is drop the dead weight. What this
means is that email addresses, they are not static. Sometimes they die off,
sometimes they get abandoned, and sometimes they get transformed into spam traps.
Spam traps are basically like in disguise addresses that test email marketers for
spam violations. You never want to have a list full of them. So what usually
happens is email addresses that get abandoned are turned into spam traps to check
whose keeping their list clean. So a surefire way to lose your autoresponder
account is to email a dead list full of these spam traps, full of these inboxes
that bounce so remove subscribers who haven't opened your emails for over two
weeks. Now I know it might seem like its flushing money down the drain but it's
not, trust me. It's going to keep your list clean and it's going to keep your
response from flat-lining. Jonathan, I remember we spoke about this when we just
started recording, I think I shared with you that you should be getting rid of the
dead weight and you told me that you haven't done it in six months.

Jonathan: No, bro. The first time we spoke about it, I cut my list by 30% and
actually the last time we recorded something reminded me to do it again. I don't
know what we were talking about but I ended up cutting my list by about 50% and
then of course I made my numbers look better because instead of getting 20% opens,
I was getting 50% but I have changed some things. I don't want to talk about that
right now but I always listen to your advice and then I go and take action.

Igor: Sweet. I am proud of you. I am genuinely proud of you. I will ship you a
gold medal.

Jonathan: Alright.

Igor: Once we are done here. But cleaning your list and getting rid of all the
dead weight is critical because the autoresponder companies actually love it. They
love to see a list that is efficient, a list that doesn't send out dead emails and
there is really nothing better that you can do to get on the autoresponder good
side to actual tell them, I'm exporting my list right now, I'm going to clean it,
I'm going to get rid of all the dead emails and then I want to reimport it again.
You do it occasionally and watch how much they love you. The other thing that you
should be doing is you should be suppressing AOL emails. What this means is you
should forbid and by forbid I mean just literally using a software anyone with a
AOL.com email address to opt in to your list. The reason you want to do that is
because AOL users are spam happy. AOL, I'm sorry, I'm not even sure it hurts your
feelings or whatever but AOL user are just bad for business. They are creating so
much havoc in my autoresponders that I simply do not allow them to opt in. If you
want to do business with me, use Gmail that's the only request I make.

Jonathan: That's crazy, dude. When we talked off the air, you said some of your
users or a lot of your best clients are up there in age, older folks and I thought
those people all had AOL addresses.

Igor: Well one would think but we do our best to avoid it and if we see an AOL
address, again we do our absolute best to get a different email to communicate
with. I definitely, definitely don't put that address on the mailing list because
I know how much harm it can create. The next thing you should be verifying your
opt ins in real time. People are sensitive about their privacy and on average 1 in
4 emails on your list will be invalid. So you need to use a service to verify your
opt ins in real time. Now we developed this service, it's called VerifyShark, it's
not on sale right now but it is available to anyone who works with us and uses our
squeeze pages when they run traffic so if you would like to check it out reach out
to us at IgorSoloAds.com, we'll show it to you. Doing this, Jonathan, developing
this in-house solution to verify emails in real time as they are being entered
into the opt in form, really improved list hygiene and as a result our delivery
rates are steady, are complaint rates are really low, really low, I'm talking 1
complaint for 20,000 emails sent.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: Nothing, it's really nothing. Last but not least, don't buy lists. Purchased
lists are the worst. Like if anyone is offering you a csv file with a bunch of
names and email addresses, do not buy them. First off, there is a whole issue with
bulk mailing it. If you can get around that there is still ñ these are lists that
will generate the highest spam complaints and they are the least profitable type
so I recommend stay away from them.

Jonathan: Man, I got a lot of work to do. [laughter] Igor I got a confession that
I feel like making on the air right now to you.

Igor: Go ahead.

Jonathan: I quit emailing daily. I quit the daily emails, bro.

Igor: No way, I was just wondering about that. That I haven't seen any emails come
in lately. What's up?

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah. You know what the list cleaning actually works super well
for me and even the last time that I dropped down, like I dropped 50% of my list I
was emailing and getting good opens, everybody on that list had opened at least in
the last 60 days and it's fine but I totally have been testing some other stuff
and bro my content is getting way more mileage sharing it in other places than I
was in my email list and I still believe in the email list but I believe it in as
a part of a bigger picture like a bigger web of content to bring people into the

Igor: Okay then you have to educate me this time.

Jonathan: No, that's not possible. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: Dude, I've been sharing like say I put a video on YouTube, I might get
50 to 100 views, a productivity video, I put it on Facebook and I get 500 or 600
views and comments and shares. If I write an email, I might have 400 or 500 people
read it, that's great. If I share that same thing on Facebook, I get more shares,
more comments and more appointments for my done for you service and so I see the
email powering this eco-system of content so hey I'm putting this content up here
and I share the email bring them into the eco-system and I'm able to start
dialogues with them that weren't necessarily happening just through email so I'm
starting to look at the bigger picture of how my content is shared and how I can
use it for prospecting and I found that I am still creating daily but I'm sharing
it in different ways.

Igor: Interesting so what you're saying is same content applied to different media
creates a better result for you, higher engagement for you.

Jonathan: Right. So yeah, so looking at it in terms of prospecting from my done
for you, I might get people reading my email but I don't get application for my
done for you whereas if I share the same thing on Facebook somebody likes and
comments, we go into a PM conversation and before we know it, I'm looking into
their problems and booking a strategy session. So it is getting more mileage in
other places and I can see this working on LinkedIn and other networks like that
as well.

Igor: Interesting. Well, here's what I can share about that. I remember having a
client, his name is also Igor who started his own Solo business and he was
prospecting the same way on Facebook. He was posting on Facebook every day for six
months he would post all of the time, he would tell jokes, he would post videos,
sometimes it was written content, sometimes just motivational articles, other
times it's a rant and he would always get people reaching out to him about his
services as a result. Then one day, it just stopped working and this was true for
me as well at one point. I remember doing a lot of this stuff for my coaching
business. I would put out a lot of content on my Facebook page, posting twice a
day putting out the kind of content I would usually put out in an email. I was
really religious about it too but then one day it just stopped working. But what I
can tell you is that I've never had to say the same thing about email. Like email
has been working consistently for years. So eventually I stepped away from social
media as you know.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: For that reason and other reasons too, as I posted but for me when I hear
you say that I'm feeling, "Hey use it for sure like milk this strategy for as long
as it lasts but expect for it to end at some point and when that happens have a
back up plan."

Jonathan: Yeah, actually to me the most important thing is the email list and the
writing daily has helped my creativity not to mention are no spam complaints
because people know what they are getting into when they get started with me but
yeah, I mean it's like fluid, it changes. You got to be able to adapt and that's
what I'm starting to realize now in my business, I got to be more adaptable but
100% using all these tips that you just shared with us. Anything else you want to
say as we're wrapping up, brother?

Igor: Yeah, what you just shared just now actually brings up another point; it's
unrelated to the spam complaints by any means but the content sharing like
sometimes I see people get locked into this frame of mind that email is email.
Facebook is Facebook. YouTube is YouTube. Like the blog is a blog. But the reality
is that an email can be a YouTube video, a Facebook post can be an email, and a
YouTube video can be a Facebook post. Like whatever you're saying on the video on
YouTube could be put together in the form of an email and a great email that
really worked well for your list could be spoken out in front of a camera and made
into a YouTube video or a YouTube ad that you're going to use to bring in more

Jonathan: Yeah, and that's the way I'm looking at it now just being creative and
finding ways to get the content in front of the people no matter how I do it. So
I'm right there with you there, brother. Alright so another List Building
Lifestyle Show is in the can. We will be back in your earbuds next time. Thank you
for tuning in.

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