Microsoft Ads Affiliate Playbook With Ivan Mana

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A gem amid other glitzy ad-placing systems is the perfect definition of Microsoft Ads. If you’ve been dreaming of a pay-per-click ad platform, that is easy to navigate, and won’t ban you without a legitimate reason, then Microsoft Ads is your best bet. Tune in to steal some of Ivan Mana’s best money-making strategies through Microsoft Ads. 

Guest: Ivan Mana is an online business owner, affiliate marketer, and course-based content creator. Using Microsoft Ads and other paid traffic affiliate platforms, Ivan was able to secure a 5-figure stable stream of profit in only 5 years.

[00:51] The podcast unravels the strategy behind using Microsoft Ads, why it is better than its rivals,  and how to optimize it to achieve your financial goals.

What are Microsoft Ads?

[01:49] Ivan Mana’s complete Microsoft Ads Affiliate Playbook is available on his YouTube channel:

[4:20] Facebook Ads v. Microsoft Ads:

  • On Facebook you have to throw an ad in front of people on Facebook, make it attractive enough, and hope that people stop and look at it and click on it.

  • Search Marketing, in my opinion, is way easier. It is when people search for something you simply deliver and give them what they search for. And that’s where Microsoft and Google Ads come in, where you can create ads and focus on specific keywords, stuff that you want to target. And when people type in those keywords, your ad will show up. 

[05:25] Ivan shares his overall experience with Microsoft Ads:

  • It was called bing ads just a few years ago because the ads would run on Just like Google ads, the ads ran on And then they rebranded to Microsoft ads.

  • I started five years ago, just when I started affiliate marketing, Microsoft ads and Google ads were kind of the first networks that I started with, and I stuck with them. And my experience has been great.

  •  It is one of the best passive income sources you can find. 

[08:30] One major issue with native ads: 

  • I know people that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a day from running native ads, which is great. The issue with native ads is that you have to keep on looking at the ads and keep on looking at the competition and keep on changing the ads. And, you know, after a few days, maybe after a week or so, that offer might not do so well anymore, and you have to go in and change it up.

  • Whereas with Microsoft ads, my experience has been that if I create an ad for an offer, and it’s been going well, it can go well for months, maybe even years, you know, so unchanged.

[09:20] What makes Microsoft ads better than the rest?

  • An unchanged Microsoft ad can still make you money because people are searching for that stuff. So, you know, if the number of people searching goes down, you’re not paying for those people that aren’t interested. You’re only paying per click.

  • Whereas for example, with native ads, even if everybody loses interest, you will still have to pay because they will see your ads on the page that they’re viewing.

  • With Microsoft and Google, I just found it easier to just once you optimize a campaign, figure out what’s working, you can leave it running, and you don’t have to technically change anything for you to be making good money month in and month out.

[10:55] Ivan Mana shares a day in the life of a successful affiliate marketer:

  • Every morning when I wake up, I check my ads. Obviously, I want to make sure everything’s going well. I look at the impressions, look at the clicks, and see if I can make any changes. I always have split tests running. I then go to the gym, have a nice workout, eat lunch, come back, maybe read something, and do some research for my next upcoming YouTube video. And then in the evenings, I usually like to go out to do something either with friends or maybe something sporty. Then I engage in some mind activities in the evening before bed and then sleep and then repeat the day all over again.

[12:40] Igor shares his childhood struggles as an immigrant:

  • When we came to Israel, from Ukraine, my dad had a double bypass. And since that point, it was the work, he just couldn’t find any work. And he would also not qualify for disability. So, he was in that sort of limbo phase where the government wouldn’t pay him. But also people didn’t want to hire him. And I remember the day when he went to the bank and somehow sweet-talked them into giving him a visa. So we could kind of stretch out our living expenses and start accumulating some debt, which wasn’t the goal, but that’s exactly what happened and put us into a big, big, big hole.

[13:56] How do priorities determine one’s fate?

  • We didn’t have lots of books in our house. My parents never spent money on seminars or any sort of training. But we did have a big ass TV, and then we bought another one so my parents can have one in their bedroom. So it was basically there was like, I think eventually we had a thing like three or four TVs in a two-bedroom apartment. So I mean, it just kind of shows where people’s priorities are and there’s a reason why successful people become successful and other people don’t become successful. They kind of stay where they are.

  • It’s about mastering yourself and doing the best that you can for yourself versus trying to flash it for others and show what you’re not. 

[15:33] Ivan Mana shares his strategies for driving traffic: 

  • When I first started, I was overwhelmed by how much work had to be done with driving traffic to an offer. So what I did was I sent traffic from the ads straight to the affiliate offer, which is called direct linking. And I still think that’s the easiest way for somebody to get started. So you’re not overwhelmed with building an email list, creating the autoresponders, building out a landing page website, and connecting and setting up all the tracking with a page.

[16:40] Is it necessary to have a landing page? 

  • A landing page converts better rather than direct linking.

  • If you have a landing page, you’re able to frame people. You’re able to tell them exactly what to expect. And so it’s just a psychological factor that makes it a little bit easier for the person because when they click on the ad, they see exactly what you promised them.

  • The second reason I found why a landing page works better is because of the commitment psychology principle. So when they click on your ad, and then they click on a few more buttons on your landing page, such as the button that says continue to the next page, they psychologically think that they’re more invested. 

[20:13] Ivan’s unique approach to mailing lists:

  • I just do it without an email list just to avoid the complication just to see how much traffic is coming in. But then over time, if I’m seeing sales, if I’m seeing that there is demand for the product, then I do usually add, like an email submit option.

  • Both Microsoft and Google ads do have conversion tracking codes. And you can add those to your pages, and then you can actually remark it to those same people. So that’s an alternative to email marketing if you don’t have an email set up.

[21:56]  How do you define a successful campaign versus an unsuccessful one?

  • The short answer is basically just how much money you make versus how much money you spend.

  • If I spend maybe 200 to $300, and I don’t make a single sale, then I would pause the campaign. And I would just reevaluate the whole thing from start to finish and see what I could have done wrong. And I’m going to look at the numbers, I’m going to look at the click-through rate, the impression rate, and all the individual keywords. And just see, where the numbers are low, where the numbers are high.

  • Anything below 15% CTR, I would have to take a look and see what’s going on and see what competitors are doing.

[25:42] 3 niches that dominate the Internet:

  • The hottest offers are in health, wealth, and relationships. These are the three niches that dominate the online space. They have the most demand, basically, health, wealth, and relationships. 
  • You can make money and all the other spaces. But for some reason, though, maybe the way I built my landing page was similar to the ideal landing page for health-related offers, as opposed to say, Make Money Online, where my landing page may have sucked.  I didn’t make any sales there.

[28:00] Getting banned on platforms:

  • I’d be lying to you if I told you that you’ll never get banned. They are very strict. I have received hundreds of emails and hundreds of comments about accounts being banned left and right.

  • Sometimes they can block you left and right for absolutely no reason.

  • And this is something we have no control over. And I’m not gonna sit here and lie and tell you that you must have broken the rules to be banned. No, there are legitimate businesses, not even affiliates, just real businesses that are selling one product, and they get banned.

  • 90% of the time the ban is taking place before they run an ad before they spend a dime or before they enter a keyword before they do anything at all.

[30:00] Microsoft has a much better interface than its rivals:

  • The other thing I love about Microsoft is that there’s actually someone you can talk to, unlike with Facebook, Microsoft has a phone number you can call to have a chat.

  • It’s like actual human beings working there.

  • My guess is these guys are b2b, more so than a b2c. And they take their customer support seriously due to all the other products that they have.

  • I think Microsoft and Google have a very easy-to-navigate layout once you become a little bit familiar with it. Whereas Facebook feels like they change their interface every day or something like that.

  • Microsoft gives you more control, their interface is fairly simple. Their bidding algorithm is also simpler. 

[39:00] Staying up-to-date with the latest trends in affiliate marketing: 

  • You know, 18 months from now might be completely different. And this is something we tell people, you know when they consider enrolling in our Mads Academy program.

  • If you look at the way traffic sources have worked in the industry for the longest time you look at Facebook, Google, or anything else. What you will notice is it starts off well, then it evolves over time changes start happening. And then eventually, it either gets too complicated or too expensive or both.

  • You need to constantly be on the lookout. And that’s kind of what I mentioned at the beginning to you.

  • Regardless of what network you run your ads on, you always have to come in and check your ads and make sure that your ad spend hasn’t gone through the roof in one day. Because things change all the time.

[40:00] Ivan Mana’s YouTube Channel and Online Courses:



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