Marketing, Values and Texas

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Can one headline make a difference between raising our children in a green clean state and condemning the next generation to grow up in a rotting dump? Yes. It can. Texas proved it. Tune in to find out how!

[00:00] The podcast explores the ways one can effectively connect with their audience and boost sales.

[04:30] The advertising campaign that won the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame Award:

  • It was just Texas, the state of Texas, trying to minimize littering. People were throwing things out of their trucks and there was garbage everywhere. And the first attempt that they made was to stop littering.

  • It’s called the “Don’t Mess with Texas Anti-littering Campaign”.

  • People went with it to a point where they cut littering by a big margin, a margin so noticeable that it’s now considered to be one of the most successful campaigns ever.

  • The reason that it was very successful is that it appealed to the identity of the people who are considered to be what we would call the target market.

[08:15] Common mistakes when writing an email copy:

  • When you write a copy, or when you create any sort of advertising or marketing material they say you should write to your avatar.

  • The most common mistake is they don’t consider who they’re writing to at all. They don’t consider who they’re creating marketing for at all. And that is why their marketing simply doesn’t hit.

  • The few people who do actually consider who is going to be the person on the other end of that marketing message, only focus on this demographical stuff.

  • The juice is in the identity of the people you’re marketing to.

  • Market research has to be done about the way they perceive the world, the way they make decisions, and the way they accept or reject a claim.

[14:24] How to create an identity?

  • We need to really carefully consider the identity of the people that we’re looking to attract.

  • Anyone who listens to this podcast is probably interested in making money online. So on some fundamental level, we can probably make a few assumptions.

  • All these different identity reasons and ways of thinking, and are really important.

  • It’s not about their age or their demographic. It’s about behavior and identity more than anything else.

  • Knowing their motivations, frustrations, desires, their hopes, their dreams, are all things that you can tap into in order to resonate with them. And resonating would be the key.

[20:57} The value behind a good email copy:

  • Good copy or good marketing feels like mind reading because it taps into those things you never admit to other people.

  • If it resonates to a point where they would write to me to tell me about it, looking for that additional connection, that means that I hit really deep.

  • When you hit deep with your copy, you’re not even competing in the same space as other product marketers. You’re basically standing out. From that point, your voice stands out in a very noisy internet crowd.

  • All we have to do after that is to not violate the bond. If we violate it, we’ll lose the customer.

[27:07] Book recommendations by Igor:

  • If you want to get more ideas and more examples of what to do with your marketing, how to make it more memorable, and how to make it more hard-hitting, I highly recommend reading “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath”.

[28:55] How to get your email list to take action?

  • If the customer realizes you share the same values, you’re going to have a much easier time building your business.

  • You’re literally looking at the difference between generating customers who you hate and generating customers who you love. And, of course, the money will be different too.

  • What we do here is not making claims on a website. We are in the business of truly being able to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes. We are in the business of connection, more than anything else.

  • So the more you can connect through values, that’s the moment you stop wondering why am I not getting any sales? Because sales are going to start coming in.

[30:34] List Building Lifestyle Podcast:



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