On Being Unconventional

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Is there ever a time when being “vanilla”🍦 or neutral is actually helpful? In today’s episode, we are going to talk about the benefits of being clear and bold in sharing your ideas. We’ll discuss how a touch of boldness can attract the right audience,👥 share a real-life example that proves this point, and talk about why blending in might not work in your favor. Tune in to discover how to make your voice heard and truly connect with others by just being yourself!

[01:35] Expressing Boldly:

  • Do not be neutral or “vanilla” in communications, especially when engaging an audience, and to show authenticity.
  • Be clear and unapologetic in your marketing, ensuring you do so while minimizing offense to others, unless you’re okay with upsetting a specific group on purpose.

[02:10] Targeted Offense in Marketing: 

  • There is a strategic approach in marketing where offending a non-target market, such as YouTube agencies in the context of promoting software that competes with their services, can be beneficial. 
  • The goal is to make your product stand out and attract your target audience by showing how it’s better than other options they might not like.

[03:56] Bold Communication:

  • A big media company, like Daily Wire, shows how being straightforward with your opinions can really work. 
  • This company doesn’t hold back when it comes to tough topics. They say what they think clearly and strongly, and there’s a group of people who really like that. 
  • This example shows that if you’re clear about where you stand, you can keep people interested and build a group of followers who really get into what you’re saying.

[06:50] The Risks of Neutrality: 

  • It’s not good to always stay in the middle and to not have strong opinions. 
  • When you’re too neutral or just go with the flow without taking a stand, people might start to find you boring.
  • Most of the time, people like to follow someone who has clear ideas and knows what they’re talking about. If you don’t show that you’re sure about your views, you might not keep people’s attention for long.
  • They want to hear from someone who’s confident in their beliefs and can guide them, not someone who’s unsure and doesn’t pick sides.

[07:29] Igor’s Book On Email Marketing:



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