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Are you sick of your unfulfilling 9 to 5 job? Do you yearn for financial freedom? Do you want to improve the quality of your lifestyle? If yes, then listen to this episode and find out how to make 6 figures in 6 months.

Guest: Jonathan Montoya is a proud owner of multiple income streams, a giant email list, and a YouTube channel called “Passive Income Lifestyles” where he shares free advice. He has developed such an effective affiliate stacking ecosystem that it allows him to successfully promote over 30 products. 

[00:50] The Podcast is about the inspirational story of how Jonathan Montoya took a leap of faith and left his lucrative job as an electrical engineer to pursue his goal of becoming financially free within 6 months. 

How did the online journey to make 6 figures in 6 months begin?

[03:27] Jonathan explains his journey about how it all started:

  • I was trying to get my engineering degree, you know. And then, I got my job after that. And I was working that nine to five job and I was just like, “this is not for me”. So I started kind of looking at different side hustles and you know, and I’ve tried everything Igor from, e-commerce, Amazon FBA cryptocurrency, I’ve tried them all, I’ve lost so much money and other things. Fortunately, you know, towards the end of 2000 actually the beginning of 2019 I started looking into affiliate marketing, I had never heard of it. And that’s kind of when the journey started. 
  • And I started on the path of leaving my job and that’s with the vehicle of affiliate marketing building my email list and kind of that “slow process” of doing that.

[06:16] Jonathan shares the most painful and embarrassing moments of his journey to the top:

  • So this was actually before I started the affiliate marketing journey back in May of 2019. So as I mentioned, I was doing all these other things like Amazon FBA, and I had a drop shipping store, you know, all these other opportunities. Long story short, I was trying to get rich very quickly. You know, I didn’t have the right mindset. And I basically lost lots of money. So I ended up being in debt. And I couldn’t pay my mortgage, and I was negative $1,200. In my bank, this was back in May, like early May 2019. And I still have the screenshot to show I wish I could show you I know we’re on audio, but I took a screenshot and I knew just for a fact that like, Okay, this is like the worst time in my life.

[08:10] Importance of having the right mindset in order to succeed:

  • If your mindset [is] not right when you’re starting this like, you’re gonna fail. And that’s why I feel that the other business models not because they didn’t work, not because drop shipping didn’t work, or Amazon FBA didn’t work. I was trying to get rich very quickly. A lot of people starting affiliate marketing, they’re trying to get rich very quickly. So they’re gonna fail, man, because they just don’t have that right mindset.

  • So when I started affiliate marketing, I was like, Okay, I’m going to do this for the long term. I know, I’m gonna use this to quit my job. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. But I’m going to, I’m going to work until you know, I’m going to learn the skills and I’m going to build my email list. I’m gonna build my youtube channel until I quit my job.

[11:59] How YouTube helped Jonathan build his giant email list?

  • YouTube was definitely the main thing I focused on as far as generating traffic. Obviously, one of the biggest things that I’ve tried to do ever since I started is building my email list. But I use YouTube to feel that to build my list. So YouTube, just organic traffic and, you know, posting videos with certain keywords that would rank me at the top, you know, even when I had zero subscribers, that’s what I got really good at.

[15:00] Using TikTok as a part of email list building strategy:

  • TikTok [is] the place to be because you can grow a following extremely quickly.

  • You just need that one viral video.

  • [TikTok] is a great place to start because you can use TikTok to quickly build your list.

  • Learn more about Jonathan’s TikTok at

[17:45] Talking about TikTok violation policies and account bans:

  • Last night, my 10-year-old daughter came downstairs sobbing. I was like, what happened? She’s like, my Tiktok account is banned. She actually posted a couple of videos, and she was wearing this tank top. And because she was showing some skin, TikTok said she violated [a policy].

  • I was like, Honey, take it from me from somebody who lost every possible social media account, and it was banned from 30 Different autoresponders. It’s okay, we can start another account.

  • Are you really in control when you rely on all these platforms?

[18:49] Importance of building and keeping an email list:

  • If I were to lose my whole social media, you know, my YouTube, my Tiktok, Instagram, everything, I would still have my list.
  • No matter what platform you’re using, it doesn’t matter. You always want to be building that list.
  • But if you don’t have that list, you don’t have a business and you’re out of luck, you know, so there are so many creators that just focus on creating content, creating content, and they’re not building their list.
  • I think everyone needs to be doing that. Because we don’t own these platforms.

[20:00] How to build 30 different income streams all at the same time?

  • You want to think of solving someone’s major problem, okay, this is kind of step one in the process. So I’ll take a very easy example, let’s take weight loss as an example. Someone’s at point A, okay, they want to lose weight. And we want to get them to point B, which is losing weight and feeling better about themselves Now, that’s where the affiliate stalking ecosystem goes in between that, it’s going to be the journey from going from point A to point B.

  • Instead of just using your list to promote a bunch of random products, what I’ve done is I’ve figured out how I get this customer from point A to point B, then I build a map with different products.
  • And they actually they’re gonna use them, they’re gonna buy them and we still, we’re helping the customer. Okay, we’re making more money. And then obviously, we’re not burning out our lists, because these are things that they actually need want to get them that dream outcome. So that’s the affiliate stalking ecosystem in a nutshell.

[24:11] How to find success in affiliate marketing?

  • It’s all about building that map for trying to get them where they need to be. And you could do this in any niche.

  • That’s your job as the affiliate to figure out that map, to get on the best products to get that dream outcome at the end of the day you got if you can help someone achieve their dream outcome, you’re gonna make as much money as you want.

  • If you want to be in this for the long term, if you want to keep a relationship with your list, that’s the framework.

[25:48] How to engage your email list?

  • Always give them something of value without promoting yourself. You’re basically telling them that people are opening, reading, and most importantly, replying to your emails.

[30:00] Taking inspiration from other industries:

  • You basically look into other industries. And you can model other industries into your industry.

  • This is how FedEx was created. So they looked into the banking industry, and there was the whole overnight check deposit thing. And they said you know what, let’s do an overnight mail delivery. That’s how all the fast food restaurants came up with the drive-thru concept. They didn’t invent it, the banking industry invented it, where you can allow drive through the banking thing and deposit your check or get the cash. So the drive-thru was adopted into fast food through the example of the banking industry. 

[37:52] Jonathan’s true motivation behind building programs and expanding beyond affiliate marketing:

  • I had done really well with affiliate marketing. And I was making more and more money. But money at a certain point isn’t everything. I think as a human, and as someone that wants to grow in life, you just want to get to the next level. And for me, that was the next challenging thing, you know, is, was building my own program. And not only just some random program but a program that gets people results.
  • It is about expansion impact, leaving your mark, and leaving a footprint.

[41:55] Jonathan discusses his relationship with money:

  • When you start making more money, the tendency is your spending goes up too. So you, you start your bills, kind of start catching up to your income and you start chasing your bills. And even if you’re making a large amount of money, so for me, I was always conscious of not really going crazy. And even the cars that I’ve purchased, I’ve always bought them in cash. Because this way, I’m not accumulating unnecessary monthly payments, and they don’t have to feel like I’m chasing my lifestyle.

[45:41] So can you tell us a little bit more about the challenge you put together for beginners? 

  • It’s just a three-day challenge.  I show you how the affiliate stack and ecosystem work.

  • Day two, I show you how to build the system, basically building your list. The cool thing that I do is not only do I show you the skills on how to build the system, but I also give you pretty much a done-for-you type business where you can promote 20 products.

  • And then day three, essentially okay, this is how we get as much traffic as possible, you know, creating 515 Second TikTok videos, even without talking in most instances.

[50:00] Jonathan Montoya’s YouTube Channel – Passive Income Lifestyles

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