Reasons For Leaving Israel

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Imagine living in constant fear, where every day feels like a potential threat to your family’s safety. What would it take for you to leave everything behind and start anew in a foreign land?🌍 Join Igor in this episode as he unravels the harrowing yet hopeful journey of his family who did just that, leaving Israel for the promise of peace in Canada. Igor shares what life was really like in Israel, dealing with constant threats and political tensions. Hear about the initial relief of moving to peaceful Canada, and the new challenges they faced there over time. Throughout the story, he reflects on important lessons and the need to embrace change. This episode is a powerful look at fear, adaptation, and the ongoing search for a true home.🏠✈️

[01:26] The Decision to Leave Israel: 

  • The growing sense of insecurity in Israel led Igor and his family’s decision to emigrate. 
  • Frequent violent incidents, often driven by ideological and religious extremists, created a constant state of fear. 

[01:56] Demographic Changes and Political Tensions:

  • The number of Arab children being born in Israel is high, which could mean that in the future, Jews might be outnumbered.
  • Igor recalls a time when his wife had a severe panic attack because she thought they might be attacked when they heard loud Arab music from a passing car. 
  • This demographic shift, along with the ongoing conflict with Palestinians, adds to the political and social instability in the country.
  • These changes were making the future of Israel uncertain and more dangerous, influencing their decision to move to a safer place.

[04:54] Adaptation in Canada:

  • Moving to Canada brought a big change for the better at first. 
  • Igor and his family felt much safer and noticed how relaxed and calm everything was compared to Israel. 
  • They appreciated the better living conditions, like a bigger house and a nicer car, and were happy their children could learn English and adapt to new social norms. 
  • However, after a few years, things started to change in Canada that he didn’t like, which made him think about moving again. 
  • Despite the issues, the initial years in Canada were very positive and met many of his goals.

[06:05] Change and Personal Growth:

  • Reflecting on how important it is to embrace change and learn from different experiences. 
  • Moving to Canada, even though it eventually had some downsides, was not a mistake. 
  • It was a necessary step that provided valuable lessons and opportunities for personal and family growth. 
  • Igor emphasizes that every stage of their journey is important for understanding what they want in life. 
  • See it as a learning process where no time is wasted if lessons are learned and applied to future decisions.

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