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Are you currently working towards achieving a specific goal in your entrepreneurial journey? In this episode, we explore the mindset of entrepreneurship. Discover why possessing the necessary skills and knowledge isn’t always enough, and how a limiting mindset can hold individuals back from pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Join us as we discuss the importance of having specific goals and setting high standards for quality of life. 💡

[01:34] Entrepreneurial Mindset vs. Day Job Mentality:

  • In a day job, you’ll never thrive as an entrepreneur due to constant authority figures and their rules.
  • Sharing a personal story, Igor talks about his brother, who essentially runs a bakery but tolerates being treated unfairly.
  • Despite possessing all the necessary skills and knowledge, many individuals are held back from pursuing entrepreneurial paths due to a limiting mindset.
  • Unlike his brother, Igor refuses to settle and has always had a standard in mind for what fair treatment means.

[03:10] Freedom and Quality of Life:

  • There’s no job in the world that can offer the freedom, quality of life, and opportunities one feels entitled to.
  • His basic minimum allowable standard for quality of life was much higher than any job could offer him.
  • Igor emphasizes that his success is the result of continuously striving for the standards he set for himself.

[03:58] Continuous Improvement:

  • Discussing the importance of continuous improvement and setting new goals once a standard has been achieved, Igor explains that he’s happiest when pursuing the next goal. 
  • He highlights the importance of having specific goals to work toward to avoid feeling lost in life.

[04:36] Entrepreneurial Traits:

  • Most successful entrepreneurs share the trait of always having a specific goal in mind.
  • Igor points out that the most successful entrepreneurs often have multiple goals they are working on simultaneously in different areas of life.
  • He explains that the journey of life is about learning about oneself through experiences and how one responds to them.
  • Having a specific goal to work towards is crucial; without it, life isn’t the same and it’s easy to feel lost.

[05:40] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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