Microwave Traffic Theory

The following episode is likely to offend the weak-hearted marketers. It’s borderline cannibalism. Politically sensitive listeners are advised to avoid listening at all costs. The graphical illustrations used to describe traffic generation may inflict psycho damage. Proceed at your own risk.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor Kheifets.
You know, I got a confession to make. I really suck at cooking. I say it proudly because
I always considered cooking not to be my highest most important priority, even though
my dad is an amazing cook and my brother, my big brother, is. I mean he pretty much
made a career out of cooking. Like he can cook pretty much anything. I mean be it
anything like a bakery or anything related to meat or fish or pretty much anything.

Incidentally, I always attract people who are great cooks like my best friend
Stos. He's also an amazing cook to a point where he now started a YouTube channel
where he's cooking and showing people how to cook and makes money that way as well
in addition to his primary business running a deli. I'm kind of thinking about it
as like, "Wow. I attract people into my life who love cooking, yet I suck. I suck
at cooking myself." But of course, I love to eat. This got me thinking about
traffic. I know what you're thinking. Where exactly is the parallel that you draw
between traffic and food? Well, I'll explain.

You see, when people go and they try to get traffic, online it's kind of like
going and hunting your own food down. You know what I mean? In other words, it's
almost never handed to you in a silver platter. It's mostly about going out there
and setting traps and setting bear traps if you will to "catch" your prey and your
best prospects and then skinning them down and stripping them down and then
pulling out the feathers and cooking them on the fire until they're ready to be
eaten so to speak. Now I know it's kind of like this evil analogy, but stick with

It'll make sense I promise. One way of getting traffic, the most traditional, the
most common way that people used to get traffic is just going out there and
hunting it down, which let's face it, unless you're a really skilled hunter, you
are going to starve at least for a while. That creates a big challenge for people
and a lot of people quit marketing because of that. Not because they can't find
the right offer to promote. Those are actually quite abundant out there.

Like I'm literally being hit with 10 offers every single day from every possible
direction, so there's no shortage of offers, but there is shortage of reliable
traffic techniques and there is shortage of people who are good traffic hunters,
right? There is shortage of people who know what to do, how to set up their traps,
where to go, how to properly and correctly attract the right prospects and convert
them into customers. Now that's where most people are.

They either spend a lot of money learning how to do that, but never set out to do
it, or they spend a lot of time and money on trying to do that unsuccessfully
until they run out of time and run out of money, and they quit the business and go
seek something else to do. This is unfortunate because again as much as I hate
hunting my food down and I'm sure if it ever was the case, if it ever were the
case, if I had to go out there and hunt down my dinner, I'd literally die of
starvation really, really soon. But online, that's the fact of life. I got better
at it over time and eventually got so good at it that now I don't have to worry
about it at all.

If I wanted to get 2,000 visitors tomorrow, it's as easy for me as walking down to
the nearest Walmart and grabbing some bacon. I mean that would be the most
accurate analogy that I can think of of getting traffic for me today. Speaking of
Walmart, it's interesting because there's another segment, another type of people
that want to get traffic. These people they have this frozen dinner mentality
about their traffic. They want to get it like half ready or precooked, so they can
just basically eat it. That's fine and that's fine, so there's the second type.

The third type I'd say maybe 15% of the people who are trying to make money
online, they go and they want to get traffic in a restaurant. They want to
basically come in, sit down, do nothing, get service, get served, read through the
menu, flip through it, pick the right meal that they want and order the meal, eat
the meal, and leave. That's how they approach their business. Now let me just
share with you that the last approach that I described, the restaurant approach,
is just bad. It's never going to happen. I assure you. The best you can expect is
to have the frozen dinner served, right?

The best you can expect is have a precooked meal, but what you're forgetting, what
most people are forgetting, even when you tap into "buyer traffic sources," even
when you tap into "warm traffic sources," so if you've been working with me,
you've probably had that experience, you still need to cook the dinner. You still
need to bring the dinner home, unpack it, put it in the microwave or your stove or
whatever, and get it to a point where it's eatable because you can't eat a frozen
dinner, right? You just break your teeth and you again go to sleep starving.

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That's what people seem to forget. There's a traffic temperature. There's a
cooking process. You have to cook your leads before you can eat them. A lot of
people just don't get it. A lot of people again they either get stuck in the
mindset of okay, I'm going to go and hunt down my traffic on my own. They're
usually people who use the free traffic techniques, which never works. Almost
never works for most people. Very few people are able to get traffic that way and
become great at it. The ones who do rarely go out sharing how they did it. You
know what I mean?

Because they just invest more time and more money into increasing their traffic
because they recognize that the more of it you've got, the more money you'll
always make. In addition, people always seek out the ideal outcome of just going
to a traffic restaurant. Picking the package, whatever, picking the meal and
eating. Now that is never going to happen for the simple reason that it's
impossible for someone to precook your traffic to a point where it's a meal. Let
me put it in a different way.

It's impossible for anyone to sell you personally, to sell you and your services
to a point where you're getting the end result and you're enjoying the process and
it's all good and done. The only exception is if you can find access to a buyer
traffic coop. In other words, where the traffic will run and you'll only get
charged anytime you get a buyer, but then you get charged a premium for the buyer.
For example, if the person is buying say a $47 product, you may end up paying $300
for that buyer in order to pay out to the traffic sources that are being used.
There's no magic here.

This approach usually ends up costing you way more because the buyers that you
generate don't have the same relationship with you as they would have if they've
gone through the natural cooking cycle, right? In other words, this meal isn't as
nutritious as the one that you can cook yourself. I would like to encourage you to
get knowledgeable and get more interested in the process of not really getting the
traffic, of not really going out there and hunting the traffic down, but more so
about get skilled and knowledgeable about the process of buying precooked dinners,
precooked traffic, but then bring it to the perfect temperature, the perfect
condition so you can actually eat it.

In other words, get good at recognizing the spots where you can get traffic, where
you can buy it. Okay? Usually it will cost you money where you can buy it, but you
will save up so much time and so much headache and just so many resources, at the
same time recognize that it still needs to be further cooked. That's when you need
to focus, right? Don't waste two years of your life trying to understand traffic
generation especially if you're short on time and short on money. That may come
later. You may end up developing your own traffic strategies when you become

It's going to be easier for you because you're going to have cashflow coming in.
You can fund all kinds of test and experiments. But until then, get good at
recognizing what's your traffic Walmart, where can you go to just look at the
shelves and pick your packages, and then recognize that it's not a restaurant, but
a frozen dinner that needs to be further cooked, right? Find out where you can get
the right ingredients. Find out where you can get the right meals, but also
remember that you're also responsible for cooking those meals. That's never going
to go away.

That's never going to change, although a lot of people would hate that. I mean I
know that this is not what most people want to hear. I understand that. I mean I
sell traffic. Okay? I know exactly what the mindset is, but I feel that I'd be
doing you a big disservice if I didn't describe this process to you because again
the worst thing that I see is people going in with the wrong mindset. They go in.
They're like, "Yeah. I'm going to buy a thousand clicks. I'm going to make $3,000.
I'm going to reinvest $2,000 back. I'm going to put $1,000 towards my car payment
this month. Life is going to be great." Then they run the traffic and they don't
do anything to convert it.

They don't approach it with a long-term mindset. They don't go through the
"cooking process" even if the traffic is okay, even if the traffic is warmed up
and targeted. Then two months they are super frustrated and broke because they ran
out of all of their money because they put all their eggs in one basket. They
never followed up with the leads and now two months later it's too late to follow
up with the leads. It's too late to cook them because they're now just gone,
right? Same as if you were to go and buy some fresh produce and just put it in the
counter on your kitchen counter for like two months.

It's going to go rotten. Same thing with the leads. They go rotten. Leads are
exactly like the food you eat, the food you cook, and the food you buy. You need
to get real about it. The way the world works. This episode, although quite short
because there's really no more point I mean just to go around beating around the
bush, basically you cook your traffic, you'll eat. You don't, you'll starve. If
you go hunting for your traffic, you'll probably starve because you probably suck
at hunting the traffic down. If you're expecting a traffic restaurant, you will
always, always be disappointed. Okay?

At least at this point, the industry hasn't developed enough to supply that to
you, but you go and you get the frozen dinner or the fresh produce and then you
cook it and that's how you get successful if right now you're not. If right now
you're not successful, you're looking for the fastest way, that's the way you want
to do it. Make sure that you're buying the right ingredients. Make sure you're
buying the right precooked meals, but also make sure you invest 90% of the time
you spend online into understanding the cooking process and learning how to take
your leads from cold to hot on the traffic temperature scale. This concludes
another episode of the List Building Lifestyle and until next time we chat, have a
good one.

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