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Ever tried a method that didn’t work?

And did that method work for other people? At least SOME people?

So you tried again… and again… and again… Until you ran out of time, money, patience or all of the above?


You’re a “Method Munkee” and you need to know this.


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Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your host,
Igor Kheifets. Internet marketers are method monkeys. It's a term I invented to
describe people who believe there's only one right method to achieve an outcome.
For example, internet marketers were essentially social media monkeys. They
believe social media is the only correct way to get free traffic to their links.
They ignore other free methods, which are often way more effective, such as
syndicated content, for example, which is where you appear as a guest on other
people's marketing channels, or search engine optimization that offers sniper
precision lead generation and is rated as number three most profitable traffic
source after email and referrals compared to social media, which is down towards
the end of that list at number eight or number nine or something.

Now, obviously their problem is not the particular method, itself. It's not social
media. It's not ACO. It's not solo. It doesn't matter what the method is. The
problem is that these people lock themselves into the belief that says, this one
method has to work no matter what because it has worked for someone else. That is
going to be the method that I'm going to use. That's going to be the method that's
going to save me, especially when we're talking about making money, right? Because
a lot of people who try to make money, they really do feel like this is what's
going to save them, which of course literally, it could be.

Now, method monkeys, they're married to the method that is often slower, harder,
etc., like if you're a dating method monkey and you believe that cold approaches
are the only thing that you can do or should do in order to get the relationship
that you want or get the women you want, whatever. I mean, you're still, you're a
method monkey that is married to the idea that cold approaches are the only
method. Now, we are all guilty of this, by the way. We are all guilty of being
method monkeys, it's just some of us have found our one method that works for us,
and we reasonably believe that remaining loyal to this method is what's gonna make
us successful. And there's really nothing wrong with that. If it works, it works,
and that's awesome.

But most of us haven't found our magic method. That's where the problem actually
lies, because when one method monkey observes another more successful method
monkey, all the method monkey sees is a method that works. Monkey see, monkey do,
right? The less successful monkey tries to copy the successful monkey's method,
putting all their resources and faith into this one method. And this pretty much
describes the entire self-help industry. Doesn't matter what kind of subject we're
talking about, make money, dating, losing weight, whatever. It's always a monkey
see, monkey do.

Now, success fixes most things. So, when a frustrated method monkey finds a method
that finally works, he or she experiences an instant authority boost, and having
your method feels really good. It actually makes everything predictable and
simple. As long as the method monkey does certain things in a certain way, he or
she is guaranteed a result. Now, having so much newly found certainty not only
transforms once a method monkey into a highly successful and much respected
person, but it also gives the method monkey an unspoken permission to salvage the
frustrated method monkeys out there by teaching them his or her method. Again,
this describes in great detail the entire self-help industry.

Now to the good part, okay. What does this have to do with you and your success?
Because essentially, even if you are a method monkey right now and you do locate
that one method that works, nothing wrong with that, like I said. If it works, it
works. And success fixes most things. But the thing is, that for reason unknown to
me personally, there is no one method that works for everyone. And there's a good
chance you may be spending time and money right now trying to master a method that
simply will not work for you. And as sad as I am to admit it, even solo ads, or
email marketing, or list building can be that method.

And I know how hypocritical it sounds coming from me, the guy who pretty much goes
out there every day yelling and shouting from the top of his lungs that solo ads
is everything, and list building is pretty much the only way to make money, and
blah, blah, blah. But you have to understand that it truly does feel to me that
way. I really do not see how list building is not the solution to everything. I
really cannot comprehend how can you get more profitable leads than the ones you
get from email, the people who are engaged, who are reading your emails, who want
to patronize you with actual money and not likes and comments.

But even though it feels like that to me because of my built in bias towards this
method, because that's the one method that save my life, that completely
transformed my life, the life of my family, the lives of my friends, the lives of
my team members, the lives of my students, that still may not be the ideal method
for you. That's the thing that I'm trying to say. It's like, you may be trying the
social media route for the last two years, trying to get free traffic, but it's
not working out. But it does work out for other people. And that's why you keep

But the thing is that, it may never work out for you. There is a good chance
that's exactly what's gonna happen. And you have to embrace it and be open-minded
to trying other methods if the ones that you're trying right now simply don't work
for you. It's as simple as that. This means that at some point after trying solo
ads, you may decide to walk away from them. Saying that, "Okay, I tried it.
Doesn't work for me, moving on." Because for me, right, I did try a bunch of
different methods before I found solo ads, and email marketing, and list building.
I did. I mean, tried PPV, which is pay-per-view traffic. I tried banner adds. I
tried forward marketing Twitter, writing the articles, doing product launches,
which actually did work, by the way. Product launches actually did work for me,
and I made about $10,000 launching my Instant List Building Formula Program.
That's not on the market anymore, so don't email me about getting you a link.

But I didn't like it, and I didn't see how I can sustain it. So, what I'm trying
to offer you in this episode, what I'm trying really give you here is to offer you
a paradigm shift and say that, "Look, if you're currently set on a method, if
you're, without even knowing it, have become a method monkey, then it's okay to
try other things. It's okay to admit that some methods work for some people, and
other methods work for other people, and don't work for the other ones." It's
perfectly fine for you to be okay with that, to admit that that's true, because at
the end of the day, what really truly matters is whether or not you find your
method, whether or not you achieve that result that you're looking for.

And if that means walking away from a method you've been sold on three years ago
and have been trying since, by all means, do that because it's your life, and
you're doing this to get a certain result. So, that's why I encourage you to try
new methods. I encourage you to test things out for yourself. I encourage you to
do things, both free and paid traffic methods, both manipulative and
non-manipulative selling, try everything and see what actually works for you.
Because whatever works is going to fix everything. Like I said, winning fixes most

So, once you win, this is it. You get to dictate the rules of your own game, your
life becomes predictable, your future becomes very bright and not dark and gray,
you don't have to dance to anyone's tune, you don't have to, you just don't have
to deal with things that you really, really hate. Life gets much easier, much more
predictable, and you will feel much better doing it. So, don't be a method monkey.
Be a result monkey. Be driven by an outcome. Don't be driven by a method. Once you
become that, it's gonna be so much easier for you to find success in this
industry, you wouldn't even believe if I told you. So, test this out. Test out my
theory for yourself, and let me know if I'm wrong. But if I'm right, you're
welcome. So, this is it. Igor's out. Thank you for tuning in for another episode
of the List Building Lifestyle. And until next time we chat, have a good one.

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