9 Places Where You Can Buy Solo Ads That Convert

The upside of solo ads is that they’re not as mainstream as other traffic sources.

This means you don’t have to deal with saturation and high CPC.

But the downside is it could be difficult to know where to buy solo ads that convert.

In this episode I share with you 9 places where to buy solo ads for any niche.


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Jonathan: Welcome back boys and girls, men and women of all ages from
all countries, here is the Czar of List Building, Mr. Igor Kheifets.

Igor: Yes. This is the Czar speaking from his throne down south here in Arad,
Israel. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for the beautiful, beautiful

Jonathan: You know I hired a team of copywriters; they are sitting in a
smoke-filled room right now.

Igor: I love how fast you implement.

Jonathan: [laughter]

Igor: I love it! [laughter]

Jonathan: [laughter] What do you got for us today, Igor?

Igor: Today, just like I briefly mentioned at the last of the previous episode, I
think it's about damn time that we spoke about where do you go to buy Solo Ads
because it hit me last week that we never, ever, ever spoken about some specific
places you can go get Solo Ads. What I have done is I compiled a list of places
for any niche, so I don't care if you're looking for Solo Ads in the real estate
niche like if you're looking for a list of home owners in Florida, I don't care if
that's how specific you want to go. I got a place for you. I got a very specific
Solo Ad location you should be hitting ASAP. So Jonathan, unless you have anything
really important to say I think we should dive right in.

Jonathan: Let's do it, man. But I want to say one thing before we jump in, I
thought the only place to buy good Solo Ads was from you so I didn't know we
needed a list.

Igor: Well, you're absolutely correct but even I can't serve everyone. In fact, I
would argue that I'm pretty small compared to a lot of these places and not to
mention I specialize in biz op traffic which means if you're looking for traffic
outside of biz op, you should be hitting other places.

Jonathan: Ahh.

Igor: And you know Jonathan, I also thought, man, why am I being a dick about it,
why not just share all the locations and let people decide. What do you think
about that?

Jonathan: I think that's ballsy of you and it says a lot about how much care about
your listeners.

Igor: Yes, keep going, please.

Jonathan: [laughter] Keep stroking my ego, I want to hear more. Let me open the
door and see what the smoke-filled room has got for you.

Igor: Yeah, I just want to make sure we're recording because I will listen to this
all this praise later on.

Jonathan: Loop it, just cut it and loop it. Ah, yes I'm wonderful. [laughter]

Igor: [laughter] Talk about incantations. That's nothing when someone else is
praising you that's when it has impact.

Jonathan: That's right, brother.

Igor: [laughter]

Jonathan: So let's hit it, what do you have for us?

Igor: So the first spot you can hit is Arcamax, it's a large directory, it's not
quite a Solo Ad but it allows you to place ads within newsletters. So they got
newsletters pretty much about anything; health, business, fitness, you know
anything you can think of and what they do is they send out content to these
newsletters and you're allowed a six line ad within the newsletter. So obviously
you should go Arcamax and talk to them but that's a good place to start if you're
advertising in some specific markets. Now the other place, number two, is The
James Whalen Agency. Now the James Whalen Agency what it does is it manages lists
for bigger companies that are content driven and news driven such as for example:
teaparty.org, WMD.com, michaelsavage.com so all of these websites with large
audiences, they are very political. They discuss political stuff which I'm really
faraway from so if you're looking for that particular customer profile like if
you're looking for the Trump supporter or maybe you're looking for the Trump hater
if that's your angle then you should check out The James Whalen Agency. Now the
other spot you should go to, number three, is BMI Elite and BMI Elite they own
huge lists, I'm talking millions. I think their real estate database is about 12
million people so you can go in and buy leads from them but the downside if I'm
correct because I've never bought a Solo Ad from them, I'm going off of the advice
I got from Justin Brooke, a friend of mine, who is actually an expert media buyer
and also an expert at Solo Ads. He is well rounded in all kinds of advertisements
like Facebook Native, Google Search, Google Display, you should check him out at
Adskills.com if you're looking for advice in advertising and how to convert.
Justin recommends BMI Elite because you can actually buy the leads and mail them
yourself. That is a whole different set of issues that you'll have to deal with if
you're doing bulk mailings so just keep that in mind. But if you're looking for
large databases, BMI Elite is the place for you. Now if you do have a software
product, you should check out LaunchByte.com that's LaunchByte.com and this is a
business to business and it's ideal for software products if you need to
advertising and getting some attention. The next spot, by the way Jonathan, I hope
it's okay I kind of rush them, we can discuss any one of them specifically later

Jonathan: Okay.

Igor: So the next one is lists.nextmark.com. Nextmark is like the Google of lists
so you can get super specific email lists, address lists, phone lists and you can
go really specific like I'm talking get me the names of anyone who attempted to
start a business and failed in the last year in the state of Missouri or whatever
or Kansas. You can go really specific because they have a ton of data. The next
one and now we are getting into the IM/biz op a little bit but not quite, next one
is Dedicatedemails.com. It's run by Litman Brothers. I think Mike and Brian
Litman. I used work with them a long time ago. I haven't run any Solo Ads with
them in awhile but right now they specialize in health, outdoors, political and
finance; these are the areas of interest they can help you advertise so if you got
a weight loss product, a survival product perhaps, that's the place to hit. As
well as my friend, Harris Fellman from Traffic For Me. He too has a lot of traffic
for the survival niche, the weight loss niche and for biz op too, in fact he's got
publishers. Harris, he basically connects you to publishers and he's created a
system where you just order traffic from them without talking to anybody. He will
negotiate a great price for you. He's got really good customer support. On the
other hand, Litman Brothers they own their data, they have lists they build
themselves. So unlike Harris, you mail their database and we're talking about a
good 100,000 people. At this point we're getting into the biz op and IM and
besides Igor Solo Ads of course, come on are you kidding me, right? You should
also check out the Warrior Forum.

Jonathan: What?

Igor: Yes. The Warrior Forum has a classified section where all the Solo Ads
sellers are advertising. Warrior Forum is where I started. It's where I sold my
first Solo Ad, I think even before I sold it on the Skype chatroom which we'll be
discussing in just sec but the Warrior Forum protects you. If you get scammed in
the Warrior Forum, it's easy to get justice. It's easy to post about it and
prevent other people from buying from that person and getting scammed as well.
It's easy to complain to the admins. The Solo Ad sellers who operate in the
Warrior Forum, they take their customer support seriously and they try not to scam
people, they try hard not to scam people, to avoid any conflict or confrontation.
The Warrior Forum is a great place to start if you don't feel safe. You can find
Solo Ads in all kinds of price ranges, like from 30 all the way to a dollar and
above. Last but not least, the one place that I will mention but I do not
recommend is the Facebook groups. They used to be Skype groups but they moved over
to Facebook. This is a place where you can probably get one good Solo Ad out of 10
but the nine will most likely be fake traffic, dead traffic, or just scam where
you're going to pay someone some money and they will not deliver at all. So the
Facebook groups are where all the scamming is going on. It's the one place that I
do mention but I only mention it to tell you to stay away from it so to speak.

Jonathan: Alright so now I'm going to get selfish here. A guy like me with a
done-for-you product where would you point me? Or is this kind of traffic not for
me? I'm open to either one.

Igor: Well, you're looking for people who have a presence. You're looking people
who have their own information products, who are professionals perhaps and have a
service, right? So I would say that none of these are good for you, my friend.

Jonathan: [laughter] I wanted to put that on the air because I think we've spoke
about it but that's one of the reasons I respect you. I've tried to buy ads from
you before and you're like, "This ain't going to work, brother." [laughter] Go
somewhere else.

Igor: Yeah, yeah. So you got a very specific crowd you're going for and what you
need to do is you need to hit the seminars, to be honest.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Igor: The other thing you want to do is you want to focus on the kind of problems
that guys like me experience which is problems of not having enough time, not
reaching our ideal audience although we do have customers but we're not getting
the ideal customer. So these are the kinds of problems you want to focus on and
then figure out the places where we go to solve these problems. But let's face it,
Jonathan, there is no better type of client than referral.

Jonathan: You got to rub it in, don't you? You got to rub it in. So let's go back
to this, Igor, I know that all these agencies are good and all that stuff but I
want to know a little bit more about Igor Solo Ads. What are the people that you
can help your clients connect with best?

Igor: Well the kind of people I help my clients with are people who are looking to
make money from home, or people who are looking to begin earning from home but
they have no idea how to do it, they have no technical experience, they have no
understanding how the industry works so right now they are at the very early
stages of their journey, kind of like what I was when I first signed up for the
Global Domains International, my first MLM. These are the people that I specialize
and bring in at least at this point. We may expand into other niches later on but
right now our focus is to bring you the frustrated and overworked and underpaid
Joe Blow that wants to quit a job and retire to the beach as soon as humanly
possible using his laptop.

Jonathan: Ah got it so people who still have jobs, probably making under $100 K
and maybe overwhelmed by what's going online and you have a system where you
actually your traffic ñ look I don't know about Solo Ads but I know about you and
from what I understand you actually have some of the best traffic around because
you do a lot of the preliminary work getting them to buy, getting them to jump
through hoops, getting them to do all that stuff before they are actually on the
traffic you sell, isn't that right?

Igor: Well, yeah, I mean I actually was just going over some numbers earlier today
and I realized that we throw away almost half of the leads we're buying because of
the prequalification that we're doing all the time. Like we literally throw half
of the leads we're buying into the garbage can because they are just crap.

Jonathan: How many other people do that? I mean do you talk to other people in the
niche or you like this lone wolf? Do you know how many other people are doing what
you do?

Igor: Well it really depends on what their purpose is. If we're talking about a
high level media buyer whose doing it for himself, who's buying traffic for
himself, they might do it but if we're talking about your average Solo Ads
provider, they are never going to do it. All they are trying to do is accumulate
as big of a database they can and then just blast it to get you some clicks.
That's all they are trying to do. There is no qualification, segmentation,
verification, I mean show me a Solo Ad provider that can actually guarantee real
verified email leads like I can? Like nobody that I know of at least in our
industry went the through the hell of developing an actual software from scratch
that verifies the email address in real time as the person enters it into the
squeeze page but we did.

Jonathan: That's one of the things, I think that is the approach that I find do
interesting that's why I always want to buy traffic from you even though it's not
the right traffic is that you're actually getting people as if they were your
buyers so you're taking them through a process to make sure they are real people
and then you're able to sell that traffic to your customers which always makes it
interesting because they are vetted, they are proven and it's good people, good
names on the list which I don't see a lot of people out there doing. So I got to
compliment you even though you won't sell me traffic.

Igor: Well, I appreciate it, man. I genuinely do because especially since Dennis
arrived several years ago, he was the one to initiate all these changes because I
had no idea how to make them happen technologically. He came in and he had the
software developing experience. He actually started his own start up company at
one point before joining me and you know all of these ideas on how to make things
better, he was the one to put them into fruition for us. Now the thing about it,
the reason we were aware of what we wanted to create was because we spent a lot of
money on traffic. My advertising bill for July 2017 is over 100 grand when we're
talking about those kinds of numbers, every lead counts, every click counts. One
percent conversion difference makes a huge difference so we have to watch these
number and we have to develop these things. First we do it for ourselves and then
once we have tested them and they are stable, we roll them out to our customers.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that the only reason it makes its way to the
marketplace, the only reason our clients are enjoying all this stuff is because we
have to create it for ourselves to solve our own problems and customers get to
benefit from it often for free by the way like we don't charge you extra for
building you a squeeze page with a verification module installed. We don't do
that. I mean I can imagine like if this was an add-on like other Solo Ad providers
could offer, you could expect that they would be charging hundreds of dollars for
that every single time they do something. We don't charge you anything and that is
actually costing us money. Let's just forget about the fact that it cost money to
develop the software, the man hours, the talent, the ideas etc, but what about the
actual hosting, do you know how much it costs to verify a good 4,000 emails every
single day? It costs a shit ton of money, my friend.

Jonathan: Wow.

Igor: And I don't charge my customers any hosting fees for any of that because we
just decided to roll it out and give it away for free to anyone who chooses to
work with us.

Jonathan: Yeah, man. So I can talk about this stuff forever. I want more traffic.
[laughter] Alright, Igor, anything else you want to say as we're wrapping up or do
you want to tease out what you have coming up next time?

Igor: Well, yeah, we finally spoke about where you can go to get traffic, where
you can buy Solo Ads. So then I thought what else haven't I ever spoken about but
I really had to, it was about damn time. Then it hit me, the autoresponders, the
software the very software that we use to email our lists. I never ever have done
an episode where I compared all the software I've been using to let you know which
one I believe is the best. And that's a question I've been getting all the time
for years so I finally decided to tackle that one so next episode we're going
compare Aweber versus GetResponse versus MailChimp and I'm going to let you know
with very specific criteria in mind by the way, which one is better and which one
you should be using right now.

Jonathan: Oh man, we got to get off this call right now because I can't wait till
next time. Alright so that is a wrap for another List Building Lifestyle. Thank
you List Builders for tuning in. Thank you Igor for sharing your wisdom with us.
We'll be back in your earbuds next time.

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This is Igor Kheifets until next time we talk, have a good one.

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