Does Your List Have An Expiration Date?

At which point do you just give up on your list?

Most people set their list expiration date at 14 days.

That seems to be the norm.

Are they right to do it or are they’re leaving an incredible amount of money and awesome customers on the table?

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Igor: Welcome back to another edition of the List Building Lifestyle with your
host Igor Kheifets. One of the most common questions I get on coaching calls with
my VIP clients every single week is "Igor, what happens to my subscriber after day
15 in my follow up sequence?" And then I ask, "What's so special about day 15?"
And my clients usually tell me something along the lines of "Well, I heard that if
they don't buy after two weeks on your list, they don't buy." Now every time I
hear that it's amusing to me because it's not true. And I'm not even sure where
people get this but I assure you this myth is just bull shit. People don't
necessarily make a buying decision anywhere 7 to 15 days on your list and nobody
said that if they don't buy after day 15 they're never going to buy. The way I
learned this actually myself is after a whole while of emailing my list because I
used to subscribe to the same belief when I started running promotions to my list
and I noticed that people were staying on my list for a long, long time before
they would commit to me. Now this is true both for people who have credibility in
the marketplace and people who don't so if you're thinking well maybe it's because
I don't have enough proof or something and I can pretty much get people to buy
from me right away and not have to wait for 15 days if I had just enough
testimonials and proof screen shots, you're not right. Here's how I know, you see
a couple of weeks ago we ran a promotion to our list for some traffic where we
allowed people to purchase right off the page which meant they didn't need
necessarily need to talk to us for Dennis to send them a "buy now" link. I noticed
that there was a sale that came in and I ran this customer's profile in our
database and I discovered that the last time we chatted with that person was back
in April 2015 which at the moment of me recording this episode is about 2 years
ago. Now this means this person stayed on our email list for 2 years and they were
finally ready to commit. Now 24 months is a lot of time. I mean you have to agree
with me. It's even more time considering the fact that I have a lot of credibility
in the marketplace. I mean when it comes to Solo Ads, Igor's Solo Ads is the
conversation at the dinner table, and everybody knows that we deliver top notch
service but even in spite of that we had customers, we still have customers that
take 2 years to commit to us financially.

Now what does that tell you and why is this useful for you to know? Well, quite
simply because if you're just starting out and you're marketing business
opportunities, please do not expect for your potential prospects to buy from you
in the first 7 days because most won't. Now some will of course, there is going to
be a portion of the people will make a super emotional decision and they will
commit to you right away. Now incidentally these same people are usually refund
happy so you have to be careful of that but some will purchase right away and it's
perfectly fine but most and especially your best customers will not buy right away
from you and you have to accept that as truth.

Here is another little story to illustrate my point. Yesterday I was having a
coaching call with another client, a VIP client of mine, his name is Frank just
for the sake of this conversation, it's not his real name. Frank shared with me
that the first time that he heard about me, he applied for my Solo Ads coaching
program which I used to run a couple of years ago and he decided not to move
forward with it at the time. Later on, a couple of years afterwards, he then
decided to join my VIP club which is a $497 per month as of right now investment
so this means that Frank was following me around for about 2 years or 3 years or
so before he finally decided to commit to me. Now once again I want to remind you
that I'm not just nobody in this industry. You know when it comes to driving
traffic, list building, email marketing, I come highly recommended and my business
is well known in the industry so it should be surprising to me for somebody to be
following me around for three years before committing financially but it's not.
It's something that you have to learn to accept that most people will never buy
from you right away. If you're still stuck believing that you're email follow up
sequence should be between 7 and 15 emails because of that reason, you should
quickly get rid of this belief and you should take on a new belief that much more
useful and that is you have to email your entire list every single day and be
pitching your product in every single email you put out.

Now this is important to do because a) you don't know when the customer is finally
going to commit to you, b) you don't know if the customers listening. You would be
surprised once again but you know a lot of times I'll get sales from emails that
went out a month ago because these same people who buy would respond to that
specific email and I would see the date that they received the email when they hit
the reply button and it would be 3, 4, 5, 6 months ago that they received it for
the first time. Now I mean it can be mind boggling to try and understand this,
right? Why would somebody keep my email for 6 months and only then respond to it.
Well, people get busy. People get distracted and you know sometimes people aren't
willing to deal with their problem or pursue a goal until a certain point in their
life and when that point comes; you want to make sure that you have been there all
along. So you want to be like a really persistent, loyal, informative, and
infotaining email marketer that is always there in the inbox virtually waiting for
the prospect to be ready to make a buying decision by constantly emailing and
offering your product in each and every single email you produce. You'd be
surprised how many people will remain in your list for years, reading every single
email, reading one email a week but they will remember who you are and eventually
they will learn to trust you because this consistency in which you email them will
be the determining factor in their decision to say, "Okay let's see this person is
all about."

Now this could be as little as 30 days or as much as 3 years and the problem here
or the challenge is you never know how much time any one specific prospect is
going to take before they'll make a buying decision. You never know if they've
already made their decision but they don't have any money or you don't know if
they have the money haven't made their decision. So you have to email every single
day, your entire list every single day. Otherwise it will simply not work.

Now what this means is that you have to bring a certain type of attitude to the
table when it comes to email marketing and never miss a day; this means you have
to write every day, this means you have to send an email each and every single
morning, evening or afternoon, whenever is the time for you and you have to remain
consistent about if you want to influence your subscribers into buying from you.
You have to build that momentum and you have to show with consistency because
consistency and time are two often ignored elements to influence. Remember we are
excited about shiny new things in our life. We are excited about new things but
we're also scared of new things. We're also scared of things that we don't know so
by allowing the prospect to see you in their inbox every single day, read your
emails once a week or every other day whatever, you're allowing the prospect to
basically start looking at you as the entity they trust because they are familiar
to you.

A lot of times when I get on the phone with my VIP customers, who have been
subscribing to my newsletter and listening to my podcast, I get virtually the same
sort of statement that says, "Igor, this is the first time that we are talking on
the phone but I feel like I know you. I feel like I have been having this
conversation with you for a long time. The reason that it happens which is quite
useful as far as marketing is concerned; the reason it happens is because I mail
every day and I put a piece of myself into every email. I put an opinion about
things into every email. I'm there every single day no matter what happens now in
their life good or bad, I will be there in their inbox waiting for them around 1
pm EST because that's when I usually email. It's the one concrete thing they can
count on every single day no matter what happens is an email from Igor and this
conversation really helps carry the sale all the way to completion and all the way
through my entire funnel.

So the lesson here for you is regardless of where you are in your business right
now, regardless how much proof and creditability you got, regardless if you're a
guru or a nobody, you have to email every day. You can't afford to miss a single
day of emailing and you want to be super consistent with your efforts here because
that's going to be a primary determining factor for your prospect to decide
whether or not to do business with you when the time is right for them.

So thanks again for tuning in to the List Building Lifestyle with your host Igor
Kheifets and until the next time we chat, have a good one.

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