The Secret YouTube Hack for Explosive Growth

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Learn to leverage YouTube ads to turn your life around from the expert himself!  In this episode, Keegan Mueller reveals the secret sauce for setting up low cost ads that convert exceptionally high. 

Guest: Keegan Mueller is one of the few people in the world who has leveraged YouTube ads to run highly successful affiliate campaigns. From an engineering student, to real estate wholesaling, and eventually running affiliate ads, Keegan Muellar now earns $65,000 per day.

[00:50] The Podcast focuses on affiliate marketing specifically through YouTube Ads, and how Keegan Mueller, an ex-engineer from West Virginia used it to earn $65,000 per day.

How did Keegan Mueller begin his YouTube affiliate marketing journey and ended up earning more than the top lawyers, dentist and plastic surgeons in the country?

[03:45] Keegan shares the very beginning of his journey to sucess:

  • It probably started four years before I even went to college. I just wanted to do my own thing. 
  • So it was like whatever I could do [as] an 18 year old kid could do that’s like the path I was going down. I guess I wanted to have the money in college and from then I just I tried several things without success while in college and but continue learning picking stuff up. 
  •  I was running Facebook ads back in 2016.

[05:00] Working as a wholesale real estate agent at the age of 17:

  • When I first graduated high school because I knew you didn’t have to have money to do wholesaling real estate. So I was just gonna play the hustle game and try to stir up as many leads as I could and get them under contract and flip the deal. So that’s what my first endeavor was when I was 17.

[06:50] Using SEO techniques to get clients:

  • Then I turned 18 and started the business and tried to try down that path. It didn’t work, college kind of derailed that there’s a lot of distractions when he first gets college. But after that, the following summer, I was still 18. I tried, yeah, Facebook ads with trying to get personal training clients. Eventually, it led down the path towards SEO building an agency while there’s another business in between that it was actually a product my dad came up with, we got a patent on.
  • And then it turned into senior year of college, it turned into SEO, trying to get clients with SEO. That morphed into drop shipping stores. It morphed into affiliate content sites. And each of these things I started to get traction on the affiliate sites, I started building just massive blog sites. And I was actually making 1000 bucks a month off these affiliate sites.

[08:10] Quitting his job for Facebook ads:

  • I turned to affiliate ads on Facebook, which was I came across a course with Rob Jones and Gary Kramer. And it was Facebook ads. By this point, I had just graduated as an engineer, I was pouring all of my salary into courses into my business into I was just putting everything I had into finding something that worked.
  • It wasn’t like a instant hit. It took me but it was something I saw a ton of potential and, and I started to see a little bit of success with it. And eventually, four or five months later, I was actually hitting numbers where I was able to quit my job with it. 

[09:14] Hitting a dip during COVID-19:

  • COVID took over the US a week later and my family thought I was stupid for leaving my job. So I grew that business through COVID It actually hit a dip because Facebook became very difficult to advertise on and still is pretty difficult to advertise on.

[10:26] Turning to YouTube for affiliate ads: 

  • I had the idea of what if I took everything we were doing on Facebook and tried to adapt it to YouTube. And there wasn’t anyone I could talk to on this. No one was doing it. But for whatever reason, even though I kept trying it, I was having no success, I was convinced it would work somehow is going to work.
  • And after abou five months of trying to figure out what scripts would work, what videos were going to work all this stuff. I had a winner.

[12:00] Why is YouTube better for posting affiliate ads than any other platform:

  • I have to give props to Google for creating the targeting groups that they do. Because as an advertiser, you get to have a lot more control over who you get in front of, even to a point of and this is what I love about YouTube, to be honest with you, because I haven’t seen it with any other platform.
  • You get to decide if you want to get in front of people who are making a lot of money or making less money, if you wanna get in front of everybody, or you want to exclude people in certain category.
  • You can really narrow down your targeting to a point where every dollar you’re spending is, is really accurate.

[14:11] Getting banned on YouTube:

  • But the problem I ran with into with YouTube ads when it comes to affiliate stuff is I actually kept getting banned. So I put it up on YouTube and immediately got banned and couldn’t get my account back because [it seemed like] if I’m pretending to as if I’m selling a product about manufacturing, something like that. I don’t know why no one was able to explain it to me.

How do you find the right products? 

[15:29] Running “Best Offers” for niche issues:

  • I’ve had the biggest success with in the past has just been your, your normal neuter offers. So like going to Clickbank going to max web, going to these sites and taking stuff like dental nutrition offers or foot fungus offers. Some of these are more niche, but they’re things that haven’t been ran on YouTube.
  • We’re seeing massive success with running some of these more “niche” [issues]. But in reality, you’re talking like 10% of the population in the US probably deals with some of these issues. So 10%, the US You’re talking like 30 million people, it’s not it’s really not that niche, then if you open up to worldwide, you’re talking hundreds of million.
  • But the easiest way to get started is just working off the most common ad networks, ClickBank, Max web Max bounty, seeing what has the highest rank going look into DSLs, talking to the vendors look at the email swipes coming up with unique angles.

[17:58] Creating an ad that converts:

  • I spent a lot of time trying to really just go back to the basics of what is advertising? What makes good advertising? Why do people is influenced? Why do people convert on different products? Or listen, what’s a pattern interrupt all this stuff?
  • And so more or less, we just adapted everything we do, we have almost considered proven script templates that we follow now that have a pretty high chance of converting but we take those scripts, and we pair them up with exactly what you’re talking about. When we create videos where you don’t, it’s not my voice. It’s not a person’s voice is actually an AI voice. So I don’t even have to hire a voice actor to go and record. 
  • So many people are afraid of YouTube because they think they have to go on video. They think they have to record their own voice. They think they have to. It’s just so much harder to come up with a good creative on YouTube versus Facebook, where you write some copy, put up a picture and you’re live. 

[26:00] Keegan’s approach to using affiliate links for higher conversions:

  • We just use a pretty simple so or pre sell page. So in general, yeah, we create our ad, and someone clicks our ad, what we, you can think of it as a bridge page. But also, we’ve noticed that it’s not just a bridge page, if we actually put forth the effort to keep curiosity piqued, to keep pre selling the customer, instead of just bridging them over to the affiliate offer, our conversion rates go even higher. So we have created bridge pages that take our conversion rates, or our click through rate on the lander up above 90%.
  • But we found that if we have a landing page that is converting at 90%, and has 90% click through rate, and it has almost no copy on it, it sometimes performs lower in terms of actual purchases, or ROI compared to a landing page that has 40% click through rate, and spends the time to educate or convince the viewer or pre sell is what we call it, the viewer before they click through the actual sales page. 

[28:40] Ideal format for a landing page:

  • In general, it’s very simple format, we have a big headline at the top, we have a sub headline, then you have a big image with a lot of times, we’ll make it look like a clickable video that you click right there. And then below that, you just have maybe a paragraph or two of text, you have another CTA button down below that.
  • So we’ll really have three different places where they can click on our landing page, that’s going to take them over to the offer. But yeah, you want to have a very engaging image right there on your lander. Oftentimes, it’s going to be the same image you used as a pattern interrupt in your video. So you just want to stay congruent throughout that whole funnel to keep the viewer engaged. 

[29:36] Structure your targeting because on YouTube:

  • In terms of the targeting what we’re seeing work best, especially if you’re running in mass appeal offers, we’re just running broad. So you could I mean, we have so many keywords in the script of our video, we have so many keywords in the landing page of our video, YouTube is able to parse out exactly what our video is about exactly what the lander is about exactly what we’re selling, YouTube’s able to go and target exactly who our customer is. 

[36:16] Partnership with Rob Jones and Gary Kramer’s Facebook Program:

  • Facebook eventually started to die out. And they were looking at other platforms. And they saw me one of their former students, having adapted their exact process on YouTube. And having taught several people how to do it myself. So they brought me in on their partnership. And we launched 

  • Learn more about the course at

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