30 Years A List Builder With Joe Vitale

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Steal the No.1 marketing technique from the pioneer of list building. From effective book recommendations to successful list-building tactics, tune in to gather the ultimate wisdom of the marketing universe.

Guest: Dr. Joe Vitale is credited to be the pioneer of list building, a highly successful digital marketer, and a hardcore book enthusiast. 

[00:53] The podcast picks the brain of the very first online list builder and internet marketer on his fascinating email marketing tactics, and the origin of list building.  

How did Dr. Joe Vitale become the first list builder?

[02:29] How did the first ever list on the Internet come into existence:

  • I stumbled on to the internet and became an early internet pioneer when the internet was being talked about and people were thinking there was golden cyberspace and I was on the internet before it was called the “Internet”, at least publicly.

  • I was on the bulletin board systems where people had computers with a bunch of phone lines going into them and we were starting to stumble around blindfolds trying to find our way.

  • But the thing that kept recurring is that if we had a list, just a small list of fans or followers, and people interested in our product or service, we could find golden cyberspace and for most of us, myself included, my initial list had my name on it first and then you put your family and friends names on it and then you start asking your acquaintances to tell other acquaintances to put their names on it.

  • It was all about building a list in any way, shape, or form you could do it. We didn’t have spam laws back then. So you just put people on the list and unless they, you know, complained in some way, shape, or form, they stayed on the list.

[04:52] Joe shares his top 3 painful lessons he learned in the journey:

  • I wrote one of the very first books on internet marketing, I wrote cyber writing and it was on how to sell your product or service without being flamed. Back then in the 90s, the word flamed meant that you were being complained about, you were getting burned online. So cyber writing was one of the very first books on how to do marketing online. So I learned the hard way about doing that marketing.

  • I don’t have a mindset that really looks for the pain points, I try to focus on what’s working, I focus on the success, and I focus on what to do. It’s more of a principle of positive psychology.

  • So when you ask the question about the pain and everything, that’s a tougher one for me to answer, I would think maybe what comes to mind is a couple of times, I did buy a list. And I found that those were horrible experiences, mainly because they were cold lists, there were people that didn’t know me in any way, shape, or form. And a principle in selling its principle of psychology is that people buy from people they know, like, and they respect. That wasn’t the wisest move for me. So I would say that was probably a painful lesson.

[06:42] How to get the ball rolling?

  • I would advise them to read a book by Napoleon Hill called Outwitting the Devil.

  • Most people don’t know that Napoleon Hill wrote a book that was not published during his lifetime because it was considered too controversial. It’s been published over the last few years, it’s called Outwitting the Devil.

  • When you start reading Outwitting the Devil, you realize the devil he’s referring to is your own mind.

  • I had been homeless at one point, I was in poverty for 10 years. So for me to come out and say, “Hey, come follow me. I’m a nice guy, I got something to share with you. That was lifted cement. I mean, that was tough. So I had to work on my self-esteem as well. And I learned to build the opposite of a dip. You build a cheerleader.

  • There are no particular skills needed. If you have a belief in yourself if you’ve got a product or service. stand on your own two feet and start barking about what you have to offer to the people self-promote. Get the word out there but it begins with believing in yourself. So, learn to hear the voice of the devil and ignore it, and create and listen and obey the angel within you, the cheerleader within you. 

[10:23] How to overcome years of poor conditioning?

  • It does not take a long time to begin the shift. You make a decision and then you reinforce it. The people right now listening to this if they have in the past, but naysaying their own value, today is the day where you stop, you are interrupted in some way, shape, or form.

  • This is a pattern interrupt, but copy this in your mind. And whenever you start to hear that voice, it’s gonna start weakening even right now. But whenever it may try to sneak in, you come back in and you say stop.

[14:57] The Secret does NOT work:

  • I went to Thailand for the first time a few years ago, and there was a young man who brought me over there and I did not want to go. It was a long trip. But he was saying that I changed his life. He was offering lots of money.

  • He said that I think it was 15 years earlier when he was 20 years old. He was homeless. It was homeless on the beaches of Thailand. No money, no job, no car, no apartment, nothing. And out of his desperation, he called an old friend of his back from his home country, which was in Sweden. And the friend said, I’m not going to send you any money, but I’ll send you a book. And he sent him the book The Secret.

  • And he thinks this is all hogwash, this stuff doesn’t work. And he makes this commitment to himself. He says, “I’m going to prove the secret does not work”.

  • So he begins to practice. Let me try getting a job. Let me get a part-time job. So when I met him at the airport, 15 years had passed since he was homeless. He’s standing in front of me, a billionaire 35-year-old with a billion heirs who had, at that time, the largest real estate company in southern Thailand.

[18:00] Dr. Joe Vitale’s life-changing book recommendations:

  • I’d recommend ”Homeless to Billionaire” by Andres Pira and co-authored by me.

  • One of the greatest books of all time in self-help literature was Victor Frankel’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”. I have read and reread that book.

  • And I will also mention if people haven’t read Maxwell Maltz’s 1960 classic masterpiece  “Psycho-Cybernetics”. I reread it recently and I almost burned my own books thinking. Nobody needs anything else.

[20:24] Marketing book to increase sales:

  • A book I would recommend is called “There’s A Customer Born Every Minute”. I wrote that in around 98, and I updated it around 2006. It is a book that many marketers, whether it’s Dan Kennedy, Mark Joyner, or other names people would know. Absolutely love that book. And I’m very proud of it.

  • And I would say go buy everything by Dan Kennedy just go shopping and whatever he’s written just go and click Add to Cart. He has a bunch of no BS guides.

  • And the Ultimate Sales Letter simplified copywriting and I use that to help build my list. Because when you go to write to your list, you need to write a compelling copy, which is why I ended up writing Hypnotic Writing. That was my creation.

  • Gary Halbert had written a lot of things, little pamphlets that came out, they’re probably still in print on eBay or on Amazon, that helped a lot of people and I can go on forever with marketing. I’m also a fan and student of John Caples. John Caples wrote one of the most famous ads in history. 

[31:37] Joe Vitale’s No.1 Marketing Technique:

  • I’m going to tell you my number one technique. For the longest time, I kept it a secret, and only recently have I written a book about it. And it’s really what I call karmic marketing.

  • I built a list from zero with karmic marketing. And like I say, recently, I came out with a book called karmic marketing. Well, let me give people the essence of it is, in essence, giving away for free, which you would normally charge for, as an incentive for people to go on your list.

  • You want to have something of value to the people that are potentially going to be on your list. So not some random thing that’s unrelated to your product or service. This needs to be relevant to what you ultimately want to be offering people. The second thing is it needs to be something that hurts you a little bit. And what I mean by that is you want to give away something that you really, really, really want to charge for. Because if you really give away something that is of real value, the people will know it, and they will value it.

  • Call it esoteric, call it metaphysics, just call it sound ethical communication. Feel Love, and they will feel the love. And ultimately, they’ll stay with you. 

[28:00] Put your subscribers in a trance:

  • When it comes to repetition, from a hypnotic standpoint, the mind has to hear something more than once, in order for it to take it in and accept it.

  • In the old days, you had to run your ad at least seven times before people even saw it the first time.

  • You will get bored doing it before the audience ever does. And that’s something I’ve always reminded myself is that there isn’t the mic, the title of my book, there’s a customer born every minute, and there are 7 billion people on the planet.

  • Just because I’ve seen my own email or my own website, or my own ads a few times doesn’t mean those 7 billion people did.

  • Even the smallest niche is constantly growing because there are new people getting interested in whatever it is that that niche is all about.

  • Repetition is essential to hypnosis to the mental commands in and marketing in general.

[39:00] Zero Limits Living:

  • Every Friday, I’m hosting an episode of zero limits living, it’s taken off and it’s so popular at this point. It’s surprising to me that it’s seen or heard on 1000 different platforms, 1000 platforms across the galaxy, which means it’s on YouTube, it’s on Amazon Fire. It’s on Apple TV, it’s on Spotify, and pretty much anything you can name I’m reaching out and I’m interviewing the legends. I’m interviewing the authorities, the experts, the authors, the speakers, and the controversial, and the one thing that I’m doing in the show is I’m exploring a question and the question is, do we have any limits? I don’t really think we do. But I’m going after science to some going after philosophers and going after the metaphysics of going after authors, and they are sharing their processes, their techniques.

  • Learn more about Zero Limits Living at  www.zerolimitslivingtv.com.


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