Ryan Levesque’s Bucket Technique

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Ever heard of the Bucket technique for personalization? 🪣 In this episode, we’ll explore the world of personalization. Learn how personalization today is about more than just a name; it’s about two key elements. Discover the importance of investing effort into the personal touch, illustrated through Igor’s experience with his wife. 💐 Also, find out about Ryan Levesque’s revolutionary Bucket technique for personalization and how it breaks down the audience into core customer buckets. Join us to explore how to practically apply this technique to transform your approach to list building! 🚀🎯✨

 [01:54] Personalization Beyond Names:

  • Personalization goes beyond just a name. It involves knowing what interests people and tailoring content to their experiences. 
  • For instance, Amazon suggests other items when you purchase something, like a book or a laptop.
  • This is personalization, however it isn’t just about the item; it’s about the effort behind it.
  • A significant example is when Igor discovered the importance of personal touch with his wife. 
  • The lesson learned is that personal gestures lose value when automated.

[04:48] Personalizing Content to Experience:

  • Another form of personalization is personalizing the content or material to match the customer’s experience. 
  • Ryan Levesque’s concept of “buckets” takes this to a high level. 
  • The idea is to break down your audience into core customer buckets. 
  • For instance, in a coaching program on relationships, the potential buckets could include information for married men, men facing divorce, unhappy married women, and couples working on their marriage together.
  • By personalizing the content according to these buckets, you talk to different groups of people differently. 
  • This personalization results in different perspectives, frames, and ways of looking at things, appealing to the unique experiences of each group.

[06:31] Transforming Your Approach:

  • Personalization is crucial for increasing conversions.
  • By understanding and implementing personalization, you can significantly impact your business. 
  • It’s not about automated processes; it’s about investing effort into the personal touch.

[07:24] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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