Marketing Secrets Of The World’s Most-Respected Super Affiliates

When I first got into affiliate marketing in 2009, all I wanted was to become a super affiliate.

It’s a term used to describe affiliate marketers who make $10,000 per month.

I envied marketers whose names glittered on the product launch leaderboards. They were making more money, had more freedom and lived life with gusto.

Incidentally, the leaderboard didn’t change from launch to launch. It seemed like there were couple dozen super affiliates who always outsold the rest of us.

What was their secret?

Discover in today’s episode.


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Jonathan: Welcome back to another edition of List Building Lifestyle. Here is the
Chief List Builder himself, Mr. Igor Kheifets.

Igor: You know 156 episodes since we started I expected a better intro than that.

Jonathan: [laughter] I got to mix it up, dude, I got to mix it up. Your ego would
get too big, your head might explode.

Igor: Yeah, I think we should hire a copywriter specifically to write out these
incredible intros for me.

Jonathan: Alright, alright. I'll put that on the list of things that The Podcast
Factory needs to do next.

Igor: That's right, that's right, we should have like a whole room of them. You
know smoking funny stuff and trying to come up with exquisite names and titles for

Jonathan: Yeah, right. That would actually be a good thing. It's like when you
come on board, we have a room of writers waiting to make you look awesome.

Igor: Yeah and you kind of knock on the door, kind of open up a little bit and all
the smoke comes out like it's foggy.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: And they have been there, they have locked themselves for like two days
because they can't come up with anything better than the Prince of List Building.
They are really stuck.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: Nice, nice. Well that's ñ you know what it gives me something to strive
for, Igor, that's what I like about you, you're always challenging us.

Igor: Well, that's what I'm here for. That's why they call me Kheifets. But
anyway, today I want to chat with you about on how to become a super affiliate
because that was really my goal when I first got started. As you know I started in
a MLM, it was called Global Domains International but very quickly I discovered
that you could make a lot of money promoting what you'd call information products.
Information products are the products that are basically nothing but intellectual
property that tell you how to solve a problem so let's just say you have maybe you
and your wife are struggling to get pregnant so there is an information product
out there that shares secrets on how to get pregnant for couples that are having
trouble that sort of stuff. I only know about this because me and Anastasia we
kind of struggled with that. It took us about six months to get pregnant so I
looked it up, I purchased some e-books and I kind of looked into why things happen
that way but eventually we succeeded. My point is if I wanted to go in and start
promoting your product which was like a really cool e-book for people who are
struggling to get pregnant, I can do that I can sell, someone else created it,
someone else put the content together, wrote the sales page and all I had to get
do was get targeted traffic to the affiliate link and I would get half the money
from each sale which could range from 27 bucks to $97 easy.

Jonathan: Nice. So I'm sure you're going to cover this but isn't it more
profitable to just have your own list, have your own list, have your own stuff for

Igor: Well, I guess it is but think about it, think about all the work that goes
into creating your product, a funnel, a system, a backend, a support mechanism,
right? I mean I have been working day in and day out, I've been working on Igor's
Solo Ads for almost 6 or 7 years now and there is still so much work to do. So
you're thinking about what's the easiest and the fastest way to make money I would
say affiliate marketing is probably it. So if you're looking to make money with
minimal hassle in maximum time, you should definitely look into affiliate
marketing not to mention the other benefit to affiliate marketing of course is
that you don't need to create the content or know anything about the subject to
successfully promote and make money with that particular product. Like I may know
nothing about how to get pregnant ñ well I do know a few things but...

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] I may not much about why women fail to get pregnant but I know
that there is a problem and that there are people out there searching for a
solution so I can put my affiliate link in front of them and make money even
though I'm not an expert in the niche, I have no idea what's going on and I have
absolutely no credibility, no nothing so it just sounds like a very simple
business, doesn't it?

Jonathan: I got it. So it's the low friction. Is that where most people start out
online? It seems like it.

Igor: Yeah, I guess they do. Not all of them, some begin as freelancers, I guess.
Others try to do some SEO but you know affiliate marketing is definitely something
that everyone is familiar with and most people I know start out with affiliate
marketing. In fact I recommend they do because it's low entry barrier and
sometimes you don't even have to pay to be a part of an affiliate program. I mean
a lot of affiliate programs out there, they are free to join. I mean if you go to
JV Zoo or ClickBank or you go on a CPA Network, you don't have to pay anything to
get an affiliate link and you can start making money ASAP.

Jonathan: That's a good point, man. I think I might have stunted my growth by not
going down that path or at least learning a little bit more about that when I

Igor: Well, I will tell you this, it's never too late, right? Because if you got a
customer base then it's going to be easier for you to become an affiliate and I'm
happy to mention that because when I got into affiliate marketing back in 2009, I
think. All I wanted to become was what you would call a super affiliate. Now a
super affiliate is somebody who is making $10,000 per month with nothing but
affiliate products. I really envied marketers whose names glittered on the product
launch leader boards every single week. Now incidentally the leader boards didn't
change much from launch to launch, it always seemed like it was the same people
every single time. So you know that's when I set out to find out what was their
secret, what was their secret weapon that put them almost in a different category
like as if all of us were kind of lightweights and we were amateurs. We had like
12 people who were heavyweights and they were competing on the highest level and
we could not get to them like they were almost from a different planet sometimes.
They got results that seemed ridiculous. I'm talking people making 100 sales
within two hours of the launch setting out.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: You know crazy numbers; we're talking $47 products not to mention the
upsells. So I set out and I wanted to discover what exactly set them apart. Now
naturally the first thing I thought to myself, it has to be the traffic like they
have to have mastered some sort of traffic source and chances are all of them are
using the same traffic too. So I started observing what they do, closely following
them, and I discovered that each affiliate seemed to be relying on a different
traffic source. Like there was one person who relied heavily on the PPC, on
Adwords. The other person was really big into SEO. The other people, actually two
people, they were brothers, "super affiliate brothers" they were doing banners
ads. So there were no two gurus using the same traffic source it seemed like
everybody had their own strategy. Some of them were content driven. Others didn't
really master anything, they kind of dabbled into all the traffic sources just a
bit. So if traffic wasn't it, if traffic was not their secret weapon. If there was
no one traffic source that made it work for everybody then what was it? That's
when I noticed for the first time in my life that every single one of these super
affiliates had lists so it turned out that...

Jonathan: Tah dah!

Igor: Tah dah! [laughter] Yeah. So it turned out that no matter what the traffic
source they were using, they drove the people to their list and come launch day,
they would mail the crap out of it. Now the smarter ones were actually building
into the launch. They would mail their list days before kind of saying, "Hey this
product goes on sale like in two days from now, we'll be offering bonuses" and
stuff so they were like building this social proof, exclusivity, scarcity, they
were kind of building up the desire and come launch day they just killed it. I
mean besides making a ton of money just with the sales with themselves, they also
snatched the leader board prizes. Sometimes it would be a car. I remember Frank
Kern got Perry Belcher's Cadillac, the black Cadillac. Or I remember there was one
launch for ClickBank Passive Income, I think and they were giving away gadgets so
at the time, the iPad only just came out and somebody got an iPad. I was so
jealous. Jonathan, I was so jealous. I really wanted an iPad. So the super
affiliates not only were they making more money than everybody else but they were
also getting a lot of these extra prizes for free so they were living the life and
I really wanted to become a super affiliate. This is when I discovered that the
list was the key to becoming a super affiliate. Now this is also where I started
wondering is it about having the biggest list or not? Because I knew that some of
these super affiliates had giant lists. I mean we are talking hundreds of
thousands of people but also knew that there were some people that would
occasionally land on the leader boards having almost no list at all. I'm talking
like several hundred people. It was pretty common to see one or two of them on the
Top 10 List. So I started investigating into those, like what sets them apart? How
come they are able to get away with such a small list and make a lot of money?
Guess what I found out? I discovered that anyone that had a small list that was
potent that actually was making the money had a buyers list. So what happened was
they created an information product or a software product that they sold either
for a low fee or a mid-ticket fee and they generated the buyers list and that's
how they ranked really high on those leader boards because you see a buyer is a
buyer is a buyer, right? So creating your information product was really the key
to becoming the super affiliate. So that's when I first set out to actually do it
myself. My first successful product which was my third attempt at a product was
called "Crossing the Free Line" which was a 13 page e-book, believe it or not. It
sold for $9.95. So I started selling it, started generating a little bit of a
buyers list and guess what my affiliate income just shot up, it just soared like I
was literally making one affiliate sale of anywhere between $10 to $20 per every
$10 unit I was selling.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: Now that doesn't sound like much but at the time, Jonathan, that was a lot
of money. Think about it, you go from making $10 a day to making $20 a day,
literally changing nothing within your funnel but adding an affiliate offer on the
backend of your product like either mentioning it in your e-book or sending out an
email to the buyers list as soon as they join the list or maybe just placing a
banner on the thank you page, whatever you had to do but if you did it and the
product was relevant to the thing that you were selling, your income could easily
double just like that.

Jonathan: That's crazy. You know I guess maybe I was looking in the wrong
direction because anytime I read or heard about affiliate stuff, no one was ever
talking about building your list and then using that, it was more like just
promoting straight to the affiliate offer.

Igor: Yeah, that's right and I haven't heard of anyone actually kind of spelling
it out until I picked up a product by Andrew Fox who was an underground super
affiliate because you would never see him. Like if you Google Andrew Fox, there is
very little information you can find about him but he was always dominating the
launches. Andrew, he released this product called "Affiliate Millionaire" at some
point where the third module in the product and again we are talking about a
product that is supposed to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer so the
third module in the product is actually teaching you how to create your own
information product and then write a sales letter.

Jonathan: So is that what you ñ I mean the people that work with you often are
doing affiliate marketing, am I off? Are they promoting other people's offers? Is
this how you work with them in Igor's Solo Ads build your list and then promote
the offer?

Igor: Well a lot of them are, basically most people that I work with they don't
have their own products which is why I wanted to create this episode, I wanted to
record this episode because everybody wants to become the super affiliate,
everybody wants to be making $10,000 per month promoting other people's products
but nobody is telling them that the fast way to do it is to build a buyers list.
Nobody is telling them that to generate a buyer, you have to create him or her
within your ecosystem. You can't really get a buyer from someone else. As tricky
as it might seem, as weird as it might sound, we are taught that there is "a buyer
rich traffic source" out there and of course someone like me benefits the most
from this because I make money by selling traffic. I released a letter about this
several months ago where I said, "A buyer lead is actually just a hoax, it's a
myth, it's the unicorn, it's the flying spaghetti monster of internet marketing
because you can't get a buyer lead, it doesn't exist until you create the buyer
within your own relationship with that prospect." So if somebody purchases
something from me, they are a buyer to me but it doesn't mean that they are buyer
to you, Jonathan or anyone else but statistically speaking if I were to promote an
affiliate product to two lists one of which was my buyer list and the other one
was a prospect list, then I will always make more money with the buyers list even
though the buyers list will be ten times smaller than my prospect list.

Jonathan: Yeah, actually our friend, Doberman Dan, talks about that all of the
time how he pulled in something like $100,000 off a list of 180 people. It was his
buyers list, his newsletter list, his people who have bought multiple times; he's
got them in a little tiny list which he markets to and profits from all the time.

Igor: Well, I'm not surprised. I bought from Doberman Dan myself. In fact when I
signed up to his newsletter, he has this OTO where you can get the back issues.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: I grabbed the back issues. The moment that signed up for the first issue of
the newsletter, I immediately followed up and spent another 500 bucks. There you
go, I'm a buyer. Now when he chooses to promote something, I'm much more likely to
respond because I already exchanged money with him; there was a transaction
between us therefore trust has been established. Of course the content Dan
delivers is so good that it can never be violated. Yeah, I guess the point of this
episode is to alert you, okay I can't tell you how to do it in a 20 minute episode
but I can alert you and make you aware that to become a super affiliate who makes
$10,000 per month, you have to start with building your own information product or
an offer of some sort where you're generating buyers and that goal of that offer
is not to make you money but just weed out the people who are willing to give you
money from the ones that do not and then on the back end start planning out your
affiliate promotions that are complimentary to your what you're selling.

Jonathan: So I got to ask, is this something that when somebody signs up for
Igor's Solo Ads or maybe it's the VIP Crew is this something that you help them

Igor: Well, I did help a bunch of my clients to create information products just
by having them interview me that happened a lot actually in the recent years but
no I don't have a program where I walk you through how to create your own
information product. However, if I see that this episode generates a lot of
interest, I will consider creating one for sure.

Jonathan: Uh huh! Dangling the carrot out there. [laughter] I like it. I like it,
Igor. Anything else as we are wrapping up this one?

Igor: Yeah, this episode, right, the goal is to not only just show you that super
affiliates make a lot of money by having a buyers list but to also kind of give
you a clue if you're brand new to this industry that it's never as simple as it
seems above the surface, right? My journey began with going after one clue which
is traffic, right? They had to have a secret traffic source but the truth of the
matter is it wasn't about the way that they were getting their clicks, it was all
about what they were doing with them, and I had to get really deep into the rabbit
hole to reverse engineer what the super affiliates were doing. Now incidentally, I
not only reverse engineered it but I actually pulled it off. I ended up not only
launching several successful information products but I also created my own
affiliate program and had other people make money by promoting my products and
then mailing for them etc. So for awhile I became a super affiliate I just stepped
away from the model because it required me to constantly come up with the
information products at least the way I built it because I was never satisfied
with just $10,000 per month. But if you are, if you're golden number is the 10
grand then you should definitely start working on your first information product
because that's going to be the pathway to finally making five figures per month.

Jonathan: That 10,000 number ñ that 10,000 number keeps coming up, man. We're
going to probably have to discuss that more in another episode. You want to let us
know what you have in store for us next time?

Igor: Oh yeah, absolutely. Next time, we are actually discussing things that we
should have discussed a long time ago because I realized that the 156 and now I
will have 157 episodes that we recorded, we have actually never spoken about where
do you go to buy Solo Ads. So I decided to finally to give you a list of places,
in fact, nine specific places you can go to buy Solo Ads and I bet that you didn't
know six of these places even existed.

Jonathan: Whoa! That sounds interesting, can't wait to get into that. So another
List Building Lifestyle is in the can, we'll be back in your earbuds next time.
Thank you List Builders for tuning in.

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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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