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Imagine a young, introverted teenager trapped in the clutches of boredom, lost in the virtual world of video games. But then, a restless night leads to an unexpected discovery—an embedded YouTube video titled ‘The Secret.’ But the journey doesn’t end here; it’s merely the beginning. If you’re hungry for more, eager to uncover the secrets behind this remarkable transformation and discover how you too can rewrite your story, then stay tuned. Join us in the upcoming podcast episode where we delve deeper into the techniques, insights, and life-altering exercises that propelled this journey.

[00:00] Sylvester Stallone Introduces The Show:

[00:20] In this episode, Igor narrates his journey of personal growth and transformation. He attributes his increased social confidence to attending seminars, engaging with his industry, and public speaking via various platforms. The episode also touches on his discovery of “The Secret” and the profound impact of Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power” program, particularly the “Dickens exercise,” in his quest for self-improvement.

[02:00] Building Self-Confidence:

  • I became more social as a result of venturing out into the world, building my self-confidence, attending seminars, networking within my industry, and eventually engaging in various forms of public speaking through my YouTube channel, podcast, webinars, and media appearances. Developing these skills wasn’t innate for me; I had to work on them.

[03:43] Finding “The Secret”:

  • One pivotal moment in my journey occurred when I was a bored teenager. After finishing my video games for the day, I found myself aimlessly browsing the internet, unable to fall asleep due to inner restlessness.

  • During those summer nights, I’d spend hours tinkering with Photoshop, surfing the web, and playing video games on empty servers. I vividly remember stumbling upon a video embedded from YouTube that intrigued me—it was about something called “the secret.”
  • Intrigued by the title, I watched the movie, “The Secret,” which was an adaptation of the book by Rhonda Byrne. The film featured figures like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Lisa Nichols, and John SRF, who, at the time, felt like they belonged to another world. Listening to their stories, especially Joe Vitale’s journey from homelessness to a millionaire, made me realize that success was possible.

  • I believed that I had discovered “the secret” to success: if I maintained a positive mindset and focused on it long enough, success would inevitably come my way.

[06:15] Feeling Like A Loser:

  • Fast forward a few years, and nothing had changed—I still felt like a loser. However, my unwavering belief in my ability to change my life persisted.

  • I continued searching for answers and came across the name Tony Robbins. I can’t recall exactly how I discovered him, but I do remember resorting to Pirate Bay, a torrent website, to download Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power” cassette tape set.

  • While I didn’t complete the entire program, I did listen to about 12 sessions. One session involved goal setting, another the arm-twisting exercise to expand one’s limits, and a third the color-recognition exercise illustrating how the brain focuses on what you tell it to focus on.

  • The most impactful exercise was the “Dickens exercise,” based on Charles Dickens’ story of Scrooge and the three ghosts.

[08:00] The Impact of Losing Weight:

  • For my own life, I chose my weight as the issue to address. I believed that all my problems stemmed from my weight.

  • I meticulously documented five terrible aspects of my weight issue in the past, and five in the present, and painted a grim picture of my future if I didn’t address it—a future filled with self-loathing and embarrassment.
  • This exercise jolted me into action. I began jogging, eliminated soda and sugar from my diet, paid close attention to calorie counts, and shed 15 to 20 pounds in just a few months. The transformation was incredible—I went from being an overweight kid to a more confident and friendly person. I started making new friends and going out more often, and eventually, I had my first girlfriend.

  • This marked the beginning of my self-development journey, and I began to see glimpses of a brighter future.

[11:09] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

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