Biz Opp Junkie Awards #1

Online income opportunity space is awash with idiots.

For every hardworking student I’ve ever worked with, I’ve had at least a dozen biz opp junkies.

Just for kicks, I’ve decided to nominate the most hard-core biz opp junkies I’ve come across for an award.

Here are the first 5 biz opp junkies nominees of 2018.


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Welcome back to another edition of The List Building Lifestyle with your host,
Igor Kheifets. I've been in this industry full time since December 2010, and in my
eight full time marketing years, I've seen it all when it comes to human
dysfunction. The world is awash with people who hate their life in its present
form, but who do nothing to change it, and the term coined to describe such people
is biz opp junkies. My friend David D. also calls 'em shitheads, but, you know,
biz opp junkies I'd say is a more politically correct term.

Now, today's episode kicks off a series of episodes which we're gonna be
conducting down the line where I'm gonna nominate the most outrageous biz opp
junkies for an award, and the award is you get to be the best of the worst. So
this episode, there's five nominees. Number one are biz opp junkies who give up
after a month of trying and hundreds of dollars invested. Now, this is a classic,
I've seen this one on and on for years, especially since I started selling solo

Usually, whenever someone tries to get some traffic from us, we ask them, "What is
your previous experience?" Or, "Did you buy any solos in the past? If so, how did
they go?" And, you know, it's interesting, because oftentimes, the answers we get
are pretty standard, like either, "No, I haven't tried anything before and this is
the first time and I'm coming to you guys because you guys are the best," or it's
some like, "Yeah, I tried solo ads on Udemy and they sucked and I got bad results,
so I'm coming to you." Awesome, I mean, that's actually my favorite type of
client, somebody who's actually got to experience other bad traffic sources.

But, you know, the other day, we got an answer which, Dennis Ford and me, which is
how this person ended up on this nominee list. Somebody emailed us to complain
that they were quitting. They were quitting because after month, and they were
writing this as if it's like a long time, after a month of trying, hundreds of
dollars invested, hundreds. Like, dude, you're trying to build an income of like
10 grand a month and you quit after $200 invested? That's ridiculous. So after
hundreds of dollars invested, they decided this whole thing is a scam, and they're
leaving the industry.

Well, for one, I feel that the industry is better off without a person like that
in it, although of course there's gonna be plenty of people just like that other
person left to chat with. But this is such a classic behavior, and it doesn't
cease to amaze me how stupid people are. I mean, honestly, you're trying to build
a full time income from home, you're trying to build yourself a brand new fricking
job. You're trying to build a business.

Do you know how hard it is to build a business? How hard it is to try and
understand what people wanna buy and actually offer it to them in a way that they
will want to see, yes? Do you know how hard it is to create products, to research
markets? I mean, have you ever tried to start an offline business? That's like,
impossible. I got a friend, he had three businesses at one point and now he has
one, and both of his first two businesses he started by taking on huge debt, and
I'm talking huge debt, like, ridiculously big. The kinda debt that won't let you
sleep at night. Not only that, but he couldn't go to the banks because he's a
Ukrainian just like me, so he had to take this money from really bad people have a
lot of it, you know, gangsters.

Now, imagine having that, imagine trying to build a business and having a really
big debt with the gangsters and trying to pay that off. People just don't
understand that, people do not have any perspective whatsoever about what they're
trying to achieve, and they want it handed to them on a silver platter, want it
done easy. Shame on you, shame on you, biz opp junkies.

Now, the second nominee are biz opp junkies who build their list but don't email
it. Now, this is probably the most annoying biz opp junkies type ever. The people
who, especially the ones that come to me complaining. "Hey Igor, I spent $800 with
you on traffic and I haven't made sales with my list." "Okay, can you share your
login details so I can take a look at your stats and your autoresponder?" It's
like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure." So I log in to their AWeber account, and what do I
see? They have not emailed their list even once, or maybe they have emailed their
list, but so few times that it's actually done it, like, I dunno, once a week for
the last two months.

It's just ridiculous. You don't make sales by not mailing your list. You have to
mail that list every day, literally, several times a day if you can, just like I
do. I mail, I think in the last two weeks, I averaged out about five emails a day,
and so far, I haven't lost my autoresponder account, and made way more money this
way, because you can't get anywhere by not emailing your list. What's the purpose
of building one if you don't email it? Honestly. This is what these people really
don't understand.

Why are you building a list if you're not mailing that list? Because it seems to
me that a lot of them, what they think is gonna happen is just by putting people
on the list, and by having a list, people are supposed to somehow decide to buy
from them. Like, why? Why would they do that? This is really no reason. So yeah,
biz opp junkies who build their list but don't email the list, classic. Just a
classic, definitely something to consider, and definitely a destructive behavior
to avoid.

Now, biz opp junkies who refuse to invest in paid traffic because it's expensive
but put in two hours every day into traffic exchanges and social media without
results. Now, a quick disclaimer. If you are a social media marketer, that
awesome, that's great, and if you're succeeding, that's even better. My friend
Chiara Francica, she's predominantly using Facebook and YouTube, and she seems to
be reasonably successful, although I haven't connected with her in the last six
months. I mean, that's great, Chiara gets to enjoy the benefits of social media

But what I don't get is how come people continue to do something that doesn't
work? How come they refuse to try and pay for traffic which gets them guaranteed
traffic and there's no guesswork here, just guaranteed clicks, but they are
willing to invest literally month of their time into something that doesn't work?
It just makes no sense to me. Obviously, there may be a core belief difference
here where these other people, they value their time more than they value their
money, and that's the case, sure, I understand. Although I do not agree with the
philosophy, who am I to say that it's wrong?

But when it comes to the people who do agree with the philosophy that time is
money and that it actually is better to pay for something than to invest the time
to get it because time is precious and you can't get it back, then I don't really
get it, why do you keep doing something that doesn't work, and complaining that
the only reason you do it is because paid traffic is too expensive?

Well, of course it is expensive. Look at how much time it saves you. Ridiculous
amounts, so I really don't get it, I honestly do not get it when people insist on
investing time into things that don't work rather than buying things that do.
That's the disconnect for me.

Now, number four, nominee number four. Biz opp junkies who buy information books
but never so much as remove the shrink wrap, then ask for refund saying the
program doesn't work. Now, anyone who ever sold anything online, even if they sold
it without a money back guarantee, knows that that's the case. I've first
discovered this to be true when I started offering an information product for a
measly $7, really nothing. $7, and I've had a bunch of pl try to get a refund, and
one of the things about my guarantee was they had to show me that they tried. They
had to show me that they've attempted to implement the course, and the course was
about affiliate marketing.

When somebody would email me for a refund and I would say, "Sure, just show me you
take in at least one step implementing this, or attempting, trying. Show me you at
least started a word document where you've outlined your strategy, when you
planned out your actions." Nobody, nobody replied. Ridiculous. Now, the other time
I got reminded of this is recently, we released this program called the Ultimate
Bridge Page System, which is a program that teaches you how to build your own
bridge pages to promote affiliate offers to your list or to your audience, or to
drive cold traffic to 'em.

The interesting part is that I decided to offer an unconditional money back
guarantee. In fact, I made a commitment to any program I released from now on, if
it's an information product, to offer an unconditional, 365 day money back
guarantee. So all of a sudden, I noticed our refund rate on that was about 20%,
which is acceptable. I think it was Mike [Phil 00:10:44] who first said that
unless you're getting at least 20% refund rate, you're not selling hard enough,
which is a good thing, but I've also noticed that when they ask for a refund, I
wanted to find out just out of curiosity, did you even try? Did you even try to
implement it? And no one did.

A lot of them got the program refunded because they didn't wanna write or create
anything. They literally expected for the bridge page to appear as soon as they
bought the program. Other people simply failed to respond, which is basically the
same thing as saying "I didn't do anything." So there's so many people that just
buy shit and never use it. Of course, this is true not just about making money
online, this is true about pretty much everything, including equipment. So if you
ever bought fitness equipment and never used it, then you fit into that category.

I definitely fit into that category 100%. I've had plenty of things that I've
bought and never used. It's just the only difference is that I still believe I
will use these things, so I kinda just let them sit there until some point in time
which may never come, but yeah. The biz opp junkies that actually buy, don't use,
and refund, and try to make up a bogus reason, like, "This doesn't work," without
even trying, that's the kind of biz opp junkies that I would nominate for a biz
opp junkies award.

And last but not least, biz opp junkies who say they don't have time, but who put
two or more hours into Netflix every day because that's how they unwind. And this?
Wow, this pisses me off so bad, because when you get on the phone with people, or
you meet with them, and they start complaining to you about how their life sucks
or whatever, how they wanna change it, and you suggest to them ways to do it. You
literally try to help them by telling them exactly what they need to do in order
to change their life, but they don't do it, and then you confront them about it,
and they make up stupid excuses that contradict what they're saying, but they're
not able to even admit it, that's the most annoying shit ever.

It's like, you know, the other day, a friend of mine complained to me about not
understanding how to get rich et cetera, so I said, "A great place to start if you
wanna get rich is to read The Richest Men in Babylon." Great book. Because not
only it shows you how to save more money, even if you're making literally next to
nothing, but it also explains to you the rules of money which allow you to then
start building up your finances. I remember reading that book when I was broke, it
changed my paradigm about money completely, and I'm really grateful that I have
picked it up.

So this friend of mine says, "Yeah sure, I'll read it." Okay, cool. Now, to reward
them for their commitment, what I decide to do, stupidly, is I decide to buy them
the book. I literally send them a copy of the book, saying, "Okay, here, I bought
you the book, just read the book." And I check in about a week later. "Did you
read the book?" "No, I haven't." "Why not?" "I didn't have the time." It's like,
"Oh really?" "Yeah." "Well, did you watch this show last week? Did you watch that
show last week? Did you watch this movie?" "Yeah, I did."

"So you're putting all this time into movies, but you don't have the time to read
a book? You don't have the time to do at least 30 minutes a day, maybe 15 minutes
a day just to touch upon that book? Don't tell me you're trying to change your
life, don't tell me you're dissatisfied or you're upset with how your life turned
out. If that's how your life turned out, it's only because of your actions and
your habits."

Nobody is getting to the place where they are right now by accident, nobody.
Everyone deserves to be exactly where they are, no matter how bad they wanna
convince you that it's not their fault that their lives suck. People deserve to be
exactly where they are no matter what they tell you, and that's a lesson, that's a
pill that's really hard to swallow. That's a lesson that I learned eventually, not
immediately, because I came into this industry with this noble belief, or stupid
belief maybe, not noble, that people can change, and people genuinely wanna
change, but they just don't have the tools to change.

That's not true. A lot of people don't wanna change. They wanna think that they
wanna change, because that kind of feels good. They wanna say that it's not their
fault that their life sucks because, again, saying that it is simply, I mean, it's
just too painful to admit that you are the reason why your life is shit. But
people are just real like that, and that's a classic biz opp junkies behavior, so
nominee number five are biz opp junkies who say they don't have the time, but they
put at least two hours a day into some useless behavior that doesn't really help
them at all.

So that concludes the first episode in a series of many of biz opp junkies awards.
Thank you so much for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, please email me at
[email protected], or submit a contact request through the website. Let me know what are your favorite biz opp
junkies behaviors. If I see anything that comes up a lot, I will mention it in the
next biz opp junkies awards episode. So with that said, thank you so much for
tuning in, this is Igor, and until next time we chat, have a good one.

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