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The so-called list-building experts want you to build a great relationship with your list. Do that and you’ll be rewarded with sales, they preach. Igor tells the real truth about making sales with your list while building up a ton of goodwill without giving value or producing any content.

[00:23] In this episode, Igor raps about relationships. Not the kind that gets you in trouble with the ladies, but rather the one you have on your list.

[00:41] Build a relationship with your list:

  • I believe you should treat your list kind of like your baby sister.
  • A lot of people, what they do, try to serve their list before the list gives them money. The reality of it, I didn’t make a dime.
  • You should not give your list value. You should not give freebies. Instead, what you want to do is to condition your list to want to buy your product.

[03:50] What is a great list?

  • So the definition of a great good-behaving list is a list that buys your stuff.
  • They’re going to love you because they’re giving them content and they won’t and you should not do that. Instead, you should give them a different type of value.
  • That value should show up in a form of information in a trimmed-down version and entertainment.

[07:00] How do people accept information?

  • Nobody wants to sit through a three-hour lecture on squeeze pages. Nobody wants to sit through a two-day seminar giving you hard content on how to write the perfect headline.
  • They’re so consumed with their day-to-day stuff and all the crap that hits them every day, all the advertising messages, all the information they can consume in a single click like that because everything is instant now.
  • Therefore, your information, or the value you put out to your list on a daily basis, mind you, should be very easy to consume and entertaining, because then by the time the client finishes reading your email, they feel like they learned something new.
  • Your job is to focus on the way you deliver that message every day, and not so much on the hard teaching and the content.

[17:04] Don’t make your list lazy:

  • Giving free stuff to your list and asking nothing in return, it’s almost like setting them up for failure.

[18:21] Igor’s book on email marketing:



Igor Kheifets is an amazon best-selling author of the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire.

He’s also the host of List Building Lifestyle, the podcast for anyone who wants to make more money and have more freedom by leveraging the power of an email list

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Igor’s passionate about showing people how to live the List Building Lifestyle.