Selling Success With MichelleĀ Terpstra

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Curious about blending the joy of sales with high-performance habits, overcoming money mindset hurdles, and mastering the art of effective sales calls? Join us as we unravel the secrets to sales success, incremental growth, and the transformative journey of personal and professional development in the dynamic world of sales! šŸ’¼šŸš€

Guest: Michelle Terpstra is a business owner and the creator of several sales-focused training programs and platforms, including the Sales Success Loungeā„¢, Startup Sales Leadership Academyā„¢, and the Sales Success Labā„¢. She specializes in teaching online brands and startups how to create and sell premium products by mastering sales skills and then building sales teams from the ground up. Terpstra has had a significant impact in the field, having conducted nearly 25,000 sales conversations and helped over 500 companies achieve their selling goals. She focuses on empowering businesses to reduce selling time, land ideal clients, and increase profits through her various programs

[00:00] In this episode, Igor and Michelle explore the integration of enjoyment into productivity, overcoming sales barriers through incremental growth, the impact of personal money beliefs on sales success, and strategic improvements in sales calls and mindset adjustments.

[01:17] Enjoyment and Productivity in Sales:

  • Finding joy in what we do is crucial, yet often overlooked in today’s hustle culture. It’s not just about working hard; it’s about working with joy.

  • I’m part of the 5 AM club, which works for me, but it’s important to recognize that productivity routines should align with personal preferences.

  • The conversation with Igor highlighted different approaches to productivity. While some thrive on early starts, others might find their peak productivity at different times.

  • The key takeaway for me was the importance of enjoying the sales process. This enjoyment can significantly impact performance and outcomes.

  • Balancing hard work with genuine enjoyment and satisfaction in sales tasks can lead to a more fulfilling and successful career.

[17:25] Overcoming Sales Barriers with Incremental Growth:

  • Introducing my High-Performance Sales Habits Workbook was about sharing practical steps to improve sales skills incrementally.

  • One common barrier to sales success is the fear of high pricing. Gradually increasing prices can help overcome this fear and build confidence.

  • The discussion with Igor reinforced the idea that small, manageable steps are essential for sustained growth and overcoming sales barriers.

  • The concept of incremental growth is not just about pricing; it applies to all aspects of sales skills and strategies.

  • Adopting a mindset of continuous, incremental improvement can lead to significant long-term success in sales.

[22:03] Impact of Personal Money Beliefs on Sales:

  • My personal experiences and the “little traumas” I’ve encountered regarding money have significantly shaped my approach to sales, creating mental barriers that I’ve had to work hard to overcome for success.

  • In my journey, I’ve found that gradually adjusting my pricing and deeply addressing my underlying beliefs about money were crucial steps in overcoming these barriers.

  • Confronting and transforming my money beliefs has been a deeply personal journey requiring a lot of introspection, but it has led to profound improvements in my sales strategies and overall performance.

[29:08] Strategies for Improving Sales Calls and Mindset:

  • Igor and Michelle discussed common mistakes in sales calls, such as failing to close or properly engage clients, and how to overcome them.

  • I suggested a method for identifying negative beliefs that affect sales performance, emphasizing the importance of actionable strategies.

  • Commitment during sales calls and tailoring the approach to individual clients are key strategies for success.

  • The concept of ‘incremental improvement’ applies here as well, as small changes in approach can lead to better sales call outcomes.

  • Changing our mindset and behaviors based on these strategies can significantly improve sales performance and client engagement.

[41:29] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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